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  1. I could see the Tigers taking House. They went with Greene over CJ Abrams in 2019 and I think taking House over Lawlar or Mayer would be somewhat similar. Take the better hitter and trust that their defense will still be above average even if they have to slide down the defensive scale (CF to RF for Greene and SS to 3B for House).
  2. The 2019 class wasn't really well thought of, I don't think. The 1st round could have been Greene or Abrams and it would have been fine with either as both are top 50 prospects. But, the rest of the Tigers draft class was pretty weak and most players were picked before they were expected to be. Outside of Greene, there wasn't any high upside guys taken, and only Packard and Hess were good value picks. The 2020 class was really good, but that is also expected when you have the #1 pick and more money than anyone else. A main issue is the MLB today, in terms of analytics and technology and the way the best orgs are run, are all about player development. We made strides in that direction with Hinch and Fetter and we finally hired people in the minors to oversee pitching and hitting development at the end of 2019. It was years behind what other orgs were doing, but at least we made an attempt to catch up. But, the person overseeing player development is Dave Littlefield and he has no qualifications for that role and is basically just part of the old boys network of failed GM's and scouts. I think our minor league staffs are better this year and they finally got rid of others in the old boys network like Lance Parrish and got him and his staff away from managing some of our better prospects, but there is still too much of that in the Tigers front office.
  3. But the way it is set up, the best prospects are really under contract at the MLB level for 7 years rather than 6 and it prevents players from getting to free agency and their big payday sooner. It is the main thing the players are after to change: https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/dodgers-vs-padres-controversial-call-tempers-flare-dueling-pitchers-and-unreal-mookie-betts-ending/
  4. It was irrelevant to the outcome of the game, but that was one of the worst home plate ump performances of the MLB season on calling balls and strikes, particularly in 2 strike counts. We are going to lose a lot of games, but Mize's performances take on added importance for the season as he is one of the few players on the team that will hopefully offer some hope for the future. His struggles to put away hitters with 2 strikes are the most concerning thing I see long term.
  5. I think one of the main things players want is an end to service time manipulation. They'll have to give up something or several things to get that. I'd think a pitch clock could be one of those things. It seems inevitable. They use it in college and it speeds the game up.
  6. I think this was their actual plan from August of 2017 onward. At the current pace, the Tigers will need their six top 10 draft picks (counting the 2022 draft too) to become All Stars and then they'll fill in the rest of the roster with league average players and you've got a 95+ win team and WS contender. But, that is a tough thing to bank on.
  7. It seems like Fetter's plan with Mize is to turn him into an extreme ground ball pitcher. He has the repertoire to do it, but that was never part of his game in the minors. On top of that, he just needs to cut down on the walks still and in line with what he has always done in the minors and in college and he'll be really good.
  8. Skubal's spin rates are way down. Velocity is also down 1 MPH. Outside of an injury, he couldn't have had a worse start to the season. His stuff is noticeably worse.
  9. Why was Cabrera sent? Only a borderline error by the RF doesn't get him out there.
  10. Baddoo should start every game against RHP given who the other options are (Jones, Reyes, Mazara). I suspect he will start striking out a lot in due time and come back to Earth, but even if he is replacement level it is still worth the gamble because the other replacements don't have long-term futures with the club anyway and provide minimal upside for this season too. He's a legit prospect that would be top 10 to top 15 in basically any system, and could become an average starter one day. That would be quite the pickup if it happens.
  11. Mize was hurt by the ump/poor pitch framing too. He didn't get a single pitch called a strike outside the zone and had at least one clear strike that would have ended in a strikeout called a ball. Happ has consistently got pitches outside the zone called strikes today. https://twitter.com/dohyoungpark/status/1379507321139699712/photo/1
  12. The new capped bonus system mostly evens out what teams can give to players, so going forward I wouldn't expect much difference there among team outlays. In terms of resources allocated with facilities and staff and tech, etc. that is all mostly kept private so I'm not sure how a study could be done adequately on that without inside knowledge on club finances. It has been reported that the Rays and Yankees both devote lots of resources to the international market and they have done well there, but I'm sure there are others that devote a lot of resources and come up empty. The Astros were famously extremely analytical under their old leadership and mostly stayed away from allocating resources to the IL market, so I think that could be the best counter argument to what I wrote. They probably did that study already themselves. I think an interesting thing to study would be the strategy behind how to allocate a team's bonus money. Should a team spend $3 million+ on one player and use up over half their bonus money or is it better to give a number of players a couple hundred thousand dollars and use more of a lottery system? Also, is there a cutoff where giving player $3 million+ isn't warranted? Wander Franco was the clear cut #1 guy in his cohort in the DR, for example, but then there were other players getting close to his bonus money that weren't anywhere near as highly regarded.
  13. I think it would take a a decent amount of injury bad luck for the Tigers to get the #1 pick. They really don't have the worst roster or lineup anymore as a baseline and there is also a good amount of potential on the team to exceed projected preseason win totals due to uncertainty around how Skubal and Mize will perform.
  14. Hinch is a good manager. I like how he isn't using pre-defined roles for the bullpen.
  15. Rocker's fastball velocity has dipped to low 90's his last few starts. That could end up impacting his draft stock if he doesn't regain his velocity.
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