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  1. Padres got Ha-seong Kim too. Only 4 years and $25 million.
  2. Next year's FA class isn't that great for long-term deals. You have Lindor and Seager and the Tigers probably aren't getting either of them. Other than that, it is a lot of guys 30 and over and the Tigers shouldn't be signing players like that long-term anyway. I do think we'll sign Verlander coming off injury at a discounted rate. That seems like an Illitch family move.
  3. I guess we'll see what he signs for. If its around $10 million to $12 million a year then that should be doable. The Tigers will have one of the lowest payrolls in MLB otherwise. This would be an off season to take advantage of having one of the richest families in MLB as your teams owners.
  4. That sounds like they won't go after Ha-seong Kim. That would be disappointing if they don't even go after a 25 year old who would be a consensus top 100 prospect at a premium position and a likely day 1 starter.
  5. Have the Tigers been linked to Ha-seong Kim at all? That's a FA move that would make sense for them even if they plan on being bad again. I think it would be a worthwhile gamble.
  6. I'm assuming they'll go cheap due to Covid and roll out basically the same team as this year and prioritize playing their top prospects.
  7. Yeah, he potentially has all 5 tools and will stay at SS. House is more of a 3B and probably won't be able to run well but has great power. Long way to go until the draft. 4 top 5 picks in a row for the Tigers and 5 top 10 picks in 6 years should hopefully form the nucleus of their next contender.
  8. Leto struggled in the summer. House is probably the top HS prospect right now.
  9. I don't really like Gorsuch, but I think he's a best case scenario at this point for a Republican pick. He seems like a libertarian in many respects. He's also really smart and is definitely qualified for the role. He and Kagan are arguably the two smartest justices. Kavanaugh just seems like a nobody who never would have got anywhere in life without rich and powerful parents. It is a shame he's on the court when Republicans had so many alternatives they could go with. I think he's the least impressive of the 9 justices.
  10. I'm assuming the one officer will eventually get arrested. You can't shoot someone dead in the back when they are running away and he doesn't have a deadly weapon. The full length video on YouTube is sad. That situation escalated really quickly. I don't see why he was even being placed in handcuffs to begin with.
  11. That might be the only thing Boris has done, that I agree with. The US should make it easier for Hong Kong residents to come to the US, too.
  12. The WHO has been awful during this. Your best bet has been to listen to what epidemiologists and scientists in Asian countries are doing and follow that advice. I think the exception will be with the vaccine- I expect that will be developed by an American research lab. We'd be in a much better place if social distancing and mask wearing was adopted by late January like we saw in South Korea and Japan.
  13. This has been a crazy time. I'm in a weird place where I'm bullish on a vaccine being developed within the next 18 months or so and bearish on what the coming fall or winter could bring. Seeing these protests at the Michigan capital and reading polls about how one views the effectiveness of masks depends, in part, on political affiliation is very concerning. This would have been totally different under Clinton. A normal Republican like Romney also would have been amazing at managing this crisis- despite my other policy differences with him, I have no doubt he would have been exceptional in a crisis and coordinating a response and resources not just within the US but coordinating an international response by mid to late January when our intel agencies were sounding the alarm. Instead, we have Trump. This has been one of the worst failures of leadership in the history of the United States. No one deserves re-election when they ignore a crisis for over two months and then it leads to the worst pandemic and economic crisis in a century.
  14. Unsure of the exact batting order, but that is close to what they'll do from a position standpoint. Candelario, though, is starting at 3B over Lugo.
  15. There's way too many minor league teams and players and the draft also has far too many rounds. I think contraction is inevitable. The vast majority of minor league players are paid squat too. The whole thing is unsustainable.
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