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  1. With all the awfulness surrounding Michigan sports, it is finally paying off being a leafs fan. Some hope somewhere. I always wonder what it would have been like to grow up a Boston sports fan. Born in 85 and not being a wings fan the only championship I’ve seen is the 04 pistons. I love the 04 pistons.
  2. It’s too bad Riddick came back into the game. Stafford is obsessed with him and it didn’t work. Bad game from stafford. Really bad.
  3. You can throw 4 yard slant routes. Jesus.
  4. Lions will get a chance. Wow. About 1:10 to get into field goal range. No timeouts.
  5. These refs have thrown a flag on pretty much every play. Still now over. But what an absolute screw job by the refs. Always cheating the lions.
  6. Refs cheat the lions. There a shock.
  7. Touchdown. Imagine if they could ever start a game well.
  8. Lol stafford misses another wide open receiver. Just brutal play from the quarterback.
  9. We can’t get through a return without a penalty.
  10. Finally a deep attempt. And it’s a duck.
  11. And lions are immediately 3rd and long.