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  1. Are they supposed to let Tate walk? They'll have enough cap space to bring him back if they wanted too.
  2. He would need to identify himself and then it should be looked into if that condition was met. Although, the note seems really sketchy by bringing up the "Kavanaugh debacle" and how he has more evidence than Ford.
  3. I have a lot of family that went to MSU and I wish they had someone better representing them then the trio of Engler, Izzo and Dantonio. MSU is currently a garbage institution that has not paid for what it did. Dantonio is an awful person that the media fawns over for no reason.
  4. Patricia is going to be a really good coach. Its too bad they started so poorly against teams they should have beat like the Jets and 49ers, but oh well.
  5. Teams play different when they have huge leads. The Lions were never really in danger of losing this game.
  6. Kavanaugh has been a shameless and habitual liar throughout this entire process even aside from the sexual assault allegations. I don't get why Republicans don't dump him and just confirm someone else with the same views but less baggage. He's a terrible nominee by any reasonable standard and public approval of him is probably now worse than it was for Bork.
  7. I think the most worrisome thing the whole Presidency has been how Trump and R's swept the entire Puerto Rico disaster under the rug. Its likely their poor preparation and response time cost over a thousand lives and there has been no consequences. Its similar to how Snyder faced no real consequences for poisoning Flint or the Bush response to Katrina. Both parties have different strengths and weaknesses. Republicans are arguably better at overseeing the economy when things are going well because they are less likely to screw with it. On the other hand, I'd definitely prefer Democrats to be in charge in the case of some natural disaster or terrorist attack. There seems to be a general weakness in that regard for modern day Republicans that they need to address. A staunch ideology against government may lend itself poorly in emergencies when government is needed and there is nothing the private sector can do to help.
  8. I’m surprised no one has traded for Iglesias. At minimum, he’d be an upgrade on a team’s backup infielder.
  9. Wilbur Ross doesn't have long left. Plus, Secretary of Commerce is maybe the easiest position for Republicans to fill.
  10. Pruitt was corrupt but he was also incompetent so he couldn't do much at the EPA. Wheeler is smart and more in the mold of Mick Mulvaney. So, this is probably worse. He doesn't really need to outsource work to lobbyist like Pruitt had to do because Pruitt didn't know anything. Wheeler is the lobbyist with decades of experience.
  11. Cabrera's contract is probably going to end up being one of the worst ever. He'll still be on the books when hopefully the organization is ready to contend again. It's a shame to see his career going down this path.
  12. There should be a 9/11 style commission to learn more about the Hurricane that hit Puerto Rico. It seems, on the surface, like a government failure in being prepared and providing adequate resources. But, its hard to know for sure. Either way, a lot of people died and storm season is approaching again.
  13. The US really can't be involved in these type of negotiations through, at least, 2020. Its a huge liability. The european countries haven't done enough to step up in place of the US. Its also a pretty bad period for world leaders overall.
  14. South Korea's president is pretty good. I think getting Trump and Pompeo involved will just ruin things between the Koreas so hopefully they just stay out of it. The ZTE thing is extremely weird.
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