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  1. Perez not in Hens lineup today - Just a day off or more?
  2. Interesting possibility - Richard Justice: The case for Cal Ripken as manager | tigers.com: News
  3. Alex Avila left Thursday's game with the Mud Hens early because he experienced a headache, manager Jim Leyland said. He will be held out tonight. http://www.rotoinfo.com/playerupdate/204396/Alex%20Avila-C
  4. Vasquez - What trade of Whitecaps outfielder Danry Vasquez means to Tigers organization | MLive.com
  5. Per a Cubs reporter on Buster Olney's Podcast today Baseball Tonight - ESPN - Tigers interested in Cubs RP James Russell
  6. This is getting way over blown. As bad as Raburn is on defense Young is far worse. Now Santiago will be at 2nd instead of Raburn. That should be equal to at least 4 hits in a 7 game series (1-3 RR misplays and 1-3 RS stops). The odds of Young matching his output in the last series is low. Raburn's OPS since the Young trade is 1.028 vs Young's OPS as a Tiger .756.
  7. She cuts grass like a girl! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVscCNZsYSY&feature=related
  8. During the 87 playoffs my wife had "false" labor pains and I missed one of the games. My son's (born a couple of weeks later) middle name is "Alan" named after guess who? Until 2006 I had been giving him a hard time about causing me to miss a game in the Tiger's only playoffs in 19 years.
  9. Denny McLain arrested in Port Huron http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20110923/FREE/110929941/denny-mclain-arrested-in-port-huron#
  10. I'd much rather see the Tigers face TB. Scherzer's (.863) and Porcello's (.872) OPS vs. LHH - Boston (.812) TB (.709) OPS vs. RHP
  11. Earliest is 9/15 - Tigers 7-0 - Sox and Indians 2-5
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