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  1. Not a lot of precedent these days. This is a good move by the Ohio Rx Board though.
  2. It's remarkable, even when in the midst of this global pandemic, Trump can't separate himself from money. He even autographed the damn stock report from yesterday after it spiked upwards!
  3. The German lab had this test ready for mass production January 13th. The concern going forward will be the availability of the reagent. Only one company in the world currently makes it, and the raw materials to make it are limited.
  4. I stood my Incident Command Structure (ICS) yesterday, basically we are in a forward posture. I oversee 2 hospitals and one ambulatory center (all federal) and our testing capability is limited...but we do have some. What's more interesting, sense folks were talking about shopping, is that everyone is buying out all of the pasta. There was nothing but lasagna noodles left, no sauce, no diced tomatoes. That surprised me. No baby wipes, no TP, no canned chicken (wanted to make buffalo chicken dip) and Jacks pizzas (easy for the kids). Weird times.
  5. You’re part of the fake news conspiracy. You’re probably Tom Hanks, lounging in Australia, laughing.
  6. This has been something else. I am a government employee. My agency is part of HHS and I’m fortunate to be in a position where I get a seat at the table. Didn’t have to be this way.
  7. Same argument was made of trump circa 16. I think Bernie would bring out more than any other candidate.
  8. Just so we are clear, the electoral college is an embarrassment to America. We should hold our heads in shame.
  9. Not sure why everyone hates Bernie so much. The other candidates don’t really inspire much. Bernie is the guy.
  10. I think the lions will have a pretty good year coming up, if stafford is healthy. Slay can go, not a real lose losing snacks. Let’s see how FA signing and the draft goes.
  11. Great move. Next, trade slay. Slay isn’t worth what he thinks he is. He needs to go.
  12. The playoff change would take effect this season.
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