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  1. They will still be available next year.
  2. Clean water bad, dirty water good. Got it.
  3. Man do you ever twist yourself up into a pretzel with your words.
  4. I am down with Sally Yates.
  5. Let BQ get 3 drafts under his built and then go back and compare with the Falcons. Nas gets it at least. Some of the comparisons people want to make in here are insane.
  6. lol, comical. Your comparing the head coaches? You're playing checkers man, this is chess though. GM Quinn got her last here, Caldwell went to the playoffs with the team from the Little Giants. As for Gase and the dolphins, no thanks all around.
  7. Dude, we would all die. Haven't visited the thread in a while, but I see ballmich is taking trolling to a new level Everything Trump is doing is reprehensible. And as much as people say "don't let politics influence your relationships," I am having a very hard time respecting anyone who defends trump. The amount of hate pouring out of 1600 Pennsylvania is hard to stomach. Hard to believe people actually put a check mark next to Trumps name in November.
  8. Michigan does not have a tournament quality resume at this moment, and I will be shocked if they make the tourney. This team is hard to watch, defense is rotten, no one can dribble drive and no one has any real potential. Belien is struggling right now. Bad recruiting has left them to rely on Irvin and Walton, who aren't D1 quality players. Maybe it will get better, but it doesn't look good.
  9. The thing is, Van Noy didn't have much athleticism, when he was on the field has was too slow to compete. Does he get regular playing time in NE?
  10. Drummond is so unlikeable. A total slug baby.
  11. What is with these officials? Kings been in the bonus since 5 mins left, I don't think kings have one this quarter. Straight sideways.
  12. Baynes has been some sort of bad tonight.
  13. I'm with KCP now.
  14. Pistons have responded well after the start. Defensive intensity is there right now.
  15. And one Tobias.