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  1. Oof. The radio broadcast does not sound awesome. I'm assuming the quiet, tinny sound quality is not just me? Hey, there we go. Just took a couple minutes for them to sort out.
  2. Rod's also still looking for work, so start bringing signs to games and organizing rallies.
  3. For those into the farm teams this year, it's also opening day in the minors with a couple of notable starters going. Funkhouser for Toledo Mize for Lakeland Erie opens on Friday with Matt Manning on the hill.
  4. That was unexpected. Goodrum with the pinch-walk, Peterson with a double. Way to get to Chapman!
  5. That was a nice bounceback outing for Jimenez. Good to see the slider get some use there -- 6 of his 11 pitches. He'd only thrown 4 of them in his previous 2 appearances.
  6. That is reportedly his actual philosophy. He wants his offense to lead the league in doubles. And there's another one...
  7. Per the pregame show, Goodrum had some tightness in one of his calves so they didn't want to run him out there in the cold.
  8. We'll go with no. Tomorrow is a pitcher making his MLB debut, so that oughta be good for another bagel.
  9. When the **** did we sign Roger Clemens? It must have been a package deal for drafting his kid.
  10. The word yellowhammer was broken out a fair few times in those last two at-bats.
  11. Well, I mean... we did get there first. Despite the extra inning.
  12. For now, we'll share it with the Twins (and whoever wins the delayed KC/CWS game), who just wrapped up their own 2-0 victory over Kluber.
  13. Jimenez brings the cheese in the 8th -- 14 pitches, 13 of them fastballs.
  14. They apparently need to do it right now; it's sounding like Jimenez is coming in for the 8th.
  15. Byron Buxton breaks up Kluber's no-no bid with a double in the 6th. The 6th inning seems too early for those flags... maybe the 7th?
  16. Kluber walks a batter in the 5th, so he gets a different flag.
  17. So much for that suspense. If you had Leonys Martin, you are the winner.
  18. Also a dual no-hitter through 3 here in Minneapolis for the Indians/Twins game. Which AL Central player will get the first hit of the season?
  19. Point me at it... I'm ready to show off our 8-9 cases (just Scandinavian variety, though). We've read ~40% -- slowly working on that. And hey, scoreless first!
  20. Curious as to why there was a delay. Did they just way underestimate how long all of this would take or ??
  21. I have noticed that they've stopped archiving the pregame show most of the time, which is annoying. Sometimes those conversations and interviews are good.
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