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  1. How about that lions pass rush though. Everyone said it would be laughable. It has been fantastic through 2 games. 5 sacks tonight.
  2. What a great road victory for Stafford and the Lions. 2-0 is a great place to be. Atlanta next week, minus beasley. Hopefully Davis is fine.
  3. Lang and Wagner on the right side is such a huge upgrade.
  4. That's a first down.
  5. He looks fine.
  6. 128 yards rushing for the lions.
  7. Nice run 21. Big play.
  8. Exactly, why they shouldn't have slobbered over him.
  9. The lead up to the game was nothing but slobbering over OBJ. He has done nothing.
  10. Our ball.
  11. 4th down! Punt baby.
  12. Wide open, and he drops it, thank god. But how is every long play open for the giants and the lions haven't been close?
  13. That was disgusting. Some really bad play calling all the way around.