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  1. I'm not in favor of keeping Caldwell, but I'm gonna be really bummed if we lose either Austin or Cooter this offseason. Would like to see Austin get the head coaching job, keep Cooter as OC. It's beginning to look (to me) like we finally have an OC who understands how to use this team's strengths properly. And all of a sudden the players look more valuable, what a shock. Stafford is dong what he most enjoys and does best -- let's please do more of it! Man, I have been in the worst football funk this year, the Lions have been so disappointing. I can finally read this board again and watch other games without just getting pissed and depressed. The last 3 weeks have been so pleasant -- now if we can just sweep the Pack...
  2. "Hey Beavith, did you hear that the Lionth hired a guy named Rod Wood ath Prethident? Heh heh. Rod. Heh heh heh. Wood. Heh heh heh heh heh." "Ohhhh yeah. Hehehehehehe. Rod Wood. Hehehehehehehehe." This is actually the level of analysis I feel confident that I can bring to the news of this hire. How can any of us know how this guy will do at this point? The GM hire will be telling, however. Gotta say, so far I like the cut off Martha's jib, so I'm gonna give her the benefit of the doubt for the time being.
  3. Unrelated subject: are Tennessee and Jacksonville having a competition tonight for the ugliest uniform in the history of sports? My girl has declared this to be a battle between Wedgewood and Dijonaise. And it's right up there, I believe that Jacksonville is really doing the heavy lifting on this one.
  4. I've been absent for some time now b/c this team has been breaking my heart. I was abysmally wrong about this season and team, and I have no problem owning that, or being teased for it. This news is the first thing that has made me feel better about this team in a while. I think Mayhew did some things well, but it's impossible to make the case that anyone deserved to stay at this point, particularly after the London game. I remember how the Lions fans I knew back in the day used to complain that the team was always motivated to do just enough to keep Fontes from being fired, and we needed a new coach to motivate them to do more than just that. The team that showed up in London was clearly not concerned about saving the jobs of anyone above them, their protestations to the contrary notwithstanding. This team has regressed so far since last season... it's kinda hard to believe. And my worst fears were confirmed by Caldwell in London, when he said that things were going ok at the half (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and had that puzzled look on his face in the 3rd quarter that I remember so well from the Colts season that got him fired. We needed this. We probably need a lot more than this. I don't pretend to know how to fix what's broken, but it was abundantly clear that no one in the organization knew either. Mrs. Ford made the proper and only decision. I don't know how this will play out, but it's nice to see that the owner is also upset with how things have been going and isn't scared to pull the trigger. I now feel hope, and will watch the rest of the season to see who still wants to be here. And please, no Josh McDaniels, in any capacity. The man traded up to take Tebow in the first round. Some things simply can't be forgotten, or forgiven. He was taking the Broncos into a very dark place, and they fired him just in time.
  5. I'm... at a loss. Are you feeling ok, man? This isn't like you. I'm concerned. I think AZ may be the best team we've yet played this year. I'm predicting a win here, but only because I predicted 12-4 so I'm predicting wins from here on out on principle. We have no real business winning this game. Not with the offensive playcalling we've had so far.
  6. A couple that probably only really meant much to me: Charlie Batch diving headfirst into the endzone on Thanksgiving with hurt ribs. We were bad, we were going to be bad, the game was more or less meaningless, but he sold out and took the blow to make the play. I know he wasn't a great QB, but I was a fan forever more after that play. Can never have too many players that simply care. Don't remember who we were playing, not even sure if we won, but that moment has always stuck with me. Comeback win against the Raiders in '11(?), the year we went to the playoffs and played the Saints. I'm in a bar in Albuquerque at a table with 4 other Lions fans and the rest of the back room (where they were showing the game) was solid Raider fans. The Lions start out awful and are trailing badly by halftime. The Raiders fans are all giving us the business and talking smack, and we're just sitting quietly. We're all disgusted but hopeful -- the Lions kept somehow coming back from behind that year (we were calling them the "Cardiac Cats" by the midpoint of the season). Suddenly, the offense hits stride, and we start fighting our way back into the game. We're getting louder (but just cheering, not talking smack), the Raiders fans are getting pissed and ugly. Just as the Lions start what turns out to be the game-winning drive the Broncos game ends and a bunch of Broncos fans pout into the back room to root for the Lions. As we break the hearts of the Raiders fans in their own house, the Broncos fans do all of our smack talking for us and the Raiders fans get real quiet and eventually shuffle out, muttering to themselves. I knew how they felt, and was so glad to finally not be them, if only for a while. I knew then that we were going to the playoffs that year.
  7. I suppose my ultimate Lions Black Swan Moment came sometime in the early '80's, when my father took a blue sharpie to one of his old Haynes white T-shirts, drew a "20" on it, wrote "Sims" across the back, and presented it to me. I was thrilled -- I think Billy Sims was the only pro athlete I could name at that point, and now I had his jersey! I wore it around the house with pride... and started caring about the Detroit Lions. Before that, I knew they existed, but probably had never watched a full game. I have lived all over the country since, and have never been able to bring myself to root for the local team -- it has always felt disloyal to early '80's me, a disavowal of the stupid, naive, stupid, dumb enough to be happy, stupid kid I was. I have kept it real ever since, and it has not been remotely rewarding. This message board was a revelation for me -- here I found other people with a similar affliction, people who would gather around the metaphorical campfire to tell stories about the time they lost and got their hearts broken again. Who else does this??? It's both awesome and terrible. I think there must be a very fine line in the human condition between nobility and idiocy. FWIW, I picked up a love for hockey after moving from Michigan, and never could bring myself to root for the Wings -- they were too successful, see? My fate was long since sealed. And that's undoubtedly why I happened to be living in Atlanta when the Thrashers were formed, and I devoted myself as a fan -- they were guaranteed to be awful as an expansion team. For the record, the team has since moved, and in the history of the franchise they've only made the playoffs twice, being swept both times. So being a Lions fan actually made me uncomfortable with cheering for good teams in other sports, and now I'm repeating the cycle of abuse against myself. The world truly is a better place for me not having kids.
  8. I am going to stick with my original prediction of 12-4. I will do this regardless of record for the remainder of the year, and if it fails to come true I intend to be hurt and surprised. I will take the mantle of Ultimate Lions Slappy in the big picture while criticizing them for everything that adds up to the big picture. This is my coping mechanism for what this season is threatening to become. Please do not be the porcupine in my balloon factory.
  9. I work weird hours and record a lot of these games to watch them when I get home. In the Seattle game I saw, only for a couple seconds, a man who gave me something (as a Lions fan) that will never be taken away from me. With 5:55 to go in the fourth, the camera finds some fans in the stands with a Legion of Boom banner. I had to rewind the game and pause it to see if my eyes had deceived me. Standing next to them, calm and casual, is a pasty dude wearing a Honolulu blue t-shirt that says, "If being a Detroit fan was easy it would be called YOUR MOM". This man is my new hero and seeing him reminded me that, before everything went all Lions, things would likely do so and that I should embrace the soul crushing manner of defeat we were about to face. The Lions (and refs, we find out) delivered. Best moment of the game. I'm looking at that guy, paused on my screen, and smiling about that game. Awesome.
  10. I'm still trying to figure out where to lay blame at this point. There's certainly enough to go around. Two things keep sticking in my head since Monday: Tate saying that he wished they could play with 4th-quarter Stafford all game long, and the sideline reporter saying that in her conversation with Caldwell at halftime he said they needed to stick with the run. These are both playcalling issues that are destroying the offense (that and a lack of blocking, although the pass blocking is improving.) I am done with Caldwell after that statement. I would like to see the Lions fire Caldwell and Lombardi yesterday and appoint Austin the interim head coach for the remainder of the season -- after all, the defense is improving and played well throughout the game on Monday despite losing starters. Then we can axe the front office in the offseason if Austin can't make a difference and start over. I still think there's talent on this team, but the team is playing to its weaknesses and avoiding its strengths. That's unacceptably stupid.
  11. I heard a rumor once that we were playing the Broncos this Sunday night in a home game. The rumor even went so far as to imply that we might discuss that game on this thread. I'm all for the conversation that's taking place in this thread (and I'm solidly on team hardyaf in this convo), but I'm also curious to know how people think we stack up against the Broncos. I, for one, have no idea what our team is this year. I sincerely hope we're not the team we've seen so far, and we have enough of last year's team that we shouldn't be. I think Manning is done, have really thought he's been done for a couple of years -- he's holding on through guile and reputation, and more power to him -- and this could be a huge game for our D to get it's *** in gear. I think this is going to be a low scoring, tight game. I think we have a good shot of winning, as long as we get reasonable play calling from our coaches and our o-line doesn't get Stafford killed. If we win this one, we could have a shot against Seattle (I know, it's a stretch, but they're struggling. I was feeling really down about the Lions until I watched the Eagles play against Dallas. Things could be worse.)
  12. He made a decent play on special teams and got into the backfield in a hurry to pressure the qb. Best thing I've ever seen him do, which is saying almost nothing.
  13. And, sticking with my preseason predictions, I'm calling this a win.
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