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  1. This was in last nights game, but how was Ventura able to force a challenge when he lost one already?
  2. They get beat by a fourth place team...yet cabby still can't get the stick out of his ***!
  3. Why can't Sanchez just be more efficient and stop pitching like a *****
  4. Don't you know, even scouts make mistakes ;-)
  5. These players....seriously & of course the angels...what's shcoker
  6. Well they went 0-6 against the angels last year...I guess that's how this season with them starts
  7. No kidding...lol, if I remember correctly it was cold as hell when they opened comerica park 14 years ago. Maybe then, they didn't want wait for the season opener
  8. **** maybe 1984 was the last golden year for this team, as much as I hate to say it 30 years later
  9. I know everyone has their opinions and that's cool, I want this team to win, but porcello is just not that good it great of a starter
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