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  1. CRIMINAL. They should only be discussing one thing after this game.
  2. The most disappointing Michigan loss in who knows how long. The OSU game sucked last year but was kind of expected at this point. Maybe Penn State a few years ago, but even that wasn’t surprising. They got manhandled today. I’m as big of a Harbaugh slappy as anyone on this planet and it’s so disappointing to see in every way. The line play on both sides is PATHETIC. I repeat, PATHETIC (no reason to have a mediocre o-line and absolutely no interior run defense at this point). They don’t utilize any of their skill players. They have no urgency on either side. The defense sits back all day.The offense has no identity. They look so passive and uninspired. This sucks so much. If you want to be the Michigan of old, fine. Then recruit big slow linemen who will move boulders and get crushed by fast paced teams. Be Wisconsin or Iowa or Stanford. Accept you won’t win your conference, won’t be in the playoff discussion, or be an exciting program. But pick some kind of identity. I don’t know what the ideal peak of this team would look like even when firing on all cylinders. They are half assing everything. Or you can get pissed off, be forward-thinking, stop backpedaling, take advantage of your talent, and let it rip without any regrets. This is the time to look in the mirror and say we need to stop being arrogant. It’s time to admit Schembechler style football doesn’t work anymore and it’s a new game. It’s time to stop beating your chest saying Michigan is the best. It’s simply time to win.
  3. Hold on to the ball. Keep Nordin off the field. Ship these refs to the sun.
  4. Quality game from the refs tonight. How do you miss that double dribble?
  5. Someone other than Matthews needs to step it up. The streakiness from Poole and Brazdekis on offense is killing them.
  6. I fully believe we will see Jedd Fisch come back as the OC this offseason. Pep Hamilton will be given the Drevno treatment
  7. Exposed is an understatement for these last three games. Just horrible against the pass
  8. Tarik Black has those transfer eyes. These guys don’t want to be playing
  9. Wow this is bad. All hype no substance.
  10. Another soft showing in a bowl. Rinse and repeat.
  11. Same plays keep killing them over and over. I guess lessons have not been learned.
  12. The two minute offense has made no sense all season long. Absolutely no urgency or sense of time management
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