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  1. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Yeah, I wouldn't vote for her in the Democratic primary. But, I just think if she did run then she would win. She could also put in hundreds of millions of dollars of her own money if she wanted too.
  2. Political Pot-pourri

    Gupta's really smart. It'd be nice if more people in Congress had his tech background.
  3. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Trump can't form coherent complete sentences. He's never allowed on camera for unscripted interviews. He only reads prepared words written by someone else in public. His twitter is written at the level of an 11 year old. Its like hiding the extent of FDR's illness only this time its Trump's mental capacity. Watching interviews of him in the 1980s compared to now is like night and day.
  4. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    No idea if she'd be a good President, but Oprah would probably win. She'd win the suburban white women that have been trending Democrat and turn out Obama's coalition in full force on top of that.
  5. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    World leaders and allies don’t even react to Trump anymore. I suspect Pence and Mattis run the country on a day to day basis and Trump isn’t allowed to do anything and this is all understood. He’s arguably the weakest President in history. Can you imagine if Obama would have tweeted that? The world would have been in an uproar and it’d be chaos. But Trump can do it b/c no one takes him seriously and he likely has Alzheimer’s or some other serious mental impairment. My 5 year old nephew can form more coherent sentences than Trump does in interviews.
  6. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    I don't think the Lions had the personnel to be a good running team or even average. I do think they have the personnel to have a top 5 passing offense in the league.
  7. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    The Fords don't do anything anymore. Quinn has complete autonomy. Its not like they are cheap with money- he'll have all the resources he needs. So, if you don't think the Lions can win, its mostly an assessment on Quinn.
  8. Packers @ Lions 1pm

    I think Stafford and the passing offense have the potential to be among the league's best next year. They haven't been in the top 10 in the opponent-adjusted efficiency stats in passing since 2012 and I think that is where they most underperformed under Caldwell. Everything else seemed as you'd expect.
  9. Lions @ Bengals

    They have about $60 million in cap space and that's with nearly all their starters returning. So, they can definitely afford Bell. I'm not sure if that is the best use of money though- it depends how much he's going to command. I suspect they are going to load up on defensive players and, in particular, remake their entire D line. But, it may be spread around a number of starters rather than splurging on one big name guy. I assume Quinn is going to hire one of New England's coordinators. Maybe Patricia?
  10. Lions @ Bengals

    It was only 15th in efficiency ratings though. PPG has a lot of variables outside of just offensive play (field position, special teams play, pace of play, defensive or special teams touchdowns, etc.) I do agree the D line has to be overhauled. I imagine that will be the main offseason focus along with trying to find a running game.
  11. Lions @ Bengals

    I like the receivers a lot, Riddick is a great catching threat out of the backfield and Ebron is terrible at blocking but is coming on as a receiving tight end and could probably end up being top 10 in the league in that regard. Stafford is a top 10 QB. It seems like the offense should be a lot more explosive or at least has the potential to be.
  12. Lions @ Bengals

    I've always liked Caldwell in his interviews and what not. He did decent here, so its kind of sad to see him go. But this was the end of the line for him. Why didn't he challenge the Tate catch? Quinn has about $60 million in cap space and he'll remake the coaching staff so this is his chance to put his final stamp on the organization and sink or swim. They should be a top 10 NFL team next year with what they have returning and all the additions they could bring in because of the cap space. Plus, ideally, the coaching would be improved.
  13. Political Pot-pourri

    There are some exchanges where you could do that but it would take awhile for a retail investor to unload it. Buying into a crypto index for like 1 % of your net worth isn't a bad long-term play for an average investor rather than trying to pick out individual coins. There's still no real laws or regulations to protect the consumer and the miners have a right-libertarian streak and that may cause some issues at some point. Its an interesting community- sort of every person for herself or himself. Most people in artificial intelligence are left-libertarian and a lot more egalitarian- its interesting to see the differences just among the communities.
  14. Political Pot-pourri

    McConnell is light years better at politics than Paul Ryan. If they actually did what Paul Ryan wanted and went after cutting Medicare in an election year, there's no chance they'd retain complete control of Congress.
  15. Political Pot-pourri

    I don't expect Trump to fire Mueller unless Mueller starts to really look into Trump's finances dating back decades. He probably has plausible deniability regarding the Russia investigation and will skate and let a few members of his team take the fallout. But, Trump has definitely committed lots of white collar crime that he could be prosecuted for just like a number of Wall Street types. There was money laundering and fraud just within his charities and fake university.