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  1. Offense moving along tonight. KRod off the hook.
  2. Not much surprise right?
  3. Zimmerman is just unlucky, right?
  4. Haha, that's about right. Little league homer for Garcia. Awful baseball abound.
  5. Oh I think Avila needs to go to. But at the moment, only way to galvanize the team is with a jolt, might as well be the firing of Ausmus. Might help Avilas case too. If nothing happens and they miss the playoffs then clean house.
  6. Only chance to save the season is to fire Ausmus, hope something sticks and boys get hot. Tigers look completely disinterested in everything baseball.
  7. Just how bad are the tigers? They might struggle to win 74. So fundamentally bad.
  8. No, because that's smart managing, to make him take in that situation. Bases loaded no outs easier to score multiple runs than 1 out and runners on first and second.
  9. Apologist. Everyone swing 3-0? Anarchy.
  10. I do have a problem with castellanos, because he is bad. But I have more of a problem with the guy who gave the bad player a green light. You always underestimate a mangers effect, Ausmus cost the tigers atleast one run just on those two decisions, regardless of what noodle arm castellanos did.
  11. Nick shouldn't have a green light on 3-0. Every way you frame it Ausmus made a mistake. No green light. No running on contact. He ordered both.
  12. Runner going on contact with no outs? That's a managers call. And a bad one.