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  1. It's a shame MLB throws away the radio broadcasts of games that aren't "complete" even in the spring. It would have been nice to listen to the meaningful part of this one (Norris's start) since I forgot to tune in yesterday when it was live.
  2. I think they mentioned that Dan would be solo for all road broadcasts of the Spring. Or at the very least have a non-Jim special guest with him for each of those games.
  3. Pure grit and determination to claw back from two 2-run deficits like that.
  4. Alex Lange, one of the pitchers from the Castellanos trade, on the hill now to fix the 6th inning.
  5. Gerson Moreno flashing his trademark high walk rate here in the 6th -- 11 balls, 2 strikes so far.
  6. It's back now. Nolan Blackwood (or maybe Ethan DeCaster per McCoskey on Twitter -- duplicate numbers are hard) in to clean up Rony's mess.
  7. Technical difficulties with the stream mercifully sparing me from having to watch the ongoing Rony meltdown in the 4th. Hopefully the archived version of the video will be okay.
  8. The first inning is even better, especially the 3rd at-bat against a real hot hitter. Reminder: If anyone wants to watch the stream that these videos are taken from, hit me up with a DM.
  9. Skubal done after 2, sounds like our Rule 5er Rony Garcia will be coming in for the 3rd. As an aside, does anyone else think of Vanilla Ice when they hear his name? I know it's spelled differently, but still.
  10. Made Cornell look absolutely silly with the breaking stuff in that last at-bat.
  11. 52° (with a RealFeel of 44°)? Yeesh. I was told that Spring Training was in Florida.
  12. Update to this. Per MLB rules, SEU is apparently not able to publicize the link to the stream, so you can't see it on the page I mentioned above. If you're interested in watching today, send me a DM and I'll shoot you the direct link. Broadcast starts at 12:50 Eastern.
  13. The Fire are coming in hot. 11-1, and they've scored 10+ runs in 7 games and allowed 2 or fewer runs in 8 games. Just a reminder that you can watch live video of the game online tomorrow at https://team1sports.com/southeasternfire. The stream was password protected last year but they were giving it away to Tigers fans if you DM @SEUFireBaseball on Twitter.
  14. Now you can listen to it. I whinged to MLB support on Twitter and they fixed the issue.
  15. Was there a problem with the GameDay broadcasts for this game yesterday? The archived audio for both radio broadcasts cuts off at the exact same moment in the bottom of the 7th. Sigh... before the Tigers ran up the score.
  16. So that's 9 in 44 for 5+ runs. For comparison, after 44 games the 2003 Tigers had accomplished the feat 10 times, but had also been shut out 9 times already.
  17. It's not an official game until the Tigers get their fair turn in the 7th, hence the anger.
  18. Don't worry, there's a likely Ryan Carpenter start coming up on Saturday to earn some interest back... assuming that game isn't completely wiped out by rain, which is a possibility.
  19. Why on Earth does he have a Wikipedia page? Anyway, he was apparently a throw-in player in the trade where the Tigers got Dizzy Trout, so that's exciting. This is actually a pretty sweet writeup that someone did on Salty, complete with some fun Tigers-relevant stories: http://www.faithandfearinflushing.com/2015/02/13/the-ballad-of-salty-parker/
  20. I believe this is the 17th -- only 8 of those in my lifetime (since 1979), including back-to-back DH splits in 1984.
  21. 9/22/2016 @ Minnesota Per B-R, the Tigers are 34-84 in games Farmer has appeared in, but hey, 5-4 this year. It's a whole new Buck... or something.
  22. Funny. Dan D -- You just don't run on Mookie Betts. Dan P -- Nope.
  23. I think that's 3 times now since being called up that Dixon has made an out trying to take an extra base on his own hit?
  24. Speaking of buggy whips... I'll confess to not listening to that many games last year, but when did he change from using the phrase buggy whip all by itself to "cleverly" attaching an intensifier to it that just so happens to match the type of hit? For instance, a home run is a quadruple buggy whip. I don't remember that from when I last consistently listened to games. I largely enjoy Dan & Jim's chemistry, but this is a bit of silliness that didn't really need to happen.
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