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  1. Quality game from the refs tonight. How do you miss that double dribble?
  2. Someone other than Matthews needs to step it up. The streakiness from Poole and Brazdekis on offense is killing them.
  3. I fully believe we will see Jedd Fisch come back as the OC this offseason. Pep Hamilton will be given the Drevno treatment
  4. Exposed is an understatement for these last three games. Just horrible against the pass
  5. Tarik Black has those transfer eyes. These guys don’t want to be playing
  6. Wow this is bad. All hype no substance.
  7. Another soft showing in a bowl. Rinse and repeat.
  8. Same plays keep killing them over and over. I guess lessons have not been learned.
  9. The two minute offense has made no sense all season long. Absolutely no urgency or sense of time management
  10. What is the offense even trying to accomplish?
  11. Michigan survived a tight one last night at Northwestern. It seems like they never play well there, so just glad they escaped with the win. Some of their flaws were exposed last night, most notably the lack of depth. It's going to be tough with only 3 guys getting minutes off the bench, which includes Austin Davis who just does not look like a Big Ten player at this point. I know Livers hasn't shown much on the offensive side during his career, but he had a miserable defensive night. They really need him to develop into at least a serviceable offensive player. Hopefully the next few games will give some of the freshmen a chance to find roles. Also, Brazdeikis is outstanding. He has to be the best looking freshman of Beilein's tenure.
  12. The UGA fake punt may be the worst play call I’ve ever seen. I’m sure even James Franklin was rolling his eyes
  13. This team looks good. Real good
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