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  1. It seems there is no harm in putting in enough to get the maximum match, to start with. Once I get my feet wet in this area then I can start to be a bit more savvy.
  2. Good advice. Looks like Uncle Sam matches up to 5%. I think to start I will do 7%, with the 5% match that gives a 12% contribution. But as you said, as my savings grows and I need less money each week (moving here was expensive) then I can just contribute more to the IRA. I have a few weeks to decide which plan to choose, but I am thinking a traditional might be good to start with.
  3. So now that I'm working for the government they are offering a thrift savings plan for retirement. I contribute 5 percent and they match it, so a total 10 percent contribution. I know nothing about investing. I'm single. Should I do traditional (pre-tax) or Roth (after-tax)? What are the pros and cons? I'm 32 now. Don't want to work til I'm 80.
  4. I am thinking Bradley will remain a Piston. I don't expect Drummond to be a Piston after the trade deadline this season.
  5. I was driving through backwoods Wisconsin during the parole hearing. It was on a good number of radio stations.
  6. Loss of ACA will have a huge impact on Native American health care immediately. Tribes have money set aside for patients in the service area that need help with things like hospital bills, travel costs and medications for all sorts of ailments, number one being cancer (no surprise there). Before ACA this money would run out in May, the joke was don't get sick after June, with the fiscal year ending sept 30. Since ACA, there has actually been carry over money each year, meaning everyone who needs help has gotten it. And that is a direct result of more people having 3rd party coverage. GOP has shown it self to be a party of disarray, control it all, and yet can't pass a thing. All the while, their ideas and wet dreams do nothing but weaken the core foundation of America. They can't see beyond the dollar amount that their re-election requires, which makes them the dancing monkey of the donors. And the donors just want tax breaks. It's all pretty simple.
  7. Pretty funny reading through this and seeing ballmich asking for hard evidence. It encapsulates him perfectly.
  8. The tigers futility is just getting started. Huge mistake allowing Avila to do any of this. Years of suck has arrived.
  9. Never stops! Every time you fire up the twitter machine there is something new. More fake news I'm sure. So even when junior tries to come clean he still can't get it all out. The Trumps are about as transparent as the cosmic microwave background.
  10. Bought my first truck today. Turned in the honda accord and got a honda ridgeline RTL. Should make winters in Minnesota a little easier to navigate.
  11. So you're unwilling to even ask the question? Weak.
  12. I agree. This one minute video is hard to draw a definitive conclusion from. But the guy was cuffed. And the dog was still on the arm. So the question must be asked, what was the officer doing? Why was the guy cuffed and the dog still on the arm?
  13. Yes, he was trying to get the dog off, barely. Epitome of the police...no control. I dont condem all officers, but I do label them all suspicious based on country wide incompetence.
  14. Not enough control of their tactics. Reminder to always be cautious when dealing with police. They are taught to be violent first.
  15. Man, the trumps are the least intelligent scumbags on earth. Amazing. I see stan has pretty quiet. Obvious collusion.