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  1. Wait, since when did ESPN talk about things in baseball that don't have to do with the Yankees or Red Sox?
  2. With the 23rd pick in the 2013 AAT Draft, Bambino Lino selects one of the three Tigers to play in both the 2006 and 2012 World Series.. OH-MAHHHH!
  3. 23, son!! I don't know how I get so lucky with these every year. Thanks again, Yoop!
  4. I like them. They're just ST/BP hats anyway, not that drastic of a move. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the home ones will look somewhat like these, from what I'm interpreting..
  5. FWIW, Diaz just got signed by the Yankees. So there goes that possibility.
  6. Unwillingly participated in lude acts of which are often stereotypical of people who spent a considerable amount of time in federal prison.
  7. First thing that came to mind for me when I heard we were getting Hunter
  8. Does anyone else think Morales for Vargas pretty much rules out any chance of Bourjos/Trumbo for Porcello?
  9. ^The wallpaper on my phone Happy birthday, Mr. Tiger! No one will ever personify what it means to be a Tiger as well as Al.
  10. The Angels have said that Trumbo isn't on the market. And even if he was, it would take waaaay more than Porcello and some junk. FWIW, Rotoworld is throwing Joel Hanrahan's name out there as a potential player to be traded for Porcello.
  11. Not so fast, my friend! UPDATE: Anibal Sanchez not a done deal with Cubs, Tigers increase offer | HardballTalk
  12. Still not seeing any figure on how much we're paying him. FWIW, he was signed to a one-year, $875,000 deal by KC last year.
  13. I really hope Lamont moving to bench coach isn't a sign that he's being groomed to take over the reigns from Leyland in 2014.
  14. Congrats on the new gig! Your awesomeness with the games threads have been well-documented here, and we'll all miss them.
  15. I love baseball too much to want to see the offseason begin any sooner than it already does. Let's play until mid-November! But seriously, I kind of feel that it should be a requirement for all new parks to come equipped with an attractable roof. I understand that it's not the most traditional thing, but it would save a lot of rain outs, which are a pain in ace, and make the World Series a lot more comfortable.
  16. I recorded it on VHS back when I was like 12, which is surprising because VHS was pretty obsolete by then even. It would probably take me a while to find it though in my boxes of old tapes.
  17. Where is all the Anibal Sanchez love coming from? I think he can be an asset to this team, don't get me wrong, but people are forgetting that he's a career sub-.500 pitcher with an ERA hovering around 4; mind you, he's spent almost all of his career in the NL. Sanchez is mainly regarded as a streaky pitcher, and it just so happened that he performed really well in September and in the postseason this year, but let's not forget his first month and a half with this team and how much of a disappoint the trade seemed to be. I believe Dombrowski overpays to bring Sanchez back if nothing else, for the fact that he doesn't want it to look like we gave up our top prospect for a half a year of Anibal and a year and a half of Infante. That being said, I'd still like for Dombrowski to trade Porcello to the NL for a corner outfielder and to sign a starter, preferably a lefty, but I don't have the list of SP free agents in front of me.
  18. Detroit Athletic is legit! My favorite place to go for Detroit sports merch. I got a the 2006 AL Champions locker room hat there for like 5 bucks during last year's ALCS.
  19. I'm buying the Central Division Champions locker room tee once it's all over and they're going for half off at the Comerica Park retail store, same goes for the AL Champions locker room tee. I know if we win the World Series, the division and league championships won't be as big a deal, but I think they're still both worth celebrating. I still love wearing my 2006 and 2011 locker room gear.
  20. No luck for me. If anyone has any SRO they're trying to sell, please inbox me! If this post goes against the rules, feel free to take it down.
  21. I honestly think the NY lineup might be the worst to ever play in the LCS. Any other year, I'd be worried. But if Max doesn't get the job done tonight, which I think he will, Fister will tomorrow. No worries.
  22. Fans boo'd Brandon Inge for way less than what Valverde's done since the Tigers last played at Comerica.. BOO. THIS. MAN.
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