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  1. He said mistakes. Not int %.
  2. It’s pretty clear now that Patricia and Quinn won’t be back next year. So, who’s out there for GM and coaches next year? Shouldn’t have to do this 2 games into the season. But here we are.
  3. Genius. For sure. He called the greatest play in NFL history don’t ya know.
  4. Bevell is awful. He has no business being retained.
  5. Okudah is some kind of bad. Really atrocious.
  6. 3rd and 2 stop. But holding. This is the worst defense the lions have ever had. That’s saying something
  7. They won’t even go for it down 17 and only needing a yard. All expected under Patrica.
  8. All those fluff pieces in the off season. GB on a 28-0 run. Great coaching.
  9. Haha, can’t even avoid a penalty when the GB punter boots it into the end zone. Egregious mismanagement at every level.
  10. Brilliant adjustments out of the half. Give up. 75 yard and then go 3 and out.
  11. My god. but don’t worry. Patrica said this team is different.
  12. The coaching level of the lions is nearly criminal, it’s that bad. How does that fat slob get to be a coach in the NFL? After the game he will tell us that he is the greatest coach of all time.
  13. Yep. No debate. That just can’t happen. Fully lionized 1 half into the season.
  14. I’m down for 1-15 and a full reboot, again.
  15. Yeah, that’s the thing. Patricia has been absolutely garbage. And he has changed nothing in his time here. Zero urgency at all times. Season over one game in.
  16. No other team does the same thing year after year regardless of who is running the team. If the lions have a chance to put a game away they will always go run run incomplete pass. No OC will ever be aggressive if they coach the lions.
  17. Wow. What a ******* joke this team is. I hope they go 0-16.
  18. Gotta love these 1 yard chunk plays to the middle of the field.
  19. Unfortunately they will make us wait. The awfulness is Patricia is something we have to keep suffering through, for some reason. There is no limit to lions suffering.
  20. And then get drawn off for the first down. Lol it’s so embarrassing. And they score again. Everyone knew this would happen. Get up 3 scores, quit and give up 3 touchdowns.
  21. Lol of course. The conservative play calling in the 4th coming to bear now. This is another putrid coaching job by Patricia. Gave up when they got to 23.
  22. So predictable. Definitely gonna lose.
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