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  1. Here me out on this one: A second wall. To wall off the first wall.
  2. "Lions fanz": I wish our QB would show some heart and try to win. Also Lions fanz: "omgz did you see my qb fumble on an improv pitch on 2nd and 14 with 6 minutes left in the game while losing?" There is so much to criticize from this game, including from Stafford. If this is your take on this game, please turn off 97.1 and get a real opinion. Thanks.
  3. I've posted about this before, but at least the cost for freedom argument is honest. If all pro gun people admitted they felt this was the cost of freedom, we could have honest conversations as a country instead of faking arguments about arming teachers or pretending mental health is why there are so many guns available.
  4. I see stuff like this a lot and I think its just crap. I would wager 80% (made up number based on my interactions with people who vote) of voting Americans don't know anything about the people they vote for. That's why candidates don't actually run on policies, just sound bites. You could argue people should have known, but being ignorant is different than racist. You can pick which one is worse, I'm not sure.
  5. The real issue in all of this, is the woman's name get wiped from public record, but the man's does not. All 3 names should have been redacted once withdrawn. Accusing someone of rape, then withdrawing can haunt a person forever, even if they did nothing wrong and they don't even get a chance to defend themselves. That's not how the "innocent until proven guilty" system is supposed to work.
  6. Non-story. It doesn't matter if the lions "knew" or not, because there is nothing to "know". A man was falsely accused of something. And it's not like Patricia was some star athlete at a D1 school that would cover something up for him. He was a lineman, at a D3 school. The charges were dropped because it was a false accusation. If the accuser wanted to bring it up because she believes she was silenced let her. Then we could talk about it.
  7. I'll take my crack, as the eternal optimist. W Sept 10 7:10p NEW YORK JETS (Monday Night Football) W Sept 16 4:05 at san francisco L Sept 23 8:20 NEW ENGLAND (Sunday Night Football) L Sept 30 1:00 at dallas W Oct 7 1:00 GREEN BAY Oct 14 BYE BYE LOVE (Dedicated to Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers The Cars) W Oct 21 1:00 at Miami W Oct 28 1:00 SEATTLE L Nov 4 1:00 at minnesota W Nov 11 1:00 at chicago W Nov 18 1:00 CAROLINA W Nov. 22 12:30 CHICAGO (Thanksgiving) W Dec 2 1:00 LA RAMS WL Dec 9 4:25 at arizona W Dec 16 1:00 at buffalo W Dec 23 1:00 MINNESOTA L Dec 30 1:00 at green bay ... 12-4? That can't be right. Honestly, as I posted earlier, I think this schedule broke in the best way possible, given the known opponents. NE, Seattle, Car, Rams all at home is huge Edit: I don't actually think that's how the games will go. I guess I bet they drop at least 2 winnable ones, but that's what I think happens if all games go by skill/home.
  8. Without really knowing how good all the teams will be, seems like all the tough games (Rams, Seahawks, Patriots, Panthers) will be at home. That's a fortuitous break I think. Dallas really the only truly tough road game (non-divisional) is nice.
  9. FWIW, I didn't think his comments were directed at Stafford at all. It seemed to me like he was saying he chose Indy over any other team because Luck can get him the ball. As opposed to going to Denver or something. Obviously going back to Detroit was not an option, so I'm not sure how Stafford plays into it.
  10. No gripes here. I hate poorly constructed arguments too. I disagree with your last paragraph, but don't have need to argue because IMO, you are being honest. Calling them babies, survive on their own, etc means you are acknowledging they are human, we just fall on different sides of "what should be allowable" in our government.
  11. I'd argue just because slavery was abolished in 1865, doesn't mean it wasn't wrong before then. And likewise we don't judge the people on the wrong side of history as correct because it was "of the times".
  12. If you have a moral objection to slavery, don’t own one. Don’t be a dick and force your beliefs on other people - and absolutely don’t have government tell you what you can or cannot do to your property. If you have a moral objection to murder, don’t commit one. Don’t be a dick and force your beliefs on other people - and absolutely don’t have government tell you what you can or cannot do with your body. We all understand there are circumstances where women are forcibly impregnated. It's still a human life. Similar to what I said wrt to guns, its just a question of where the line should be drawn, but to pretend its not killing a human is dumb.
  13. I can't agree more. Reference my earlier post. It's asinine the pro-choice crowd is pro-contraceptive, pro welfare, etc, and the anit-abortion crowd (outside of outliers like me) are against all of that.
  14. I hate the majority argument. Majority is not the same thing as being right. You are right. This doesn't relate to the gun control issue. However, there was no democratic majority around slavery, or around women's suffrage either. Until there was. You are on the wrong side of history here though. There will come a time where we look back and can't believe we ever allowed the murder of unborn children simply because we didn't think they were human. It's not a religious issue. It's a human rights issue. Edit: probably shouldn't have quoted you, but there have been a couple posts from people regarding this.
  15. The mental gymnastics people (Democrats) play to say a fetus isn't a human is just as bad as the mental gymnastics people (Republicans) play to stop caring about other people once they are born. We as a society have a messed up view on life Imo.
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