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  1. Being obvious here but I’d like to see less turnovers. A little less obvious things I want to see is better pass protection and some sort of rhythm established with Maxwell and a couple receivers. Don’t care which one just any receiver or two that he looks comfortable throwing to….besides Sims. That said Sims is a huge safety valve for Maxwell and he used him perfectly I thought Friday. Get some carries for Caper and Hill also. And most importantly a W. Go Green! Go White!
  2. If the owners used the who wears the best turtleneck to decide who the next commish is. DD is a shoo-in.
  3. HOOF Just because JBK didn’t use it enough in his post & You can never use the word hoof enough on a message board IMO
  4. Haven’t seen it in years….How does it hold up? I’m afraid if I watched it again it might ruin it. Well except the Phoebe Cates scene. Nothing can ruin that. "Doesn't anyone knock any more"
  5. I have this rash-like ring on my right forearm. It iches. It might be posion ivy but Ive had that before and it doesnt look anything like it. My coworker says its a spider bite. Anyways, i love beer.
  6. My real reply is in the other thread you started.
  7. My real reply is in the other thread you started.
  8. I agree and add one more. Him pitching in that Mets series to get the final out.
  9. I remember thinking after that HR that Gibby sure did spank that one.
  10. Tigers & A’s met in the ALCS. The setting: Game 7 at Comerica. Tigers lead by 1 run in the 9th inning. There are 2 outs and the bases are loaded with A’s players and this turd is up to the plate. Valverde throws 3 balls in the dirt and this turd check swings on all 3 for the final out. Tigers win and the image of Inge in a Oakland jersey checking swinging for the final out of the ALCS is burned into every Tiger fans memory forever.
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