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  1. Michigan's coach had Robinson throw because he knows the futility of trying to use a running quarterback against one of the best teams in the SEC. I can't recall a running qb that beat a good SEC team unless you want to go back to Nebraska versus Florida. I'm probably missing one or two but I know it's not that many. I need to edit a previous thing I said though. There were a couple of good hits by the linebackers when they were filling the gaps. Other than that not so much.
  2. Tell me they got rid of that retarded rule please? The helmet to helmet at anytime? In the NFL helmet to helmet only applies to defenseless players (almost always receivers catching a ball). If they dont want helmet to helmet at anytime then they shouldn't allow running backs to ever lower their head and make them run straight up lol. As for this game. I was embarrassed for the way Michigan played. At least you could have continued trying to hit your opponent instead of letting them run you over and knock you down every time they touched you. I mean nobody over the top at the goal line to stop the running back. Did not like the effort at all.
  3. By the way, I surely thought the Lions would have went after Chris Polk. But what do I know .
  4. System my ***. Systems don't let you go into Georgia, winners of the SEC east, and throw all over them. Never once has a system completed a pass.
  5. I think the Rams would take that trade considering Jackson's age. There is no way Jacksonville is letting Maurice Jones Drew go. Could probably get Moreno for a 2nd. Might be able to get Stewart considering he has had some injury problems over his career. And I don't know anything about Benson's contract.
  6. Hate to tell you all this but Stafford grabbed his shoulder while lying on the ground near the end of the game. But it was only for a split second. As for Harbaugh, I thought he was a prick when he coached at Stanford.
  7. I have thought of something recently that could be a trade off. Keep the kickoffs like they are but change the punt rules so if you kick it out of bounds, except out of the end zone, there is a ten yard penalty. Kickoffs are much more dangerous than punt returns. Win Win.
  8. Bell should be mainly a situational back for short yardage and goalline. The other is Morris who slithers more like Marcus Allen more then he attacks head on. I don't see the others being able to do short yardage. Felton is an average running fullback. I can't see him doing it. Is he still on the team?
  9. Harrison played in the Pac-10 but he came from your neck of the woods. The only reason I didn't think they would go after Harrison is because he is similar in size to Best and Brown. Bell is somewhat of a thumper but he's not on the level of Barber or Williams.
  10. I agree with Marion Barber. He would have been the perfect compliment. Second, Ricky Williams. Now, it's hard to tell. Maybe Mike Bell or bring back Smith.
  11. That it starts 5 yards closer to the goalline now meaning fewer kickoff returns. Same reason the Jets could let Brad Smith leave so easily.
  12. I'm gonna make a prediction and say the San Diego Chargers pick him up if healthy.
  13. That sucks. He's a guy who likes playing the game and isn't out there only for a paycheck. If it was mainly about linebacker depth and not his health this is another kickoff rule change casualty.
  14. I was real high on this guy's ability the past few years. And I believe some of the off-field issues are overblown since this was pre-college I believe. It will be intersting to see how well he does considering he suffered a knee injury. If he's like his old form in 2009 he's a top 10 cornerback.
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