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  1. I really appreciate the weaselly way the auto-renewal is described: "Gameday Audio will automatically renew annually on or about March 1 each year" Because, you know, you definitely want a policy that will likely leave a gap in your customer's service.
  2. The Toronto one works because it's an MLB.com feed, and those ones are free. I can't even listen to archives of games from earlier in the week that I was able to listen to live at the time. MLB support has told me to cancel my auto renewal and just buy the 2019 season, which is an awesome solution.
  3. Anybody else locked out of MLB TV/Audio because MLB hasn't processed renewals yet? The 2018 deal apparently only ran through Feb 28.
  4. Mets really trying to make sure this doesn't happen. They're up to three errors now on the day. 7-2 Tigers in the 5th.
  5. Boyd looked good in the first with 2 Ks, but ran into trouble in the 2nd. A one-out 1B, BB, 2B (by the immortal Rajai Davis) combo knocks him out of the game. Nolan Blackwood (the AA pitcher we got in the Fiers trade) comes in to limit the damage. 4-2 Tigers after 2.
  6. Just kidding. Apparently people don't have a need to see any more pitchers, so we're calling it a tie. That seems like a fitting finish for this one. It was pretty ho-hum.
  7. Spenser Watkins gets into trouble in the bottom of the 9th -- a BB, HBP, and two base hits make it 3-3. Extra baseball!
  8. A walk-error-single combo allow the Cards to get one back in a sloppy sounding 7th. 3-1 Tigers.
  9. Cabrera with a 2-out base hit to plate a run in the 5th. 3-0 Tigers.
  10. A Goodrum walk + a Hicks double + a Peterson single plates two in the 2nd. Sounds like there's a good number of Tigers fans there today.
  11. AAA pitcher Jake Woodford dispatches the Tigers 1-2-3 in the first. This Cardinals radio broadcast is pretty hard to listen to. I think I may have chosen... poorly.
  12. Ain't that the truth. It seems like the broadcast has broken down all together now. Gameday, too. It sounded as though Greiner and Mahtook combined to score a run somehow, but the booth has been AWOL since then.
  13. It looks like GameDay isn't equipped for a truncated inning. They went with the nice workaround of logging a pickoff for the 3rd out -- unless they actually did that in the game, too, but I don't think so.
  14. Southeastern has to beg out of the 8th inning despite logging only two outs after running out of pitchers/pitches.
  15. The Tigers with 3 in so far in the 8th, still no out. Looks like they finally found one of those not-so-great pitchers. 6-2 Detroit at the moment.
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