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  1. Subway - 14 McDonald's - 12 Starbucks - 8 Pizza Hut - 2 Burger King - 10 Dunkin' Donuts - 10 Wendy's - 16 Taco Bell - 16 Kentucky Fried Chicken - 2 Domino's Pizza - 10
  2. I'll be at the Mud Hens game once again tonight!
  3. I was at the Mud Hens game last night. Furbush was on fire. He made a mistake and got crushed by Milledge, but he was dealing. Also, the Charlotte pitchers are idiots. They kept on feeding Thorman fastballs and he kept crushing them. A double and two home runs to the same part of the fence in his first three at bats... We were talking about it at the game; you'd think they would start throwing something different at him.
  4. There is a casino very close on the waterfront. Yes, it's less than two years old. PNC Park is a great ballpark, one of the best in the league. It's too bad the franchise has done little to improve the on-field talent in the last 18 years.
  5. Those were the daughters of the adult man who was supposedly scarred for life because of what McDowell said and did.
  6. A friend of mine said a very similar thing on Twitter. Another friend and I ripped her a new one, so much so that she removed me from following her and has put me on the blocked list, so I can't see her Tweets. What a phony.
  7. What a shock, Gloria Allred is trying to create controversy and make a quick buck. My favorite part is when she had her staff write statements for the daughters to read.
  8. Agree. Also, people who do not treat sidewalks (especially in busy walking cities like NYC and DC) like two way streets. Is it so hard to walk straight with the people walking opposite of you on your left side?? It keeps such great order and clears almost all congestion, even during peak foot travel times.
  9. The QBs have been getting crushed and the running game is non-existent. I think there is talent on the offense, but the o-line can't stop the blitz and can't run-block. I like Sims, but the rest of the line is mediocre at best.
  10. No kidding, they've been ignoring the offensive line for way too long. It's been the greatest need for a long time and they just continue to ignore it.
  11. Lots of teams expressed concern over the health of Bowers' legs.
  12. Great pick! Fairley is a beast!
  13. Ponder?!?!?!?!?! WOW, he's not very good.
  14. Best Player Available That was Matt Millen's reasoning for picking Mike Williams a few years ago.
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