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  1. Michigan vs Penn State

    I'd feel a bit better if 2018 recruiting wasn't so lackluster. Outside of a few notable players (ex. Hurst, Winovich), the upperclassmen on this team aren't going to be drafted and play any type of role in the NFL. McCray looks like he belongs in 1970s football.
  2. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    The Cubs had a bad trade deadline.
  3. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    The Illitch family has used analytics extensively in all their other businesses. Maybe Chris a lot more than Mike. But they have a lot of data scientists- that was one reason I was always puzzled why they didn't use it for baseball. On the other hand, owners from the Red Sox made sure it was implemented. The Illitch's may be more hands off than other owners for things like that though. I doubt DD valued it much so they didn't push it. But, they have the resources and know how to implement analytics if people like Avila want too.
  4. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    A party that is supposedly about small government should be opposed to police unions that protect bad offenders and police brutality and the number of murders committed by the state in the US against its citizens. The high incarceration rate and the treatment of prisoners in the US should also be a major issue to be addressed in a political party that was actually about small government or "freedom". Democrats have also been pretty gutless not embracing Black Lives Matter or similar criminal justice reform movements until its politically convenient. Its similar to how long they took to embrace MLK and the civil rights movement until the political winds shifted in the 60's.
  5. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    They will be. I don't know when though.
  6. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Bush used bigotry towards the gay community to benefit his political career. The rehabilitation of his image b/c Trump may be worse is awful.
  7. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    I'll be curious if he gets fired right before they become a good team again or if this is a hire they'll stick with as they start hitting their stride.
  8. Game 1: Hornets @ Pistons

    The NBA is a tough product to sell if you don't have either a legit NBA championship contender or several young and rising stars on a team that could be a year or two away. Otherwise, your franchise has no hope for the current season and minimal chance at significant improvement in the coming years. There's only a handful of teams that are easy to market.
  9. Thanks, GOPcare

    The vast majority of people in ACA exchanges never saw the premium increases. Something like 75 to 80% of people were unaffected by it b/c they got subsidies to cover it. That would change now, though, if Republicans blow it up- they'd lower the standard of living intentionally for millions of Americans for no reason. Its a rounding error in the US budget. The only people in the entire US healthcare market that are not subsidized are those who make too much to get subsidies in the individual market. Everyone else- people who receive health insurance from employers, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. are all heavily subsidized. They really just need to increase the penalty for not getting insurance and increase the subsidies for people hurt by the premium increase in the ACA exchanges and it'd be fixed. It isn't difficult. Tackling the high costs of healthcare is another matter and very important as well but the act of improving ACA is not hard and you're not going to get a more center-right approach to actually getting universal health care. The ACA is basically it. Its not remotely a liberal or left wing approach to achieving universal health care. It didn't even have a public option. If Republicans don't want a government takeover of health care, then their best option is working within the ACA framework in some capacity. Otherwise, its not going to be pretty for insurance companies whenever Dems get back in power again. All it would take is a cheap public option that the for profit insurers could never compete with and that's going to be on the table going forward at this point given how much Republicans sabotaged the ACA.
  10. The Cabrera story seems overblown. He bought her and his kids a $1 million house and is going to pay full child support- they are just debating over how much b/c of the Florida law. It seems like he's worried about her pocketing the extra money beyond the kids basic needs and hence Cabrera's lawyer's argument that the extra money should go into a trust fund for his kids. Seems like a nothing issue.
  11. #17 Michigan vs Indiana - 10/14/17

    They'll end up 8-4. Maybe they'll get lucky against Wisconsin. The improvement on the ground game was encouraging.
  12. 2017 Michigan Football

    Yeah, I meant with Black out then it is worse than 2008's outside receiver core. I still stand by that. I also think Speight/O'Korn are better than Sheridan and Threet so they had worse QB's throwing to them as well. DPJ is going to be amazing, but he's still a year away. Martin and Collins are redshirting and Black is out. Crawford and McDoom are terrible and other than that, they have no one else.
  13. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    The Lions have much better odds of winning the division now than they did yesterday. If anything, I think they may be the favorite.
  14. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    The Astros might be the smartest organization in baseball. I'd like to see them win it all.
  15. Political Pot-pourri

    Republicans are considered extreme b/c of their policy positions relative to the rest of the developed world. Other major right wing parties around the developed world are closer to the Democrats on health care, guns, social safety net, general taxation, climate change, etc. than Republicans. Democrats are fairly centrist, although they've started to lean more center left with Bernie's influence. If you look at the top 2 major political parties in each of the developed countries, the Republicans are the farthest right wing and no one is particularly close. And that's fine if that is your policy views, but that is why they are considered extreme. The Democrats were a center right political party under Bill Clinton and have definitely moved left since then but they still have a ways to go. One of my wishes for our K-12 education, is for every kid to be educated about the political policies of other countries and the standard of living in other countries relative to the US just so there is a frame of reference. It seems like a small % of people have any understanding of what its like in, say, Denmark.