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  1. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    No disagreement here, but I do suspect coaching had a large bit to do with the run game being so awful. Unsure if that falls on JBC, Caldwell, or O-line coach.
  2. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    I'm definitely in the minority, but I just don't agree with this. It's never been tried. We don't really know what happens if Stafford throws it 70 times a game. We do however, know what happens if the 2017 lions run the ball 30 times... they gain 60 yards. I'd rather take the unknown and hope for the best than to keep trying to use that dumpster fire of a run game. Hopefully the 2018 lions can be more balanced, but if not, I say unleash Stafford.
  3. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    They also had the second lowest 8 man fronts (excluding goal to go situations) seen in the NFL (behind only the Falcons) and tied for the worst yards per a rush (with Seattle). Not a stretch at all to say they still ran the ball too much.
  4. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    I'm not sure he's capable of that. I heard he's injured.
  5. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    I also was on the record of wanting him before Caldwell was hired, FWIW. That being said, I don't know if he will be good, but I don't think the media is influencing my thoughts.
  6. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    I don't think I could disagree more with this statement.
  7. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    Good. I wanted him 4 years ago. Bring him now. Honestly, surprised he's still available.
  8. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    Not that its a measure of predictability but, I'd argue they still ran the ball too much. They were also last in yds/attempt, and 30 in run DVOA. I think predictability goes deeper than run vs throw, and you could throw 90% of plays and still be unpredictable. I'm not an expert in breaking down film, so I can't really comment on predictability, but if an announcer (who lets face it, often times aren't the most knowledgeable) can read our plays, I'd guess most NFL coordinators can too.
  9. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    The franchise QB was Jay Cutler... are we sure he was wrong there? And didn't he get a ton of picks for him? If those picks pan out (I remember reading an article saying they absolutely did not) maybe that job goes differently. Edit, I'm not sure if he was coach/GM or just coach. If he was responsible for the myriad of poor personnel choices, I'm sure we can look past that, since he wouldn't be doing that here. If he wasn't, then isn't he the guy who started 6-0 with Kyle Orton at QB?
  10. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    For the record, I want to give Caldwell props. I have never ever been a fan of his, and admittedly had to eat my words multiple times. But, while I again think he must be fired, I must say, being born in 1988, he has brought the lions to a level never seen in my (realistic memory) lifetime. I missed most of the Barry years, I am a "lost fan". So I would say thanks for making us a legitimate team, but its time to enter the stage of a franchise where you expect to win, not expect to compete. Thanks Caldwell for legitimatizing us, by making a team that will almost always beat bad teams. Its now time to find the guy who can beat the good teams 50/50.
  11. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    I wanted Matt Patricia the last time we did this (4 years ago), and I still do. He's my 1. I know Pats coordinators have had their failures in their past, but headcoaches often need 2 times, so I would also love McDaniels. Either Pats coordinator is where I am at. While it would never happen, and I don't want it, I would be okay with schwartz x2 as well. I think the dude has potential. Everywhere he goes his defenses kill it.
  12. Wk 12: Vikings vs. Lions: 12:30

    Thing is, PFF doesn't correlate to wins. I get that it's ESPNs approved stat, and their logic sounds good... But the results aren't good. If you take a summation of PFF ratings, you don't get anythimg close to an accurate predictor of a teams success. So while I absolutely hate the argument that "Patriots win super bowls so all Patriots players are great", at least that argument has some small backing in data. PFF has none. PFF should not be a gold standard. They have never proven that they are good. And they hide their data. Even if you pay. That's a huge red flag. It's
  13. Wk 12: Vikings vs. Lions: 12:30

    I'm most worried about our sudden inability to stop the run. Minnesota loves to run the ball.
  14. Wk 12: Vikings vs. Lions: 12:30

    I like to bring hard hitting analysis. Did you know Stafford and Clayton Kershaw played on the same baseball team?
  15. Wk 12: Vikings vs. Lions: 12:30

    Turkey hole on Turkey Day