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  1. Gets more swampy each day. Trumps presidency can’t end soon enough. Unmitigated disaster.
  2. Admittedly, I’ve watched very little NBA this season, but I do know the Hawks are awful. How do you give up 70 in 24 minutes?
  3. Shuts down the government for 5 weeks and caves to Pelosi for the CR. 3 weeks go by and he caves even harder. Nice job chief.
  4. Of no surprise is trumps latest tweets. America can’t rid itself of this shame quick enough. And the stench will linger.
  5. To follow up. I took the advice of many here to fix the water problems. I also put in drain tile and a new battery back up sump pump. Graded the driveway to the water all flows away from the house and finally, installed new down spouts, as suggested by @John_Brian_K. We didn’t attempt to void the sale of the house, as we fell in love with the home and all the space we have. We’ve done a bunch of repairs and upgrades, and honestly, it’s been kind of fun doing all the work. And today...the sellers of the house wrote a $15,000 check for our efforts. All in all, I’m ok with the settlement. Lawyer fees have been less than $900 at this point. Well worth it.
  6. Ummm, they offered multiple solutions. Just none were a wall. Why do you discount the solutions that were offered? i.e., money for patrol, drones, smart technology and strategic barries.
  7. DId he actually think that people would be moved by his rambling speech?
  8. Make no mistake. Trump got absolutely steamrolled by Pelosi. He embarrassed himself. This was expected though.
  9. Stone being interviewed by tucker...truly seems like parody.
  10. When does the OIG report send Obama to prison?
  11. What’s the emergency exactly? Besides the kids locked up in cages I mean.
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