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  1. in a word, no. in two words completely ridiculous.
  2. It was 25 years ago today the Tigers clinched the AL East. Randy O'Neal got the win in his first big league start. He's a high school teacher in Florida these days, I spoke with him this morning about that night. Here's the link in case you're interested. Happy Aniversary Randy O’Neal - 25 Years Since The Tigers Clinched | Eye of the Tigers Be Well
  3. Red, Defense and intangibles crossed my mind as well. I tried to look deeper than the stats MLB listed, the ranks players had among the league, the impact on the team, but it's all so overwhelming. I agree it isn't a perfect method, but it was fun.
  4. I wish MLB had offered choices for pitchers as well, maybe they will soon.
  5. A reader forwarded me a link yesterday to a page on the Tigers website asking fans to vote for their all time Detroit Tigers starting 9, by season. You choose one players season at each offensive position as the best ever. I thought it was a cool idea and worthy of discussion amongst dedicated Tigers fans. You can view the list and vote here. You can do this with any MLB team if you'd like. I put together a piece on my choices and thoughts, if you're interested. Some were easy, most were very difficult. It was fun, hope it is for you too. Detroit Tigers All Time 9 | Eye of the Tigers
  6. Thought this story might be appropriate for this thread. Ernie took the time to speak with me years ago for a book I was writing, it was a wonderful experience that I'll always cherish. My Evening With Ernie | Eye of the Tigers
  7. Not only is Branyan a butcher at 3rd base, he's 6-40 over the last three weeks or so and has missed three straight games with a sore back. I'd have no problem with the Tigers going after Washburn, provided they find a bat as well.
  8. Precisely my point. The on air talent there are the worst type of journalists, they report items that are already out there in the news cycle, without giving credit to the people who actually broke the story, then beat their chest and proclaim that they broke the story. I gave up listening to that station months ago. Three times in one week I heard hosts there quote verbatim from different Detroit Tigers blogs without once citing the source of the material. They're too busy recording new promos and slapping together new sound effects to do any actual research.
  9. Pete Rose made some horrible decisions in regards to gambling and his subsequent refusal to come clean about it, however, he's a saint compared to some guys in the HOF. If morality is really an issue than the BBWAA has their hands full with plenty of players already inducted. Rose bet on baseball, shame on him, but get over it already. Gaylord Perry flat out cheated for most of his career, didn't stop him from getting in. Ty Cobb was a racist prick who by many accounts killed a guy. He jumped into the stands to beat the hell out of a handicapped heckler. He's still there in Cooperstown. Rose never threw a game, has never been accused of betting against his team - he may be a turd but he's a HOF turd.
  10. I think you said it best with that. The Tigers historically don't sign their top draft picks until the last week or so prior to the deadline. After Friday DD will have a little more time to devote to this one, but for now I don't think he's even thinking about Turner.
  11. 97.1 is simply re-reporting what's been out there for days now, it's their prime means of breaking news. ESPN, MLive and MLBTR have been siting "serious discussions" regarding Scott since Sunday.
  12. Funny, I would think a guy who got beat as much as Ed Farmer (30-43 career record) would be out of excuses by now. The last time this guy said anything insightful Reagan was still president.
  13. As far as Espinoza - I'm not sure 21 HR's in 168 games of the Venezuelan Summer League (x2), the Gulf Coast Rookie League and the NYPL (A ball) qualify as having notable power potential. He has a big swing, but his batting eye is far from being ready for a promotion. In 524 pro at-bats he's walked 32 times and struck out 138, that's 1 K every 3.8 AB's and 4.3 K's per BB. As far as progression, his strikeout percentage has increased each season since '06 and he's hit a total of 4 HR's in 69 games the last two seasons, although he does have 9 doubles and 3 triples at Oneonta this season. His .319/.414/.511/.925 split is encouraging for the NYPL where the top hitting team is Batavia at .258, so I suppose there are reasons for caution and excitement.
  14. Everyone can relax, it won't happen again.
  15. Glad to see Johnson still working on a comeback, I always thought he had enough to be a serviceable 4th or 5th starter.
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