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  1. Wait, since when did ESPN talk about things in baseball that don't have to do with the Yankees or Red Sox?
  2. With the 23rd pick in the 2013 AAT Draft, Bambino Lino selects one of the three Tigers to play in both the 2006 and 2012 World Series.. OH-MAHHHH!
  3. 23, son!! I don't know how I get so lucky with these every year. Thanks again, Yoop!
  4. I like them. They're just ST/BP hats anyway, not that drastic of a move. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the home ones will look somewhat like these, from what I'm interpreting..
  5. FWIW, Diaz just got signed by the Yankees. So there goes that possibility.
  6. Unwillingly participated in lude acts of which are often stereotypical of people who spent a considerable amount of time in federal prison.
  7. First thing that came to mind for me when I heard we were getting Hunter
  8. Does anyone else think Morales for Vargas pretty much rules out any chance of Bourjos/Trumbo for Porcello?
  9. ^The wallpaper on my phone Happy birthday, Mr. Tiger! No one will ever personify what it means to be a Tiger as well as Al.
  10. The Angels have said that Trumbo isn't on the market. And even if he was, it would take waaaay more than Porcello and some junk. FWIW, Rotoworld is throwing Joel Hanrahan's name out there as a potential player to be traded for Porcello.
  11. Not so fast, my friend! UPDATE: Anibal Sanchez not a done deal with Cubs, Tigers increase offer | HardballTalk
  12. Still not seeing any figure on how much we're paying him. FWIW, he was signed to a one-year, $875,000 deal by KC last year.
  13. I really hope Lamont moving to bench coach isn't a sign that he's being groomed to take over the reigns from Leyland in 2014.
  14. Congrats on the new gig! Your awesomeness with the games threads have been well-documented here, and we'll all miss them.
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