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  1. Wow, Hanson is just awful this year. Might want to get a kicker in the 6th or 7th round during the draft.
  2. Sellers, they shouldn't be but I'm guessing Dombrowski fails to recognize the team needs once again and completely ignores adding offense this offseason.
  3. Do trolls get punished here? I think we've found one. I doubt you even know anything about Robles.
  4. The White Sox gave up essentially nothing? Lmao. That's ridiculous and I won't bother commenting on it. Peavy is a guy that has a road ERA of 4.60 this year, 4.28 last year, 4.67 in 2006. The only year he's had that hasn't been helped out by Petco being enormous is 2007. Now he's going to a hitter's park. He also plays in the division that constantly churns out the worst offenses in the majors. He now also has to pitch against Jason Kubel and Travis Hafner instead of Dan Haren and Jason Marquis. Uh oh!
  5. Getz and Ramirez both aren't that good and Quentin has looked like pure **** since he's returned from injury. Also, Peavy is so overrated. Road ERA this year: 4.60, road ERA last year: 4.28, and this is in the NL west, where not only does he get to face pitchers, but he pitches against some offenses that are routinely the worst in the majors.
  6. It's absolutely no different, I said I was unhappy about a bat then, and I am now. I can't wait to see your response when Magglio is here next year. But you probably think they should let his option vest anyway.
  7. Do the White Sox now have far and away the worst farm in the majors? It sucked even before this deal and now it's even emptier.
  8. Jason Beck just said that the Tigers made no extra moves. So Guillen is our extra bat? Good ****ing god.
  9. Oh crap? The guy's injured and has been pitching in the biggest park in the majors, in the NL, and in the worst division in the NL. I welcome this if they gave up Poreda + others.
  10. Rofl, you make one comment about how the offense was in need of an upgrade (how is it not when you see all those 2-1 games and since Inge is a cripple now), and one guy wants to start calling everyone negative. I also said the Washburn trade was good. But they needed a bat. What will you say once Magglio's option vests?
  11. Unless something is announced late, color me disappointed. At least Washburn will help us lose more 2-1 games.
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