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  1. The front end of the schedule is brutal.get levy back and goop on a winning streak.
  2. I wonder if the Colts and Seahawks want to get a new qb, becouse they are 0-2?
  3. Other then green bay, everyone in the nfc playoffs lost 2 games in a row. Indy started 0-2nd, Baltimore lost 2 in a row, cincy lost, tied then lost again. Carolina lost 2 games, won a game tied a game then lost 6 straight. A 7-8-1 playoff team is not the norm tho.
  4. I think the @gb game sets up well for us this year. I know the lions haven't won there in 500 years, but they are due and it's after the bye week.
  5. I thought there was no crying in baseball?
  6. i like the fact when he does throw the challenge flag, its after the play is done.
  7. back to back to back HRs will win the game, and free curly fries
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