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  1. I hate Tim Anderson................giving the shhhh sign to the Tiger dugout. SHUT UP you perpetual third or fourth place player. You're a glorified Ryan Raburn.
  2. Too bad Angel Hernandez wasn't the first base umpire - because he would have been OUT.
  3. Even if they lose 10 of 12.............Bring him and Manning up. Let them learn THIS year. Then maybe with a little experience at the start of next year, we might have something. They are now past the point of losing that service year.............WHY NOT !?!?!?!?!
  4. I don't think its a hindsight thing. I think a lot of people last year saw that you had a left handed pitcher, who wasn't a power arm, but striking a ton of people out and had several years of team control and thought a lot of contenders would LOVE to have that in their rotation and since we knew this team was targeting 2021 or 2022 to compete again, why not trade him?
  5. One of the signs you know a pitcher has no confidence is how long it takes him to throw the ball and Boyd's been taking forever. Soto is the opposite. Get it, throw it.
  6. I guess it's a good sign that I am really pissed off right now................that I hold this much interest in a Tiger game on August 12th. By the way, this was the date in 1994 that the season ended............I will never forget that.
  7. Huge mistake by Schoop not knowing where the bag was................
  8. Well, we needed a new Jordan Zimmermann for this year, I guess we have him.
  9. Gardy, you gonna manage like Ausmus you can go bye bye too. You are telling me that Casey Mize won't do better than THIS?
  10. Wow.............Boyd is done. Why didn't they trade him when his value was super high?
  11. Is Matt Boyd one of those guys that got hot for a little while (but really was never that good) and now its over or is he just going through a bad slump?
  12. I think the Bernie Bros and Trump supporters in disguise
  13. I have heard the idea that she rubs some people the wrong way. You know what, I think the Democrats need that a little bit. I like her. Good pick. Now, lets get Katie Porter in the Senate for CA. She's awesome.
  14. Are they going to rule that a Home Run? More like a 4 base error..........
  15. Strecher? Ambulance? The whole big production? Or he'll be back tomorrow?
  16. That's where I disagree. As Ramon pointed out, saying it was a breaking ball was b.s. because he didn't snap it, he threw it straight at him. Maybe 70 mph because he's not trying to hurt him, he's just trying to dot him. His breaking pitches are hotter than 70 mph anyway. That was 100% intentional. Ramon's been jawing with the Astros for a couple of years. Remember, he was with the Astros organization in 2017, he probably knew what they were doing. I guess Cintron said something about Ramon's mother........in Spanish, something you don't say to someone. He needs to get throttled big time for his behavior...........coaches are supposed to be the guys that calm it down. This guy shoots his mouth off and he doesn't have to get in a batter's box. To **** with him. The Astros are 6-9 this year and they can go choke on it, all of them.
  17. First of all, he's a chicken**** to let the guys block for him. Secondly, he's a coach........this is between the players Thirdly, if Joe Kelly got 8 games for not hitting anyone and making a face, then this pitcher, who hit that batter twice this weekend (and in my opinion intentionally) should get 20 games. And there was bad blood between Laureano and the Astros, all 3 hits were intentional. Rob Manfred failed by not suspending any Astros players. He didn't need them to admit it, he had the goods on them. He's been a disaster this year.
  18. Never mind, I just saw...........broken jaw and 45 day DL. I feel bad for the guy.
  19. I didn't watch much today.. Was anything said about Philip Evans and how he's doing?
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