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  1. I'll take Minnesota at Ford Field on Sunday............
  2. I just love the fact that the whole country is behind us this time.
  3. The Lions didn't lose because of the referees, but the Packer did win because of the referees - if that makes sense. The Lions blew too many opportunities But so do did the Packers, but there's were forgiven This is a national story........this ain't homerism.
  4. What about the sack right before the TD though?
  5. ESPN may be ripping the refs now, but you better believe there will be a phone call and it will not be mentioned in the morning. See: Playmakers..................
  6. Martha Ford: Mr. Goodell, I think the officiating in tonight's game was horrible and one sided Roger Goodell: Mrs. Ford, I would like to apologize for that misfortune, but we can't go back and replay the game. We won't let it happen again..........Oh, and let your coach know that clown t-shirt was really funny. I still laugh at that........(click).
  7. Everyone's with us on this for a change. This ain't just a homer thing.
  8. Booger McFarland just fired. ESPN has just gone dark. The NFL Deep State working hard tonight.
  9. They've been calling her that on the radio since she fired Mayhew and Lewand
  10. if you can see that far into the future, let me know some games to bet on, okay, I'll give you a cut.
  11. They are handing this one to Green Bay. Just shut it off already. No reason to watch now. The fix is in.
  12. Hold all day ALLLL DAY on that Rodgers run
  13. You have got to be kidding me................
  14. The refs are not overturning any PI calls unless it's at the end of a playoff game.
  15. This game is bought and paid for, folks.
  16. League needs a Green Bay win here............They are doing what they are paid to do.
  17. That was a Green Bay gets better ratings call courtesy of the NFL.
  18. The amazing part is that Kerryon Johnson has 3 feet and nobody ever talks about that. I thought they called him "Tri Pod" for a TOTALLY different reason.
  19. Prater has been on tonight...................
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