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  1. What ******* context does it need? This horse's *** used to be cop. Do you wonder why women don't report sexual assaults and rapes. We simply need more women in office. It needs to reflect the real population of this country. Only then will our governments get it right.
  2. I am sure Jesus would have shown him how to use it.
  3. I don't understand it.......if these players/teams don't want to get shifted, then why not bunt/slap the ball to the side that's open? I know it wouldn't work for Cabrera's slowness, but for some other players why not? Isn't their job to get on base, no matter how? If some players did that enough, the teams would have to stop shifting so much. Take what they give you, put your ego away.
  4. Hey, we knew this was probably the bottom out year.........just have to get through it/ Just remember, every single day you wake up you are one day closer to death. There, now this doesn't seem that bad, does it? Sweet dreams.
  5. The few Republicans left here................You agree that there is such a thing as "Consensual Rape". Is that okay with you? A Republican State Senator from Missouri doesn't think that's really rape because the rapist didn't jump out of the bushes. And this ******* pig is an ex cop.........no wonder women are reluctant to report it. Just disgusting.
  6. Hey, I know the issue is arthritis. Carrying extra weight makes that worse, but it runs in the family and when I was younger, I did a few things that probably weren't so smart, usually for a laugh or two. My dad would tell me "laugh now, but you're gonna feel it one day". That guy was pretty spot on there. Playing tackle football with 2 friends (1 ball carrier, 2 tacklers) 3 or 4 times a week probably wasn't smart. A few ladder falls here, a fall down a 15 foot set of wooden stairs at a radio conference there and here we are. By the way - I was sober when I fell down the wooden stairs in Austin in front of all my radio peers. I laughed it off then, for everyone to see, but wow was I hurting after that. The rest of that night was not spent sober.
  7. I saw Dan Patrick talk about what he was going through and I thought "That's me......" but I ain't no doctor. I mean, I wear scrubs for my job, but that's hardly a substitute. Magnesium, Potassium and Turmeric will be on my menu. I can tell you this - when I had something else wrong and I had to take steroids for a couple weeks I felt freaking GREAT, but steroids longterm will destroy you. I think it's one of the things that lead to Glen Frey's death. He had serious R.A. issues for a long time.
  8. Mornings are awful. I wake up most mornings in terrible pain all over. And I don't feel rested. Takes me 1-2 hours to what I call "thaw out" enough to get on with my day. This aging thing sucks.
  9. Might be frustrating to only have 3 episodes.................but there is an old saying "Always leave 'em wanting more" and in this day of oversaturation, it's kind of refreshing.
  10. Wasn't the first season only 3 episodes plus the incredible Christmas episode?
  11. It's going to be LaVall Jordan. Book It.
  12. I worked with a young lady who's Aunt filled her car with water (with a hose) to kill the demons living in the car was deemed sane enough to own a gun in Michigan.
  13. Mr. McKittrick, after very careful consideration, sir, I've come to the conclusion that your new starting pitcher sucks. I feel bad for the kid. But at least he's getting a little MLB money........
  14. I have heard the name Pick Pitino mentioned. I remember they talked about hiring him before Tommy Amaker but of course Rick was too good for Michigan. They would have had to widen every entrance on campus to fit his large head. I know there is no chance they'd hire him, but if they did, I would no longer root for Michigan Basketball. My hate for Rick Pitino is stronger than my love for Michigan.
  15. I once walked out of a Costco with a big pack of toilet paper under my arm..........I did the victorious fist pump like Brennan in Step Brothers, and to my surprise, someone walking in got the joke.
  16. Coffee Cups on set Characters growing hands back King's Landing going from one location to a desert. Wow, sure sounds like the producers of this show got really lazy knowing they'd have an audience anyway.
  17. I thought that my lawn mower had had it. Drained the fuel.......cleaned the carb, new spark plug, new air filter, a lot of pulling, followed by a lot of swearing..........and she started up. That $220 self-propelled Craftsman enters it's 17th season of cutting grass. It's got lots of scars, and lots of duct tape, but it runs. Now, I am no lawn mower expert, but 17 years is pretty good value, is it not?
  18. Feeling like a guy falling apart about the time he naturally should have given his history of lower-body injuries. We've been spoiled by the PED and steroid-freaks. I compare Miggy to Mike Schmidt........similar type of power hitter who's knees and legs went. He left in the middle of the last year in his contract in 1989. He was only walking away from about 1 million (the Phillies paid him anyway). Miggy might be nearing the same point in his career where he can't really get it done to the level he and everyone else expects, but he's got way too much money at stake to walk away and that's not his fault, that's on Mike Illitch. We all knew it was going to be a horrible contract at the end, but the end has come about 2-3 years sooner than we expected. Chirping about his teammates is the wrong tack, but the dude is frustrated and probably exasperated at this point and showed some bad judgement. He knows it's slipping away and he wants to fight it, but can't accept it just yet. As far as questioning his work ethic or off-season routine. Do you hang out with him in the winter? I am not going to question him on that because I don't know. Maybe he is working out plenty but not enough to offset his advancing age. Ever torn a bicep? I would imagine it's extremely painful and maybe it takes time to recover from that, more than we know. Remember when everyone dusted JV because he was slow to recover from his core surgery? And yes, he is swinging at some bad pitches...........that might be part of the denial in action - he's trying TOO hard to make up for it in one at bat. Miggy's given us some incredible years and we should have won at least one title with the group we had, but it didn't happen. Not always happy with what he says, but I will give him the benefit of a doubt.
  19. Getting a little tired of the vitriol aimed at Miguel Cabrera. Time spares no one.
  20. WAIT, THAT BALL HIT HIM IN THE HAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Might have hit his batting glove? Is that anything like a ball hitting a jersey? Asking for a friend. (Still bitter over that one).
  23. Well that's it...............That's every pair of shoes in the place...............unless you'd like to try.........................
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