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  1. Who are the names for defense secretary and attorney general? It’s hard to decide who to be more excited about leaving, after trump: Barr, Mnuchin, DeVos and Pompeo are at the top of mind.
  2. Trump says he told GSA to start the process.
  3. Emily Murphy blowing up her chances of a non tainted career hence forth, that is one the surprises me. I deal with the GSA quite often. Fine organization. You don’t hear from them unless you need property or vehicles. You can go unnoticed. Somehow even the GSA administrator tied herself to this rotten to the core administration. So stupid.
  4. Blinken is a really good choice for SoS. Kerry as the climate Czar is a smart move. It familiar with the others.
  5. I certainly don’t mind the idea this being stafford last year and going 1-15 next year.
  6. Don’t even put the bad thoughts in my head. Just lose baby.
  7. Yeah. I’m ok either way. Stafford hasnt changed since year 2 basically. But this team has so many problems. The new regime will need 2 years just to make the roster competitive defensively.
  8. They have no chance of beating Houston.
  9. If anyone is left defending him it’s his family. Otherwise it would be trolling. He is the worst coach in lions history.
  10. Oh shoot. Not first down. 4th and inches. Hahahahah they jumped again!
  11. Yes, lol the lions give them a first down on 4th and 5. Encroachment. Game over.
  12. Shutout for sure happening. This is great for the fire Patrica crowd. Never even sniffed the red zone.
  13. lol that play to TJ on 3rd and 16. So funny.
  14. Really need him to embarrass the lions. Hahah, Slye misses it but the lions ran into the kicker. Amazing stuff out here. Every level of discipline is lacking.
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