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  1. That was the first thing my son and I both said was "Kate must be in town."
  2. Well,the way the bullpen has pitched so far in the Twins series,Jose will fit right back into the mix.I figure,what the hell,give him the next 4wks. at Toledo and see what happens.
  3. The Tigers I received back this spring are Quintin Berry(2 of 2),Argenis Diaz(1 of 1),Eddie Bonine(4 of 4),and Shawn Hill(3 of 3).
  4. Yes,that Jim Bunning page is awesome!Congrats.
  5. Thanks Barry.I do plan on being on here more often if I can.I`m glad to see you`ve had good success this spring on your ST sends.I`ve gotten back 5 of the 8 I`ve sent,which compaired to the last few yrs. I consider successful.
  6. Hello,it`s Mike(tigernut).I`m sorry but I`ve gone from this site for quite a while,had a lot going on in my life, with work,family and many other things.I`m glad I finally have the chance to return to this site.I`ve kept up with many friends on sports collectors net,however,my time has been extremely limited to go on many others.I`d like to reconnect with some of the members I got to know on here,if not for trading,at least for our mutual love of the Tigers.If anyone has the extra time to drop me note,I`d love to hear from you.To everyone on here,take care,have a wonderful Easter with your families,and GO TIGERS! Mike Micho
  7. I`m in for `13,wait,if there is a `13,yea,there will be!
  8. I wonder when he`s on the mound if he`s dreaming about being on another mound?
  9. When I heard of his line-up tonight,I damn near passed out!Delmon benched(hitting over 400 in the past week),Don Kelly at 1st base(I mean,I like Don Kelly,but come on!).At the rate were going,we`ll be tired for 1st on the last day,the WhiteSux`s will have lost,and he`ll rest Cabby,Prince,JV,and Jackson for the playoffs(HA).
  10. Just started reading this post.I don`t claim to know it all,but as a physical therapist,Sonics suggestion with the stretching exercise is a really good one.I fell on the ice about 10 yrs. ago,landed on my left hip,and had problems with sciatic pain for about 3 months.Releaving the pain does take a while with this type of stretching 3 to 4 times a day.The sciatic nerve runs through a mucsle in the buttocks called the piriformus,and if this muscle gets overstretched or tightened up,it can pinch the nerve,causing the sciatic pain.Try the stretching and P.T. first(along with possible heat/ice treatments) and hopefully your DR. will order an MRI of your low back just to rule out a possible bulged/herniated disc.Either way,good luck with this,wish you the best,and if the DR./P.T. suggests stretching,please be consistant with it.
  11. Here we go again.Has anyone heard what Doyle Alexander is doing lately?
  12. Mr. Tracewski lives in Pecksville,PA. I fully agree with Oblong,that he does deserve a special day,the same as Maggs and Calos Guillen received.He had been part of this organization for over 30 yrs.,a member of the 68 & 84 World Series Champs,and a very loyal member of the Tigers. oh yea,I remebered one more player,Bill Zepp(Farmington).
  13. Found a few others; Neil Berry(Kalamazoo),Ray Herbert(Stanwood),Phil Regan(Byron Center),Lenny Green(Detroit),Jerry Davie(Fairview)Gary Taylor(Highland),Dave Gumpert(South Haven),Bob J. Miller(Redford)and George Lerchen(Garden City).
  14. Also Don Lund from the 1950`s who lives in Ann Arbor.
  15. I wondered after yesterday`s game if I was going to get blasted for my original comments,which is fine and warrented,as the kid did pitch a hell of a game,I`m glad and happy for him to have came back so well.He did show me something I didn`t think he had,resilience.I still don`t know if he can put it together on a consistant basis,but for his sake and the clubs,I hope he can.I do like to see Tigers rookies do well,anything to help this team.And to answer STLTigers69,Yea,I guess we can still keep him,but just like a puppy,someone else here is going to have to clean up after him!
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