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  1. This is just classic how after the ordeal and escaping death, he still holds his ground.
  2. Well, yeah sure. Me too. But when I'm a free agent and looking to ink a 4 year deal somewhere, when Detroit wants me and any other random city like Seattle or St. Louis wants me, don't expect me to sign here.
  3. You know there are kids with ragged cars who are going to fly through this neighborhood just hoping to get shot. I think this would be counter-productive.
  4. I think Leino's feast or famine is completely dependant on things he can control. He can't play a lick of defense. That's something that can be improved by work. He obviously has the offensive skillset.
  5. I think Cleveland is very similar to here, with the quality of the teams being lower, and the amount of things to do being less.
  6. He's absolutely right. If I were a professional athlete or someone who could easily move elsewhere, the choice is obvious. The weather is bad. Investing in a house here is bad. The drive to get to the park every day because you want to live in a nice suburb is bad. But I'd rather have to play here than in Cleveland.
  7. Well for one, players actually want to play for those teams and they can get the top free agents to come play for them. They have to pull far less teeth to be successful. This is mostly because: - They've all won title this decade - They've all been to the playoffs 5 or more times this decade They have a lifestyle of winning. The Tigers haven't won a division since 1987. They had a remarkable 2006 season, and now a season where they will hopefully have their 2nd playoff berth of the decade. A title and 5+ playoffs berths in the decade and having players want to play for you is a pretty far stretch from 1 playoff berth in the decade and having nobody want to come here.
  8. You don't see what the Yankees, Red Sox, and Angels are doing better than the Tigers because you're wearing olde english D glasses.
  9. Any reason to hear fans of other teams cry more about how much they hate the Wings is good for me.
  10. Let's be honest, this isn't the most desireable city to live in when you're a professional athlete. Given the choice of living in metro Detroit or somewhere in California, I'm pretty sure that's an easy call for most of us.
  11. If I change "prospect" to "young player" maybe that would be better. My point was that he fell from whatever grace he had here quickly and rapidly. He needs to just be done in this organization. I think most Tigers fans don't even want to hear about him playing for the Hens.
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