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  1. . Agree. Upton totally gave up on that ball. He looked lost at first then he backed off because of the wall. There are more than one guys in AAA that would have made that play. Embarrassing! Also sad that a guy making that kind of money has such a chicken #### approach to the game.
  2. Looks like good find. If he could only hit left handed pitching...but if he could his market value would likely be too much for a short term replacement for Miggy.
  3. This would be my first choice by far. There would be some continuity with most of the players and it would buy time to explore other options. The problem would be getting smokes to do it. He just might as long as it was clear that is was a short term gig. Smokes looks like he is enjoying his retirement.
  4. Not a fun gig calling games like this one of you are a Tiger supporter in any manner.
  5. Ever hear of the word momentum? It plays a fairly large role in baseball. The bats went cold in game 3. Being down 0-2 in a 5 game series is not an enviable position to be in. Who know, maybe the Tigers go on a tear in game 4 and 5 with hot bats. You don't know, I don't know......no one knows. Baseball is a pretty unique game. A lot of it is mental.....more so than most other games. The 2014 team was streaky. The one thing that we do know is that the outcome of game 2 could have been much different if Sanchez at least had the opportunity to start the 8th. The facts say that he was on a roll....control was spot on and he showed no signs of fatigue. The game is under control in a small ballpark that yields lots of home runs and Sanchez 2014 stats show one of the lower HR rates in the league. I think they call this common sense.
  6. You only win one game at a time. It is one of the oldest adages in baseball for a reason! None of us will know what could have been had we won game 2. The goal of the game is to win the game at hand.
  7. The reason to play the game is to win. Game 2 of a 5 game playoff is big deal, particularly for the away team after losing game 1. Going down 2-0 is often considered the kiss of death. Getting a split on the home teams field is a big momentum booster. Sanchez is a starter. Going 3 innings should not have been pushing it too far. Pushing it to win in the playoffs is what is expected. There was a fair amount of talk locally that Sanchez was not being worked enough to prepare him for the role of reliever in the playoffs. If Sanchez was showing signs of fatigue or lost his spot on stuff he could have been pulled after starting the 3rd inning of relief. It is called effective management in the playoffs at this level. You work all year to get into the playoffs and the goal is to win one game at a time.
  8. You are correct that it was game two rather than the elimination game 3. However, you need to check your facts regarding the date of Sanchez return from DL. You state it was September 27 which in incorrect. He pitched 1 inning in the Twins blow out of the tigers on the 26th. MLB.com Gameday It think he came back a little before the 26th but I can't verify that. Also note that the Twins blew out the Tigers the following day 12-3. Lobstein got blown out in the 4th and the mop up pitchers included Robbie Ray, Buck Farmer and J Johnson. Not one of these guys had a shot at making the post playoff roster if the Tigers to win the division on the final day which they did. I am not the only Tiger fan that had issues with Sanchez not getting additional work in a least one of those mop up innings. Sanchez was supposed to be prepared for his role as a bull pen guy for the playoffs. What better time to give him some work and stretch him out a bit for relief work than mop up work.....no real pressure.....just getting some much needed work. Yes, Ausmus did indeed choose to not stretch him out for the role of reliever in what many felt was the ideal situation during the Twins blow out. And yes Sanchez was rolling and was taken out for a BS pitch count. The score at the time Sanchez was pulled after lights out in the 6th and 7th and here comes Jaba in the 8th and he gets lit up for 3. Then Soria gets dinged for another. Sanchez was shocked that he was not going back out for the 8th. He was cruising and expected to go back in. This was the **********playoffs not some fantasy game. Winning that game could have gone a long way in the 5 game series.
  9. The brings back not so fond memories of the elimination game last year against Baltimore. Our staff was getting hit hard by Baltimore but we had the lead. He brings in Sanchez in a relief role and he is absolutely lights out. Then Ausumus pulls him because he says his pitch count was getting too high......something like 36 pitches or so and Sanchez was only in the mid 20 pitch count range......but Sanchez is still throwing smoke with great command. We all painfully remember that debacle! An by the way....we all also know that Sanchez was not stretched out after he returned from the DL. In fact he was not even used at all in situation where we had the game in the bag. He was not stretched out because Ausumus CHOSE to not stretch him out well before the fact. Sanchez was in total command with full velocity......it is the elimination game in the playoffs.....and Ausmus is worried about Sanchez's pitch count! PITCH COUNT? There are no pitch counts in the elimination game of the playoffs! I really thought Ausumus would have to get it together and act like a real manager after that nightmare. Unfortunately we keep seeing the same BS over and over......just like you outlined here. This is just another of the reasons that I feel like Ausumus has lost the clubhouse. Second guessing allows room judgment calls....but when the judgment calls are so far out there over and over the players get the picture as well.
  10. You make good points and provide a real world example of how poor management skills can cause issues with morale. My point regarding players being self motivated was intended to mean that they do not need a pump up session before each game like we often see in football. Baseball is a much more cerebral game. Poor player communication can have a negative impact on a clubhouse. I think that this team has been there for a while. Ausmus does have people there that have the responsibility to watch his back like Lamonte and Jones. A question might be if they are trying to help does it fall on deaf ears. The Price incident is only the most recent example of problems that appear to be present in the clubhouse. Where these is smoke there is typically fire. This team has some obvious weaknesses but I still feel that they are underperforming.....and the poor management is a strong contributing factor to that. It brings even more attention to some of the poor decision making.....and the combination of the two can be very bad for morale of the team. Hopefully, the come from behind win on Sunday can lift the clubhouse a bit. A lot of the game is mental. Let's see if a shot in the arm can get things on a more positive trajectory. One can always hope!
  11. Love him or hate him, the one thing that players always said about Leyland was that they always knew where the stood with him. He knew how to communicate with his players. Ausmus seems stoic and lacks emotions. There seems to be a disconnect between him and the players. This is an example of that. IMO Ausmus has lost this team in the clubhouse.....some time ago. The players just don't seem to be on the same page with him. These guy are highly paid professionals that should know how to motivate themselves.....but they do need to know where the manager is coming from regardless. The Price incident is an in you face example of Ausmus' poor management skills. Forget about the many questionable decision making.......that can all be second guessed. But poor communication skills demonstrate a much larger problem. Communication skills are the key to management of anything......from a baseball team to a business setting.
  12. Thanks for this! Dickerson's calls are great.....Hawk had little to say.....classic example of silence speaking volumes!
  13. Joe Maddon would be my first choice.....but the Cubs have him locked up contractually. Gardenhire at least has experience in winning divisions. He never had the kind of talent this current Tigers team has assembled. Sure, we have issues with pitching etc but this a much better team than is indicated by the current record. We are seeing bits and pieces of the clubhouse issues come out on the field and during locker room interviews. Ausmus has lost this team.
  14. Interesting find....Thanks! So with Ausmus there is limited to no sabermetrics - and we have learned the hard way that the instincts are typically not ready for primetime. I never understood the decision to bring in Ausumus with a team that was built to win now. Give me a old school guy who knows the game and has seen damn near everything on the field that can happen and uses that to guide his decisions......ala a Leyland type. This team would be performing much better with him at the helm. I think that Ausumus has lost credibility with the veteran players.....and has lost the clubhouse as a result. Someone mentioned Gardenhire earlier. I would welcome a move to him any day!
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