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  1. If we can just match last years win total we should be in a good position......
  2. If the Mighty Quinn was here he probably wouldn't be in this mess...…...
  3. I never really had a problem with Mario and Rod until a few years ago, when for some reason they had Dick Enberg and Kirk Gibson do a game and its was so much better that normal. Without the altercation, I think a change was needed.
  4. So happy, its been a long winter. Opening Day bank holiday, does it get any better than this:happy:
  5. The last few times I've been to Detroit I have stayed at the Renaissance Center and have walked to and from the game, its not that far.
  6. I listened to the whole of the World Series on BBC Five Live and watched on MLB.tv with the sound off, Its better than listening to Buck and McCarver!
  7. Yesterdays game against the Red Sox was called in the middle of the 8th inning. As we didn't get to hit in the bottom of the 8th shouldn't the top of the 8th be disregarded and the score at the end of the 7th be the final score. (I would have checked my 2002 MLB rule book but I can't find it:cheeky:)
  8. Finally got my tickets only took 2 hours in the waiting room
  9. Its taken me an hour and twenty minutes to go from sixth place to third place.....
  10. I'm up to 4th!!!!! I'm guessing people have dropped out because opening day is gone.
  11. I haven't moved inline in 25 minutes:cry:
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