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  1. I’ve long embraced the awful. Wings are 2010 pistons. Haven’t even reached the Lawrence Frank years yet.
  2. Just saw Calvin’s latest comments about mending fences with the lions. Lions don’t owe him jack. Go away Calvin.
  3. It’s clear that anyone who continues to defend trump based on the record does so while knowing it’s a lie. And they are OK with the lie and will continue to lie It’s convenient, and is currently legitimized by the entire GOP party There are many people who support trump that don’t give two ****s about policy, they just like sticking it to the liberals, even though the policy laid down by trump hurts the people that vote for him. Those people, for the most part, likely won’t understand policy even if they give it a genuine effort.
  4. The waterbottle though...man, that’s all anyone is talking about.
  5. Is there any redeeming factor for the Republican Party any more? They have clearly showed their true colors. It was never about being fiscally conservative. It was about being socially repressive. It wasn’t about building a better nation for all, it was about building a better nation for the very few. It was never country first, it was self prospering opportunity first. The GOP is systematically selling out America, and they are doing it on the coattails of the dumb red necks that litter the poorest states in this country.
  6. Why do you watch the show? Just to troll?
  7. Only one way for this to end, Jon is going to kill Dany, -350.
  8. Didn’t see it coming. You know, the NBA interest seemed real, but what’s the pay off for John? He is gonna spend the last 5 years of his career, or at least this period, getting dunked on by 34 in Milwaukee. Cleveland doesn’t have a shot at being dangerous.
  9. I didn’t realize how bad the NBA product has become until these last couple of days. Man, especially compared to watching the NHL playoffs. The NBA isn’t even in the same league as the NHL in terms of product attractiveness. NBA is complaining about fouls and jacking 3s.
  10. Not sure anyone will ever meet your standards.
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