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  1. So you’re calling it a wash? In one scenario you have the ball and have a chance. In another you have zero chance of getting the ball. You choose zero chance?
  2. Also, simple math told you that by punting you wouldn’t get the 2 minute warning. It was garbage.
  3. You has zero chance of getting the ball back with this defense. Zero. Punting meant that you gave up on the game. He fully gave up.
  4. Kellen Moore doesn’t just hand it off, a bevell special. Cowboys win. Another loss. 3-6-1. Need to shut Stafford down for the year.
  5. They punt and ensure that they won’t be able to use the two minute warning. My god is Patricia dumb.
  6. Bob Quinn has been a failure. 4 years, he preaches DL and OL and both are the worst in the league. And he punts. What a *****.
  7. Definitely gonna get a TD and not convert the 2.
  8. This defense is embarrassing. Zero pressure. Patricia refuses to blitz. His system hasn’t worked for two years and he has made zero adjustments in that time.
  9. Why the **** would you go for two?
  10. Is it really necessary to play Thon Maker? Is the depth that bad?
  11. Pistons, oof. I remember why I don’t watch much. 11 years since their last playoff win and there is still no hope.
  12. The lack of effort played on the defensive end in the NBA is concerning. Just started watching and the wolves hit 6 straight 3s. All of them wide open.
  13. No. What I am saying is that no one here as a clue what she’s thinking.
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