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  1. Why would it have anything to do with that and not the fact that he is exhibits arrogance everytime he speaks? Have you watched any press conference he has given the last 2 years?
  2. This is an easy pick. Assuming Washington takes chase young, the pick is Jeudy. If anyone trades up the haul has to be large. Not a fan of trading down, this is a good draft to have the 3rd pick.
  3. Sheldon Keefe is 11-4 after 15 games in Toronto. Rightfully so. Ive likely missed zero minutes of the maple leafs, ever. My biggest observation from Babcock to Keefe? Fun. Keefe made two main adjustments: 1) hang on to the puck, circle back if needed, 2) adaptation; letting marner and Matthews play together for the first sustained time in 4 seasons. The fans have been asking for these changes for 3 years. These changes? Boys having fun.
  4. Need this L. Don’t mess it up. Dolphins and Giants win today. Lions would move into the 3rd overall seed. And just like that, broncos break one off and go up 10! Looking good.
  5. This is going well. If the lions lose out they are guaranteed to pick no lower than 4th. Ideal outcome: Giants win today. Dolphins beat the bengals next week. Giants beat Washington next week. Lions would then be in position to draft 3rd. It Washington wins either of their other two games not against the Giants the lions would pick 2nd.
  6. Dolphins blow it. Jets win the game on a last second FG. Lions will head into week 15 sitting at 5th overall in draft order.
  7. Dolphins take the lead. 7 mins away from moving up to the 4th overall spot.
  8. Falcons up 20 on the panthers. Lions will move up at least one spot in draft order (5th). Dolphins in a close one with the jets. Dolphins victory would move the lions up two spots to the 4th spot in the draft order. Keep it going boys.
  9. Vikings come down and score immediately. Will be 17-0 at the half and Vikings get the ball to start. Run it up boys. Shut that fat slob Patricia up.
  10. Lol 3rd and 2 from the 15, blough gets sacked for 12 yard loss and then prater misses the FG. Everything about this team is amateur at best. Losers gonna lose.
  11. The best outcome is lose by about 30 today. Tired of Patricia saying “we just got a find a way to finish.” Patricia has embarrassed himself. Lions need to lose out. Get a top 5 pick and start over. Draft Tua if he is available.
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