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  1. Do the polls intend to predict the popular vote though? The polls getting some subset of the vote right, but not what they exist to predict, highlights my point. They are biased badly. Saying they got the popular vote right it's akin to saying the Patriots won the super bowl in 2007 because they won the most games. The electoral college represents a substantial divide amongst party lines, introducing a ton of bias in how we sample. Almost all of Hillary's popular vote win can be explained by California. But that's not how we elect presidents. So if the polls are predicting the popular vote, then they aren't very valuable. If they aren't, then saying "they got the popular vote right" is worthless justification. And we should heavily question this year's polls for bias. Edit: posted from my phone, so some random words may appear. Tried to remove them all.
  2. Honestly, I expect that it's safe to assume Biden's numbers aren't reflective of the vote, just like Hilary's weren't. We can discuss for days about whether Hilary's numbers were just statistics, or if there is something fundamentally wrong with how we poll (bias), but I believe it is bias.There seems to be (all colloquial, I can't back this up) from my friend group at least, a less than willingness from Trump supporters to admit they are Trump supporters. Like we haven't seen in presidential candidates before. I know people often talk about "silent majority" and what not, but I firmly believe that there are many more trump supporters than anyone thinks. Many people won't ever admit it, but they did and will vote for Trump. The stock market is at an all time high, Corona Virus has been successfully made a partisan issue, etc. And the Democrats have possibly given way to a second trump term by effectively nominating Hilary 2.0. As someone who is firmly liberal, Biden is a garbage candidate, and will struggle immensely to get young people to vote for him. Meanwhile, Trump voters will show. Because they feel they have to. And let's not beat around the bush. Biden is a garbage candidate. Always has been, always will be. That stupid Trump add that says he "wasn't the right candidate in the 80s, and he isn't now" isn't wrong. He's obviously better than trump, but honestly, I think we are in for 4 more years.
  3. Did we finally manage to trade Stafford for the Sanchize? Thank God.
  4. In all honesty, if you think impeachment is a political game, then there is nothing to discuss. Every congress should impeach the other parties president, and when that happens, you deserve what you get. Honestly, that's a garbage opinion. And as a lurker, I've come to expect more from you. And for the other half of your comment. It's not a sham. The Senate is who the American people elected. Just because you disagree doesn't weight your opinion more. You literally come off like stanpappi here. It's apparently a sham because the Senate is full of trump wannabes. No. That's who we elected. It's not a sham. It sucks, but just because you are right, doesn't mean your opinion counts more. Get out of here with that bs.
  5. It turns the impeachment process into a political game. It is not a game. It is not meant to be used for a party's benefit. It is to remove a president from office who is unfit to serve. Our laws and processes do not exist to serve party tribalism. This is childish, and frankly embarrassing on the world stage. I wish we had elected officials who would do what is right because it's right. Not spend their time thinking about how to benefit myself or my party. Edit: I guess the general point is if she wants to change the Senate's actions, she should have tried to be a Senator. Trust the American public to call out their bull**** instead of overstepping your power.
  6. Trump wasn't a 13 year old when he said it. That's the difference.
  7. "Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia"
  8. I disagree with you. But that is life. Personally, I believe in doing what is right, regardless of my interests. And I believe our division between the house and senate is right. Regardless of that fact I think Republicans are d-bags. IMO Pelosi's attempt to push the Senate Republicans to quit *******" as you said, is more partisan BS. And just because I agree with her doesn't make it right.
  9. I agree. What if this team had had Ed Oliver and his.. 5 sacks. Or Montez sweat and his... 5 sacks. Or Brian Burns? and his... 6.5 sacks. This could be a ... 3.5 team without Stafford. Oh. ****, that's what they are? Dang.
  10. This year is once again showing that maybe the "talent" he had around him wasn't so talented. Other talented teams don't fall apart when the QB goes down. Taking Tua would be utter nonsense. This team isn't in that stage of a rebuild. If you think Stafford's window is shut, you draft BPA this year, suck again next year and look for a QB in next years draft. If you think Stafford is good to go (and was probably shut down to tank the season once he got even slightly hurt), you draft a pass rusher and take a shot. There is no scenario where grabbing a QB makes sense.
  11. This is interesting. I will freely admit I am no where near an expert (not even a novice, fwiw) on what the constitution says. Only going off what reliable news sources says. I guess they may be wrong. That seems weird if there is not a clear cut procedure on removing the president though. Best case, I would argue it goes against common sense and is an awful look. I am big believer on you should always do what's right, and let the cards fall where they may. The right thing to do is to let the Senate do their thing, since the house did theirs. Trust the country to see through the Senates BS.
  12. Honestly, gonna comment myself here because of the stupidity of this whole situation. I just read/watched Pelosi's comments on why she isn't moving the process forward, and it sounds like its because she's 100% sure Trump will be acquitted. Which is ridiculous, because it's the law that she needs to let the senate proceed. But WAIT, it get's better. The reason she is so sure is because the President pro tempore of the senate has confirmed that they will work with the White House to ensure charges are dropped. Our system is a joke, anyone who takes any side is a joke. These people are literally all running a circus to get re-elected and don't give a rats *** about you, or me. If we had any semblance of intelligence as a populace we would vote them all out, but we can't because "My team!!!!"
  13. Good for her. I mean she still looks dumb here, but the world could use more leaders apologizing when they are wrong. Some respect from me is awarded.
  14. Honestly, sometimes I feel like we are dealing with lions fans in this country. 1) Yes Caldwell was a needed fire. He was a bad head coach. It's also true Patricia is bad. Those are not exclusive opinions, no matter what you tell me. 2) Yes Hillary was a bad candidate. She was essentially a big business republican. Trump is also bad. Even worse. Those are not exclusive opinions, no matter what you tell me.
  15. We should talk about this. As a country. But we never will. The trump impeachment was 100% on partisan lines (depending on how you feel about amish, but either way the point stands). And that is ridiculous. We have 2 parties in this country that have convinced us (the majority here) that they are both soooo right, that there is no room for a third party. And they both want it that way. So the question of are the democrats right to impeach (obviously yes, to anyone with a brain) DOESN'T EVEN MATTER. Because these two parties have colluded to bring us a system that enforces the status quo, and teaches people that a) to not vote is unamerican, and to not vote for a R or a D is wasted vote. So yes, Trump should be impeached. And yes as you said, it's partisan. But personally, I still blame the Democrats as well as the Republicans (slightly more because, after all its their guy) for this ****ty system that gave us a President who should have been impeached day 1.
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