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  1. I think Porcello should be off the table in a trade for Ramirez, which means we're not going to get him. Jayson Werth is a FA. How do you guys think he would fit in with the Tigers? Seems to me he'd fit in quite nicely.
  2. I'm looking forward to being done with the 2010 baseball season.
  3. Porcello will be the best pitcher on the staff for many years to come.
  4. I've always maintained that Porcello would end up being an ace type pitcher. Yesterday's performance reinforced what I already knew about Rick. When he pitches his game, he's very tough to hit. Then again, I've constantly bashed Guillen and Avila and both are having nice series' against the Sox.
  5. I wonder how many more years people are gonna be saying that before some of the fans realize Leyland may very well be the biggest problem. Obviously you can't definitively say Leyland isn't the problem and I can't say Leyland is the problem. However, if the team continues to fail, you have to change the variable of manager in order to see if it can work better.
  6. Come on guys. Using Valverde in the 8th inning and thus spending him in a 6 to 1 game was ridiculous. Brad Thomas in a high leverage situation when Weinhardt was available? This has got to be the last season of this. It's time to move on.
  7. The number 1 thing the Tigers need to do is get Carlos Guillen out of the lineup. He's become an absolute dead spot. Just pay him to go away like we've had to do several times over the past few years. All the scenarios mentioned in regards to replacing him at 2nd are better than letting him continue to suck up the joint. While I'm not high on Sizemore, it makes sense to see what he's got.
  8. When are we gonna win another road series?
  9. I've stated many times on this forum that I felt Leyland was not getting the most out of the team. I've argued that our inability to win on the road is a direct reflection on the leadership. There's not a whole lot to be said. Either you think the team is simply not that good or you agree with me. This sweep in Cleveland didn't surprise me at all nor did the meltdown at the end of last season. I feel like the team is fatally flawed at the top and thus likely to let us down in a big way. In other words, this team has immense potential to fall flat on their face, especially on the road. My question is this; when are we going to win another road series. To the best of my knowledge, we haven't won one since the first of the season. Until we can win on the road with a certain level of consistency, I'm going to believe that we need a new leader.
  10. Tonight reminded me of why I don't like Galarraga as a pitcher. Maybe I'm biased by the fact that I feel that way. In other words, had it happend to Verlander, I'd be a little more upset.
  11. I'm pretty sure that I'll be in the minority here, but the faux third strike call against Damon pissed me off more than the blown call to spoil Armando's perfect game. It cost us a chance to win the game. Team wins and losses come before historical accomplishments. For those that say it's only one game, they need not look any further than last season as to how important one game can be. What do you think?
  12. My sentiments exactly. With the exception of the Zumaya injury, I can accept this road trip even if we drop the next two. That being said, let's get one more of these. I will give the Tigers this. They generally don't get swept on the road. They often find a way to win the third game of the series after dropping the first two. One more thing. We seem to play better with Raburn in the lineup. Hopefully he keeps getting more PA's.
  13. Zumaya has been one of my all time favorite Tigers. His fastball brings a certain excitement level to any game he enters. If he never pitches again, I'll always remember that. The Tigers attention has to be squarely on Ryan Perry. I don't know why the hell he was leaving so many pitches in the middle of the plate, but I believe he's a guy that will turn it around.
  14. Absolutely. If they're paying, that's one thing. Otherwise just go with the group decision.
  15. You make some good points, but the disparity seems to be worse than average for the Tigers. It could be that we're missing a vocal leader like Pudge. Not to beat a dead horse, but some of the blame has to go to the manager. Hopefully we can make it through this tough road trip within a couple games of the Twins.
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