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  1. Very slight. If not only that he is a south paw, which would give him that slight edge. I wouldn't want to give up more than a low ranked prospect for him.
  2. Cubs lefty Tom Gorzellany another rotation consideration for Tigers | MLive.com Not so fast AG. Not sure I like this. A guy who has had 1.5 good seasons and a career ERA of 4.68 in the NL...That is equivalent to probably around 5 in the AL.
  3. If he's what we think he is, Werth may be worthless in D.C. - MLB - CBSSports.com Baseball Great article by Danny Knobler. Have always liked him as a writer. "One GM almost fell out of his seat when I told him the terms" I think that everyone is shocked. And very worried about what it means to their hopeful signings.
  4. Martinez is looking to be underpaid by this market's standards...
  5. I think the Phillies land Ordonez now. They need to replace Werth in the line-up and they like to grab former tigers (Durbin, Polanco, Bonine)
  6. That may be pretty generous. Crawford is going to one of 3 teams (Angels, Yanks, Sox) so in theory Ordonez is now the best OF on the market for 27 teams.
  7. I 100% agree. I thought it was a brilliant move at the time and thought 2-18 or 2-20 would land Magglio. Hooray for Scott Boras (Sarcasm)
  8. Second year in a row that DD has mad a mistake in arbitration non-offers. Polly last year and Magglio this year. Oh Well Hindsight is 20/20 and I think we all would have gone crazy if he had offered Magglio arbitration 2 weeks ago.
  9. I think that the 4/56 Dunn signed and the caliber of player Dunn is has WAY more value than 7/126 deal Werth signed and the caliber player Werth is. Plus Dunn is a Lefty. Werth has never had 100 RBIs - Dunn has had 100 RBIs 6 times AND is a year younger. Washington backed the wrong horse in this race IMO
  10. True. Maybe we can do what we did with Damon last year. Damon wanted multi years but we threw more cash at him and got him on the one year IF Boras only is asking 10 on Ordonez then I would go 2 years at 13 per year (still saving 2 mill off the option) instead of throwing the extra years. As crazy as it sounds exercising Magglio's option of 15 mill for next year may not have been such a crazy move after all if they had done it because at least it only would have been one year...looks like Maggs may get close to that per year AND more years than I care to see.
  11. I was reluctant on Werth but knew that playing behind Miggy would be just as good or better than behind Howard so I would have been okay with going with 5 years, and 6 would have been a pill I could swallow. Something tells me Washington was the only team willing to go 7 years.
  12. Gonzalez trade fell through - Lost Martinez - Probably losing Beltre I don't think a soul on earth is going to be able to compete with Boston on Crawford.
  13. This is my concern. I don't think Money is an issue. But DH is tied up for years to come in Martinez - so I don't feel to thrilled about the idea of more than 2 years on Magglio. I would love to go 2-25 over 3-30 on Magglio... But I have a feeling it will take 3-30 or 4-40 to get Ordonez...and that scares me.
  14. 7 years at 18 million per year for Jayson Werth... When he isn't working with Ryan Howard and Chase Utley hitting in front of him I have a feeling the Nationals are going to really regret this deal. Werth to me is a guy who is talented but had numbers inflated by the surrounding cast. GOing to a team with no surrounding cast will not suit him well IMO.
  15. Odds & Ends: Boggs, Cubs, Hoffman, Tigers: MLB Rumors - MLBTradeRumors.com Tigers still bidding on outfielderS - with an S. SO it looks like they are still in on Crawford/Werth/Dunn My ranking of wish is #1 Crawford #2 Dunn #3 Werth
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