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  1. Well, sure. In an ideal world, he'd be in the rotation instead of Zimmermann given the player development goals this year. I'm not exactly sure why they've consistently been giving Boyd a spot either, given that he and Norris have similar resumes. That's why the Liriano acquisition was so odd to me -- that pretty much stated that they didn't want both Boyd and Norris in the rotation, at least at the start of the year.
  2. Are we advocating for a nickname of Tire or Dumpster for today's starter?
  3. This is a Bosio thing. I've read that he wants his pitchers to find an attack tempo that they're comfortable with. Sending Saupold down is interesting. I guess they've decided that Norris deserves to stick with the big club, which he does. Since it probably doesn't really matter to the Tigers' short or long-term plans if Norris is a starter, that should be fine.
  4. Woof. Why do we even need cockamamie reasons like this? He said he had a plan to get Jones and Reyes sufficient at-bats to warrant carrying them on the roster. You can't just say, "None of our players are everyday outfielders, and Jones needs a start"? You have to roll out a useless justification.
  5. I'll bet those delicate flowers from Tampa strong-armed them into this. They may not get that game in either way -- Chicago's going to have some snow/rain in the area on Monday.
  6. The Sox have nothing but Delmons in LF. They've replaced the goat from Thursday with Nicky Delmonico for today's game.
  7. Well, I'll be. Someone's listening to Motor City Sonics in the ChiSox front office.
  8. Tigers lineup today: CF Martin 3B Candelario 1B Cabrera RF Castellanos DH Martinez C McCann LF Jones SS Iglesias 2B Machado P Fulmer
  9. Yeah, it's been historically cold in the upper Midwest this past week. We just tied the all-time lowest high temperature for April 6th at 26° here in Minneapolis yesterday, so be thankful we're not here playing the Twins this weekend.
  10. Meanwhile, Sandy Baez struck out 10 batters in 4.2 IP tonight for Erie.
  11. He retired the last 13 batters he faced. In fact, nobody reached at all after that sequence that I posted before. Nice bounceback after the rocky start.
  12. I stand corrected. You can listen to the Lakeland game here: http://www.milb.com/common/tunein_popup.jsp?ti_id=s198323&city=Lakeland&team=&abbrev=LAK Ugly start for Faedo: Pop out HR HR HBP He might be a little nervous...
  13. Faedo makes his Lakeland debut tonight. Don't worry... there's no way to listen to it since we're still the only FSL team too cheap to broadcast our home games. Can we get someone to sit in the stands and stream the game on Twitch?
  14. See? Now that's the perfect nickname for someone who hires Boras as their agent.
  15. The media and fans have really got to do a better job of generating interesting nicknames and making them stick. This whole defaulting to <part-of-last-name> + y is really tiresome.
  16. Maybe he won't feel the need to play through an injury this time, since there's no chance of the team going anywhere.
  17. Hip flexor tightness? That's better than a foot or ankle from his wipeout in the 1st.
  18. James McCann, ladies and gentlemen. At least we made Shields throw some pitches...
  19. Pitching coach for the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, managed by Randy Ready who has one of my favorite 80s baseball player names. Wait... was this rhetorical? Relatively on-topic, here's the ChiSox lineup today: 2B Moncada RF A. García 1B Abreu DH Davidson 3B Sánchez LF L. García SS Anderson C Narváez CF Engel SP Shields Avisail hitting in the 2-spot. We'll have to see what the conversation's like over at 1st, if he gets on today.
  20. On the bright side, minor league baseball kicks off tonight. Only 1 of the 3 Tiger affiliate games is likely to be snowed out. (Hint: It's not the one in Lakeland.) I don't know what the Midwest League is thinking. The southern cities like South Bend should have the home games this early in the season.
  21. The difference appears to be that it's wet this year.
  22. On the bright side, MLB appears to have fixed their audio archive issue, so now I can listen to Sunday's 1-0 loss, too!
  23. Tigers lose 1-0, but hey, they got it in. I bet the fans who trekked out to the stadium today are really thankful that they got to watch a full 9 innings.
  24. It sounds like everyone just wants to get off the field. It'd be nice if the Tigers found a way to score some runs first.
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