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  1. I had to read through the thread to see if it was Justin or Ben starting Opening Day. I'd appreciate it if Yoda could include more details in future titles.
  2. Let's call STL about Kozma. I'd prefer not to sign Drew to a multi-year deal and give up that first round draft pick. Nick Franklin would be nice, but we'd have to give up far more to get him. Kozma would be cheap.
  3. This is a bit off topic, but for the first time ever I won't be buying the Extra Innings package offered by DirecTV. They've bumped the early renewal price up to $191.94, so I think I'll just go with the $99 MLB.TV package and hook my computer up to my TV. Trying to save a buck wherever I can this year.
  4. You can watch the video covering the Mealer story here: Michigan football player Elliott Mealer returns to team after family tragedy - ESPN
  5. I don't like Elijah Dukes either and I won't be rooting for the Nats. Just think they might improve by at least 10 games this year.
  6. If Elijah Dukes can stay out of trouble I think he explodes this year. Not quite a Carlos Quentin in 2008 explosion, but I see a big year coming. Thanks for all your feedback guys.
  7. Does anyone else see the Nats possibly winning 70-75 games this season? I like Willingham, Milledge and Dukes in the outfield. I see Willingham posting respectable numbers and Milledge/Dukes both taking big steps forward in 2009. I also like Zimmerman, Guzman and Dunn in the infield. I think Flores will be an above average offensive catcher. 2B is a big hole, but I think collectively they could have a surprisingly improved offense. They'll even have some decent bench depth with Nick Johnson, Ronnie Belliard, Austin Kearns and Willie Harris. Pitching will probably be dicey. If Shawn Hill can stay healthy I believe Hill, Lannan and Olsen could be solid. I've never been a fan of Daniel Cabrera or Odalis Perez. I think Washington and Kansas City (especially if they find a way to add Orlando Hudson) will be the two surprise teams of 2009.
  8. Is Jeff Niemann ultimately Jon Rauch minus the tattoos?
  9. Timberwolf, What are your thoughts on Delmon Young's struggles. 200 AB's without a home run? What is wrong with his swing? Does he have an attitude problem?
  10. A couple of days ago during the broadcast I heard Mario and Rod talking about Curtis posing for a men's magazine. Can someone tell me what magazine and issue they were talking about? Thanks.
  11. Darn, was hoping to sneak him back in my fantasy baseball lineup for the upcoming week. I'm glad to see he's doing well so far with the rehab.
  12. Clevlen's spring is encouraging but he still hasn't earned a walk.
  13. I don't see other organizations, like the Dodgers, promoting their young pitchers (think Clayton Kershaw) all the way from A to the majors in their first full minor league season. I see no reason to rush Porcello to Detroit this year.
  14. I tend not to trust ESPN's projections. Last year they projected Conor Jackson would outscore Prince Fielder. It seems the projections at CBS are more in line with reality.
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