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  1. A tasteless tweet indeed...But it's certainly not unique to MSU's (or any other universities) student-athletes. I can recall a rash of tasteless tweets from a number of Michigan's 2012 class over the past year. Hell, one kid's were so bad (Wright?), Hoke ended up pulling his offer as I recall.
  2. Anyone else hear that the Soviet Union may have launched an unmanned space craft...Sputsomethin'...Crazy times.
  3. These were the two I was referring to. Indiana's biggest game is definitely Purdue...Northwestern's biggest game is unquestionably UI.
  4. Not true. At least the first sentence.
  5. For my first overreaching generalization of THIS day, I'm going to submit that Oregon talks as much smack (before and during a game) as any team this side of 'The U'.
  6. Damn Benke!!! Every time I get to start feeling good again about MSU Football, you monkey wrench up the works...
  7. Yeah, it's too bad MSU didn't rush 3 and play soft zone for the first 55 minutes too - then you'd really look smart. I agree. Michigan has a few high-end slot guys on the roster right now.
  8. I'm not saying that the Illini are the be-all, end-all...But their losses have come to Mizzou, OSU and PSU. No shame in that slate. We have to bring last week's defensive effort, and get out early on offense.
  9. LVSC out with some interesting lines: MSU -4 @UI UM +7 @Iowa and last but not least, the Buckeyes laying 16 against the Badgers... I guess somebody is not buying Bucky...
  10. I can't get behind the idea of @UI as an easy game for either UM or MSU. Still a fair amount of talent in C-U, and Juice Williams is still very capable as well. Now, don't get me wrong, at some point here soon (if it hasn't already happened) Ron Zook will lose that team (again some might say) and that's Katy bar the door for the Illini's opposition. Bottom line, the first 5-10 minutes could be huge in next week's game. Jump on the Illini early, and there's a reasonable chance they'll fold imo.
  11. Actually Shelton fenced this one...Throwing out positive predictions for both teams in this very thread if I'm not mistaken. In the season prediction thread however, he took UM. I'm gonna grade him on that one.
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