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  1. the cop kicked him after shooting him, in the back. Gonna be tough to convince a jury this wasn’t unnecessary force. the system doesn’t make sense, unless you designed it, then it makes perfect sense. People say the system is broken. No, the system is performing as designed. The design no longer fits America. I’m Native American, everyone would assume I’m white because I take ok my dads complexion, not my moms, but I grew up with simple observation of those who didn’t look white. Never trusted the system. Never trust cops. In my professional life, I’ve spent enough time around those with badges and guns, and their view on society is broken. I’ll spend my life fighting for the minority because the majority has rigged the system against us.
  2. Ok, my bad. I don’t disagree with what you just said.
  3. You’re gonna try and sell me that your point was that the US has a gun problem and not that you were trying to explain away police killings? You provided no evidence. You’re victim blaming. Lame.
  4. You’re no better than Stan at this point. And for what?
  5. They were armed, storming the state house. Pretty straight forward.
  6. Always defending the indefensible. That’s you. You troll.
  7. Man, are you this ignorant? This isn’t singular.
  8. I think many cops go into the profession because they are predisposed to aggression and being a policeman allows it. The minority that want to truly protect and serve then have to fall in line.
  9. Guilty because the murder was recorded. I don’t understand citing technicalities as a way to allow people to go free. They are arbitrarily created. But no. This isn’t uncomfortable. It was a snuff film.
  10. Other high profile cases didn’t set off world wide protests. Chauvin is done. No jury is letting him off.
  11. Again. These riots won’t play a role. The world doesn’t stand still for 6 months. The surge of coronavirus will be the only thing people are taking about come election time.
  12. Lol, now you’re just being blatant.
  13. Voter suppression capital of the world is there for the taking? Regardless, Georgia isn’t part of the EC calculus. Frankly, I don’t think these riots will have much to do with the election. This will end and we still be dealing with the coronavirus indefinitely.
  14. What are you talking about? You’re going troll mode.
  15. Every cop in America should be fired. The fraternity of police is a white supremacist organization. Non police are treated like enemy’s who should be neutralized. We need to start over. What does it say that cities need to burn for a cop to be charged with murdering a black man, with extended video of the murder. And then the charge is downgraded to unintentional. Start over.
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