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  1. But which one? My money's on this guy. The other one never even had a homer in his career.
  2. There's nothing like some hardcore Train to rev up some big, strong men.
  3. My AAT is doing his job providing depth at 1B & C for the DSL team. He started the season in a platoon at 1B, but then started a bunch of games behind the plate when the top two catchers on the team were on the DL over the last couple weeks. In the process he's been on a 10/29 tear (with 6 BBs and only 1 K) over his last 10 games, raising his average to .253 which believe it or not is good for 2nd on the team. If he stays healthy and doesn't go into a huge nosedive, he's on pace to set some career highs which is more than I hoped for when I took him on this year. In other news, my AAT from last year (Antonio Cruz) has been shifted over to the CT team. Hopefully he has enough composure to be effective there as he featured a pretty high walk rate (7 per 9IP) in the DSL last year.
  4. The DSL team beat the Blue Jays 3-1 today, scattering 6 walks and 5 hits in the process. The only run allowed was unearned resulting from an error by my AAT on the first ball in play of the game. On the bright side, he brought his average up to the Mendoza line by stroking two singles and provided an insurance run in the 7th by singling, advancing to 3rd courtesy of two wild pitches, and being knocked home by a Navia base hit.
  5. The DSL team lost a wild one to the Rangers, 9-8. On the bright side, the bats came alive for 13 hits including their first 3 homers of the year. On the not so bright side, the 1B position (including my AAT) continues to be a black hole in the lineup: 3-28 with 13 Ks through 10 games.
  6. The DSL Tigers take both ends of a planned doubleheader from the Angels, 4-3 & 2-0 (both games 7 innings) according to the lead story on the DSL home page. My AAT pinch hit and struck out in game 1 and saw his first action behind the plate this year in game 2, again going hitless. The Angels' Luis Jolly hit a triple in three consecutive at bats in the 1st game to set a DSL record. Despite that he only scored 1 run and racked up 0 RBIs for the game. Ouch.
  7. Gladden? I'm sure you mean "Dazzle"... Blech! Cannot stomach listening to that radio crew.
  8. The DSL team continued it's slow start today (now 1-6), losing 4-2 to the Braves. They've had trouble finding an offense thus far, averaging 2.3 runs per game and only 5.4 hits per game. My AAT (1B Raul Leiva) struggled at the plate again going 0-3, but was involved in a really bizarre play if the recap is to be believed. I can't conceive of any way this unassisted double play would have happened. Somehow the runner on 3rd didn't go anywhere and both the batter and the runner on 2nd ended up being out. DSL Braves Top 6th Hector Garcia walks. Luis Madrid singles on a fly ball to center fielder Sandy Acevedo. Hector Garcia to 3rd. Luis Madrid to 2nd on the throw. Ronald Luna grounds into unassisted double play, first baseman Raul Leiva. Luis Madrid out at 3rd. Edward Salcedo grounds out, second baseman Alwin Delgado to first baseman Raul Leiva.
  9. Looks like he was released at the start of April according to TigsTown. Whoops! So I'll dive back to the Dominican again this year and give some love to C/1B Raul Leiva. My AAT from last year got bumped up to the GCL this year, so maybe I can help another guy start up the ladder to the States.
  10. I was wanting to take Drew Graham, but am having trouble finding where he is these days. Searching on milb.com claims that he's on Lakeland again this year, but there aren't any stats for him.
  11. It's funny. I live in Minneapolis and I heard a lot of people around here saying things like "We won our World Series", etc. after last night's game. There is zero expectation that they're going to do anything against the Yankees, and somehow people are all right with that. Apparently ekeing out the pennant in a terribly mediocre division most years is enough for them.
  12. I actually went looking right after I posted, and haven't found any yet. Randy had 3 starts in which he didn't do it in his "steadiest" season of 2000. Pedro also had 3 like that in 1999, and Kerry Wood's and Doc Gooden's amazing rookie years also only had 3 of them each. That's the best I've found so far. Truly impressive stuff.
  13. It'd be interesting to see if any of the all-time great fireballers ever made it through a season doing this the whole way. I can tell you that only 49 different players have averaged >= 1.0 K/IP for an entire season, and no Tiger has ever done it. There are some odd names among that 49, too. Brandon Duckworth? Really?
  14. Is there some post minimum I have to make before I'm eligible to adopt someone? If not, I'll gladly welcome the unheralded 17 year old lefty Antonio Cruz into my home for the summer. I'll probably have to dust off my old high-school Spanish textbook if we're going to communicate well. Huh? What's that you say? I don't actually get to adopt him? Hmm. Anyway, my main reason is that I wasn't even aware that there was a Dominican Summer League that was part of the official minor league system. This would give me a good excuse to keep an eye on it. Here's his writeup on TigsTown: "Competes very well despite youth, and has enough present stuff to be tough to hit in 2009. Some projection from left side as frame fills out." Can't ask for anything more than someone who competes. We'll see how it goes.
  15. I think it came up in one of the game threads, but I thought I'd pull it out to his topic. There was a discussion on Grandy's BABIP being way below his norm and some questions on why that might be. The answer is most definitely the number of pop-ups he's hitting. He has 19 IFFB... which is already 4 more than his career high back in 2007. Yikes! His line drives are actually near his career average, he's just not keeping the ball on the ground as much this year... which has resulted in home runs when he connects, but not much else. Deviation from career averages in 2009: LD% -2.1% GB% -8.5% FB% +10.6% IFFB% +18.4% What say you, sage minds on this cool forum that I just found a week ago?
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