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  1. What a dumb idea. Realistically, what they should do is keep Cabrera on the bench so that they could strategically use him in the right situations. Could you imagine that weapon at their disposal????
  2. Just make Porcello the starter and pull him when he gets tired in 5 innings, and then have Smyly be his own personal reliever and pitch the last 4.
  3. I like this the best. Leaving Jackson out of the lineup and only having 8 batters gives guys like cabrera, martinez, and peralta more at bats.
  4. The kid can strait hit. in 2008 he hit .300 for Toledo In 2010 he raked with a gaudy .400 average that year for the Hens. I see a big contract for this one....
  5. The important thing you are all overlooking is that he said its just a fluke so we dont need to panic. Why are you all panicking? Eventually he will get up to that .220 average we all know and love....
  6. Wow, I had actually forgotten about Perry being down there. hahaah When we send pitchers down and they do great and come back great is that saying more about the level of competition down there/less pressure, or do we need to call up the pitching coaches from AAA? Schlereth definitely shows some promise for some future atleast, but definitely needs to work on command at Toledo.
  7. Brett Impemba recently signed to play at Oakland I believe. Some of them picks may be nepotism, but at the same time the draft isnt just for the tigers alone. They also need to farm players for A, AA, AAA teams. While they might not ever make it out of A ball, its kind of neat to have a Kaline in the system for fans when they go out to watch some MiLB.
  8. Honestly, I kinda like the 2 week ones a bit more, especially for pitchers.
  9. I was sad to see Polanco go, I got lucky and was at the game where he became a US citezen before hand. It was pretty cool to be at, nothing fancy, but neat none the less.
  10. Wrong. We should just trade Jackson for a low end prospect or two. He is obviously damaged goods and shows no potential.
  11. Todays lineup sucks. I wouldnt be surprised if we didn't score or even got no hit....
  12. Its too bad that strikeouts arent line drives or Jackson would be an all-star!
  13. I am fine with having basically two black holes at the plate in Jackson and Inge as long as the other positions are solid. With our huge outfield expanse, having a great center fielder theoretically allows us to favor offense over defense a little more than average at the corners. Unfortunately Maggs is an average fielder and hasnt shown he can hit so far this year. I would easily take Boesch's numbers all year and his defense is better than horrible, and i think he has a lot of room to improve with his speed.
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