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  1. I dunno, if Wilcox plays well, then he opts of the contract and the Pistons are out nothing. If he plays poorly and comes back he becomes a flexible low-cost expiring contract that could be thrown in a deal if need be. I'm not gonna lose sleep over it.
  2. This comment is puzzling as I had assumed that Kuester was keeping the assistants from last year and they just needed one guy to replace Dave Cowens.
  3. The Rockets threw oodles of money at the Pistons for the rights to Budinger, so, assuming that the financial cushion helps facilitate some future trade I don't think we can ever really say it is/was regrettable. Of course, the Pistons sure could use a shooter what with all these "playmakers."
  4. Why do people act as if this is the end of Dumars' effort to rebuild the team as opposed to the beginning? He is amassing pieces, and I believe he will be able to move almost anyone on the roster whenever he sees an opportunity strike.
  5. Well, something tells me there are going to be a lot of 115-104 losses in our future. However, it seems to me like Dumars is just amassing as much talent as he can get his hands on. The roster doesn't really have any stiffs on it, and most of the players are quite young. A lot of interesting, moveable pieces that may be attractive to other teams in the future.
  6. The only reason Pavlovic was in that deal is because the Suns wanted his non guaranteed contract. They arn't going to trade him to take on more money. And as was said previously Buckner is probably going to fetch something more enticing than Maxiell.
  7. Agreed. At this point I'd rather deal for Boozer with an eye toward relieving the team of Rip's contract, but if the only way to get Boozer is to give up Tayshaun I say no thanks. Who knows, maybe Memphis will fall in love with Rip and his owner will make the GM trade for him.
  8. I wish I had shelled out money to watch the games. Does anyone know if Summers is succeeding more at the 3 or 4?
  9. 1. This team is going to have problems down low no matter what. 2. I am getting less confident that they will find an adequate big to start the season. 3. In a year of transition maybe a bit of harmless nostalgia as a way to send one of the best Pistons ever out on top is a good thing. 4. Whose progress would he be impeding exactly? 5. Signing him for the Vet minimum has no cap implications. 6. Bring him back.
  10. I believe one story said that Bynum is skipping the Summer League due to family issues.
  11. Yeah that "poison pill" signing bonus leads me to believe they didn't just make the move so that the Jazz would hurry up and get the three-team trade finalized. If this created bad blood between the teams I would imagine that takes the Blazers out of the equation where Boozer is concerned. As far as Afflalo, I like him as much as anybody, but unless he figures out how to fix his shot release and hit the open 3-pointer his role in the NBA is going to be reduced. He was such a harder worker I was hoping he'd have it figured out by last season but that wasn't the case. He is definitely expendible if it helps the Pistons aquire someone in the front court.
  12. So can anyone bust out the numbers of how many at bats could reasonably be expected for Maggs if he is only expected to be playing against lefties? How many at bats are typical in a lefty/righty split?
  13. I wonder if that impacts any decisions that Dumars could possibly make with this season. Maybe he will hold onto his money, let some more slide off the books and try and get a bigger steal next season when finances are even more dire.
  14. I think Flip was a miss in Detroit, but he's not going to be a miss in Washington. There are just different expectations. In Detroit the margin for error on the coaching hire was insanely miniscule. Either he was a coach that won you a championship or he wasn't. There wasn't much of a middle ground. Now, the Curry hiring was completely different. He was supposed to be a new coach that would change the culture of the team and all he needed to be was competent. We all saw how that worked out.
  15. I am wondering why people are so in love with Glen Davis but I haven't heard much of a peep about his teammate, Leon Powe. I liked both players for the Celtics, and it seems that while Davis may have a little more natural skill, Powe is more of a down-low bruiser and traditional post presence while playing with the same mean streak. Seems like Powe would fit better with what we're missing. Honestly, I think Glen Davis, Leon Powe and Brandon Bass are all good young players so I hope we can grab at least one of them.
  16. Of course, you could say the same thing about TT. He was never a defensive genius until one of the best defensive players in the game in KG came to the Celtics. Also, I think Kuester's less of a specialist than TT in Boston. He was never asked to specifically focus on implementing an offense in '04 or any other year. He was simply an assistant coach. Basically, from what I have read, Cleveland decided to delegate offensive and defensive responsibilities to assistant coaches. I think what Kuester's handling of the offense last year shows is that he is more than competent with the Xs and Os, can design plays coming out of time outs, and can substitute effectively. Also, I think you are over emphasizing the effect Mo Williams had on the Cavs offense. Maybe I'll look more in-depth at the numbers later.
  17. This ridiculous revisionist history with Dumars is driving me insane. The guy puts together a solid core, everyone acknowledges it, and because those guys were established he spent years working around the edges. That is all he had to work with. Low draft picks, MLE or less, trying to grab productive veterans, etc. He sent his team from the gutter to an NBA finals win, a competitive return next year, and six straight ECF appearances. We are really going to crucify Dumars because he selected Jason Maxiell instead of David Lee? What about the fact that Maxiell, drafted at #26, has outplayed players in front of him such as: Martell Webster (#6), Channing Frye (8), Ike Diogu (9), Fran Vasquez (11), Yaroslov Korolev (12), Sean May (13), Rashad McCants (14), Antoine Wright (14), Joey Graham (15), Gerald Green (18), Hakim Warrick (19), Julius Hodge (20), Francisco Garcia (23), Luther Head (24) and Johan Petro (25). We're unhappy because Rodney Stuckey might not be a franchise savior? Well he was drafted at #15 and I'd say he's a top-5 talent from that draft and he has a CHANCE to be great. That's pretty good for a pick at #15. Instead of focusing on that, though, we would rather bestow a great future on D.J. White, aka the one that got away. It is stupifying. The facts are that Dumars has had more success than almost anyone else in the league. He has a good track record when it comes to trades, free agent signings, cap management and even the draft. He may not be the best in any one area, but he is a great GM. He kept the Pistons competitive for many years and now is attempting to rebuild. Well, rebuilding is messy and he is just getting started, so lets not call for his head just yet.
  18. I watched many Cavs games last season and the offense was really night and day. And the stats bear that out. Their players approved across the board and I have a hard time attributing that all to Mo Williams who has always been more of a scoring point guard than a floor manager. I'm not saying that this guys is the second coming, but to compare him to Curry is laughable and to dismiss him while hailing TT is unfair.
  19. I think comparing Kuester to Curry is incredibly short-sighted. It seems like pepole think that all people with zero years of head coaching experience are equal. Curry had one year of experience in the NBA as a coach and Dumars gave him a job, presumably because he liked his temperment and make up or some such thing. He quickly exposed himself as someone who couldn't manage a roster of players, couldn't work well with his staff of assistants, couldn't design an offense, couldn't design a defense and couldn't make adjustments. Kuester has a background being associated with some of the top coaches in the game, from Dean Smith to Larry Brown to Gregg Popovich, specifically when it comes to defensive mind-set. If he proved anything last year, he proved that he could handle the Xs and Os of the game as he was given the reins of the Cavs offense and improved it greatly. He was apparently in charge of the huddle on offensive decisions during games and also was given large responsiblities in Cavs' practices. He is nothing like Curry. He has flaws, just like Tom Tibodeau(sp?) would have. Specifically, neither has proven themselves as a head coach. But that is the risk you have to be willing to take, I guess. I just don't understand why so many are so dismissive of the hire. Like it is obviously destined to fail. The dude has earned his stripes as an assistant, so maybe he is ready to lead a team to success. Let's wait and find out what his moves are before we start moaning.
  20. So, everyone here loves Larry Brown, but doesn't like the hiring of a coach that has spent nearly 15 years as an NBA assistant coach, and the bulk of which was under Larry Brown? Got it. Oh, and he also worked under Mike Brown, who hails from Larry Brown's good friend Gregg Popovich's staff. And Mike Brown also successfully coached one of the top defenses of the last couple years. Makes sense.
  21. Just because he was given the keys to the Cleveland offense last season does not mean he is deficient in designing, coach or implementing a defense. He was an assistant for many years under Larry Brown and recently under Mike Brown, a disciple of the Gregg Popovich school of coaching. Lets see what he does and says before we decide it is a bad decision.
  22. You underrate Parker if you think DeRozan would have started ahead of him this season. Also, they are going to need to get a number of journeymen to fill out their roster. They also will probably have an awful defense and god forbid one of their starters get injured. I think Toronto is going to regret this go for broke decision with 30-year-old Hedo.
  23. For those in the anti-Avery camp, and with news of demanding say on personnel I am finding myself more in that group, I think no news is good news on Sunday. We know Dumars is meeting with him personally today and we know that Dumars is a guy that acts decisively and quickly once he has made up his mind. If he isn't hired today then I don't think he gets hired at all. Wonder if he'll spin long-time assistants on winning programs as the kind of "experience" he meant all along if he goes the Keuster or Tom T. route.
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