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  1. Unsure of the exact batting order, but that is close to what they'll do from a position standpoint. Candelario, though, is starting at 3B over Lugo.
  2. There's way too many minor league teams and players and the draft also has far too many rounds. I think contraction is inevitable. The vast majority of minor league players are paid squat too. The whole thing is unsustainable.
  3. I think they had 7 or 8 players decline the invite, including Rendon. Scherzer is a moderate Democrat and has fundraised for Virginia Democrats so I'm surprised he went. I guess there could be a certain allure of a once in a lifetime trip to the White House and to speak in front of your home fans again even if you dislike the President.
  4. He's 33 and was already the assistant GM of arguably the best organization in MLB. He, along with Chaim Bloom from the Rays, were among the rising front office stars in the game.
  5. Taubman was a future GM in MLB. I wonder if that is it for him.
  6. If Johnson's fumble was recovered by Green Bay before it went out of bounds, I have a hard time believing they would have overturned that and called it an incomplete pass on review.
  7. "We’re even talking about doing something in Detroit where we can take batting practice and actually get data from it and show these guys what their hands are going, what their hips are doing, the whole package.” Houston has been doing that for a few years. The Tigers are still so far behind.
  8. Patricia is going to be a really good coach and I think the Lions are in good hands with he and Quinn. Not sure if they'll break through in a big way this year or next year. I'd lean more towards next year at the moment. I guess I'll still go with 10-5-1 this year. That was an evenly played game that could have gone either way and the Chiefs got the fluke 100 yard fumble return TD that makes a difference in a game like that.
  9. Just based on DVOA at football outsiders and home/road effects, I think the Lions would be projected to go around 10-5-1 at this point. The next two games look like losses on paper.
  10. West Michigan's coaching staff should all be fired. Lance Parrish is one of the poster boys of who benefits from the old boys network. He's been a godawful coach at every stop and has no demonstrated skill in player development. The Tigers need a total overhaul of player development throughout the minors for their position players.
  11. I assume Paredes will end up at 1B? That would make his prospect rankings make more sense. A legit 3B who hits like he has as a 20 year old in AA would normally be a top 50 prospect.
  12. I'd guess they'd take Austin Martin over Torkelson assuming the former shows a little more power this season.
  13. I'm assuming the entire staff at West Michigan will be fired in the off season and they'll try to revamp their player development system at the lower levels. Basically every decent to good prospect has struggled at West Michigan this season except Bryant Packard. It was a disaster season.
  14. The Royals would be a test case for that preference. They only have 3 winning seasons since 1994, but had a 2 year run where they won the Pennant twice and the WS once. I suspect being able to have an elite bullpen like the Royals did does give a team an advantage in a short series relative to performance over 162 games. But that is volatile and it is hard to build a team like that. From that Royals championship bullpen 4 years ago, Hochevar and Madson aren't in MLB anymore and Davis and Herrera are terrible and below replacement level this season. But, in that WS, they combined to have a 0.00 ERA over 17 innings.
  15. I'm assuming Biden will win the Presidency and Republicans will keep the Senate and Biden's 1 term Presidency will accomplish a whole lot of nothing. It feels like another cycle or two before the young, diverse and highly educated base of the Democratic Party starts exerting more influence over the party at the national level.
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