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  1. West Michigan's coaching staff should all be fired. Lance Parrish is one of the poster boys of who benefits from the old boys network. He's been a godawful coach at every stop and has no demonstrated skill in player development. The Tigers need a total overhaul of player development throughout the minors for their position players.
  2. I assume Paredes will end up at 1B? That would make his prospect rankings make more sense. A legit 3B who hits like he has as a 20 year old in AA would normally be a top 50 prospect.
  3. I'd guess they'd take Austin Martin over Torkelson assuming the former shows a little more power this season.
  4. I'm assuming the entire staff at West Michigan will be fired in the off season and they'll try to revamp their player development system at the lower levels. Basically every decent to good prospect has struggled at West Michigan this season except Bryant Packard. It was a disaster season.
  5. The Royals would be a test case for that preference. They only have 3 winning seasons since 1994, but had a 2 year run where they won the Pennant twice and the WS once. I suspect being able to have an elite bullpen like the Royals did does give a team an advantage in a short series relative to performance over 162 games. But that is volatile and it is hard to build a team like that. From that Royals championship bullpen 4 years ago, Hochevar and Madson aren't in MLB anymore and Davis and Herrera are terrible and below replacement level this season. But, in that WS, they combined to have a 0.00 ERA over 17 innings.
  6. I'm assuming Biden will win the Presidency and Republicans will keep the Senate and Biden's 1 term Presidency will accomplish a whole lot of nothing. It feels like another cycle or two before the young, diverse and highly educated base of the Democratic Party starts exerting more influence over the party at the national level.
  7. I think the offense will be elite- especially the passing offense. Reports out of camp seem bearish on the defense. Or, at least, in terms of slowing down offenses like OSU. I'm sure they'll do well against most teams on the schedule.
  8. I haven’t been impressed with Rogers’ defense at catcher. He’s going to be elite at throwing attempted base stealers out, but that’s only one small part. His pitch framing needs work and he’s struggled with blocking balls in the dirt. He already has several passed balls. He still needs a lot of refinement defensively and that wasn’t how he was billed.
  9. I think WAR does a pretty good job. Imo, it doesn't value relievers properly, maybe overrates light hitting catchers and underrates bat only elite hitters like Nelson Cruz and JD Martinez. But, its not bad for a quick 1 stop shop for valuing players. Outside of relievers, it does a pretty good job of projecting salaries MLB teams will hand out to free agents.
  10. I'm guessing the Tigers will broom everyone on staff in West Michigan and revamp player development throughout the low minors this offseason with a number of new hires; particularly on the development of position players. Guys like Quintana, Liniak, Meadows, Perez, etc. have been disappointing so far, but still have a lot of tools to work with and build up.
  11. The only relevant questions would be their strategies for using the powers of the executive branch and how they will oversee each agency, but those are rarely asked. There is a 0% chance any of the Dems preferred policies would get enacted anyway with a Republican Senate. Even if Democrats controlled all 3 branches, Senators like Manchin and Sinema would substantially moderate any proposed legislation.
  12. A Trump but competent version of him is probably the future of the GOP. Someone like Cotton and Hawley. They'll still generally be pro market, but if a company or industry has too many liberal employees then they'll go after them hard. Hawley and others attacks on tech are an early preview.
  13. The Tigers probably want 2 top 100 prospects with one being a top 25 to top 50 type. Boyd and Greene would have to be packaged together to make that happen. Then, they add another top 50 guy with next year's #1 or #2 pick.
  14. He's probably going to be a replacement level player the last 7 years of his career. It is crazy how quickly his body broke down once he turned 34. He's irrelevant at this point, though. If the Tigers somehow got loaded with good players before his contact is up and there were 9 batters better than him, they can bench him or cut him and eat the cost.
  15. I think Harris will end up as the nominee for Dems.
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