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  1. Specifically to number 5, Tavai has been very good. Certainly doesn’t look out of place for his place in the draft. Hockenson also had a strong blocking game. Only had 1 catch and had two penalties but he did a lot that doesn’t get noticed as well.
  2. It wast the same situation. Not even close really.
  3. Meanwhile in Jacksonville, their coach is a bonafide idiot. Jags down 7 with 30 secs. Get a TD and then go for 2. Don’t get it. Jags lose.
  4. Omg. They didn’t run it. I can’t believe it.
  5. Slay looks lost out there. He is getting worked over.
  6. This DL has to step up. Dbacks do their thing, DL doing nothing.
  7. Rivera longest run in 5 years. That **** just can’t happen. Genius my ***.
  8. Inexcusable to allow him to run for a first. 3rd and 10. Brutal.
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