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  1. How bad does KCP look? Yikes. Can't pay him.
  2. Building a house with all those KCP bricks.
  3. First 5 picks should be DL/CB/LB.
  4. You're already down on the Lions. 1 day into FA, after Quinn has made some nice moves.
  5. They need to visit the Lions game threads.
  6. Amazing how the pistons always seem to play the cavs well yet get blown out by the pacers ever game. Makes no sense. Have some pride against the pacers for once.
  7. The Texans just traded Osweiler and a 2nd round pick in next years draft to the browns for...nothing. Dang.
  8. I don't know. I suppose I would be a hypocrite for criticizing negative post in game threads. I have been known to visit a Lions game thread a time or two. Kind of like it, a little animosity and debate mixed in with the game.
  9. That is every game thread, on every forum. Losing brings people to the boards, winning keeps them content.
  10. Fricken awesome. I really like Quinn. Saves 6 million against the cap for a guy who had no interest in playing. Quinn has done some good work this week.
  11. Miami would lose in 4, maybe 5.
  12. Beat down on Illinois, practice jerseys and all. That should seal Michigan's tourney bid.
  13. Pacers in the bonus, pacers have no fouls called against them. Ok ref.
  14. Why is Indiana so good against us? They look better than the spurs when they play the pistons. Every single game.
  15. Wings can't help out the leafs. Down 3-0 to Boston. The wings are terribly boring in their startegy. Blashill seems to be bad.