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  1. Of course he does, he autographed it yesterday.
  2. Hey, Mercer was actually starting to swing a pretty good stick. He's 2nd (behind C-Stew) in Barrels per PA on the team.
  3. It wouldn't have been possible, but they had the extra day off. The top nerds took the opportunity to run an additional 20 million simulations, and they finally found a lineup without Harrison in the leadoff spot that works just as well as the one producing 3.05 runs per game, if not .01 runs per game better.
  4. Nope, it'll be Petry again over the weekend. Apparently Dirks is pretty busy with a bunch of young kids at home at the moment...
  5. Dare I say that Andy Dirks has the growth mindset that this kind of team needs in a broadcast booth.
  6. Back in first place and on pace for 445 runs scored for the season. Neither of those things is likely to hold.
  7. At least we're winning 7-0 in LOB. Talk about repeatedly failing to get the big hit.
  8. For reference, Mahtook was 4-31 last year when he got the express train to Toledo. I'm pretty sure his secret is that his replacement is 3-15 in four games in Lakeland so far.
  9. Goodrum's in left, so no. Dan & Jim thought he might have coasted back to the wall a bit too much -- think he was fooled by the strong wind blowing out to left today.
  10. Dan & Jim had the same take. Too bad that the Tigers (& the ump) let Kluber off the hook there. He struggled through a 56-pitch 1st inning last time out -- we needed to cash in while he was looking vulnerable.
  11. Castellanos with the GI?P puts men on 2nd & 3rd with nobody out. Dan really struggled to cohesively describe whatever fielding abomination happened on that play.
  12. Hopefully Beckham handles first better than Carlos Guillen. I'm looking forward to a bunch of awkward near collisions at first.
  13. Hey, he totally got two hits yesterday. He must be ready now.
  14. It seems as though you're not getting your wish. At least, the reports seem to be that Norris is jumping into the rotation to fill the void. 3 swinging strikes (+ a foul tip to the glove) in 50 pitches today... that's pretty good, right? For comparison, Moore had 5 in 33 pitches today.
  15. What's Jeremy Bonderman up to? Could bring him on the air to talk about hunting and fishing for a couple hours every broadcast.
  16. I went back to my recording this morning to listen to that interview and he wasn't quite as direct as what I remembered, but I think it still resonates with your observations. Riger: What is the Matt Sheppard broadcast style? Have you thought much about that at all? Shep: Not really. I think I am who I am. I mean, you're in your position for a reason. I think I'm in my position for a reason. Why am I gonna change, right? Doesn't mean everybody's gonna like us, but that's just the way it is. My belief is that in television you let the game breathe. My belief is it's about the analyst more than it is the play-by-play guy. I'm not writing down what I'm going to say or special calls or -isms. I call baseball the way I see it, and I call it with some friends who I greatly respect and I want to tap into their knowledge. I think it's about as simple as that, but I think the most important thing is letting the game breathe. Letting there be an atmosphere. Letting our director and producer do what they're supposed to do. I shouldn't be stomping on special moments.
  17. I'm out-of-market and don't get MLB.tv, so I don't have any actual exposure to Shep and crew, but I can tell you that he was Jeff Riger's pre-game interview on the radio broadcast today. What you say here is exactly what Shep said. He feels that his analysts have more important things to say than him, so he's leaning on them, and leaving plenty of room for them to add their insight.
  18. Looks like the Tigers' social media team is already three beers into the afterparty...
  19. That plus some walks drove Funkhouser's pitch count up to 77, so it looks like he'll be done after 3 with 4 hits, 3 BB, 4 Ks.
  20. And there's more where that came from. Funkhouser strands 2 (single, E6) and strikes out 3 in the 1st to start the Mud Hens' season.
  21. But the bat speed... it's just off the charts fast. For every Tiger. Every time.
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