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  1. 3-2 against Michigan State for Jim...............one was the year they went 3-9 and another was this year's awful team. Big Whoop. Howard has won games he wasn't supposed to win......Harbaugh hasn't done that in 5 years. You have to win those games once in a while. Certainly more than 0 times in 5 years.
  2. Not saying Franzen's condition had anything to do with Babcock. But I am saying that it showed that he did sacrifice for his team and was a key for them winning and getting to the Cup Final in 2008 &2009. As far as this taking nights off - it's an 82 game schedule, they can't all be like Pat Verbeek. Franzen did take nights off in the regular season, but my gosh, look at his playoff numbers........the guy was great. He only dropped off because the injuries were adding up.
  3. Yeah..................you know the condition he's in now.............he's that way because of what he did for the team.
  4. Chris Petersen is available. Though maybe in another year. He won two Pac-12 titles and had a playoff appearance with Washington. He turned Boise State into a nationally relevant program capable of beating good Power 5 teams. We could do worse. He might want to go to the pros. If I was making a list of Patricia replacements, he'd be in my Top 5.
  5. I think Scorsese and Robbie were roommates back in the 70s, weren't they?
  6. If Matt Patricia was Michigan's coach, OSU would score 100
  7. Looks like the Gator Bowl...............vs. Miss. St................Don't pee in the endzone. Michigan State likely to go to the Quick Lane Bowl..........if they can manage to beat Maryland (down by 3 right now) Eastern likely to go to the Boca Raton Bowl.....................Eastern wins that one ! Chris Creighton for the Michigan job !!!!!!!!!! Serioulsy, if he can get Eastern, EASTERN to 3 bowl games in 4 years, he's a damn good coach.
  8. in one month Juwan Howard has accomplished more as a Michigan coach than Jim Harbaugh has in 5 years.
  9. But they sure looked good against Michigan State and Indiana !
  10. I think Quinn is doing something very similar to Randy Smith with the Tigers...............Hey, I worked for this team before, so I already know these players so I will load up on these guys and do things the way they did it. That doesn't work.
  11. They need to hire someone and get the **** out of his way.
  12. He did. After the Minnesota game when Cousins had a career day and torched them for 42 points. He was traded 2 days later. He questioned the strategy of not putting pressure on the QB and hanging out the secondary to dry............and he was right and he was a leader in the locker room and the cult leaders couldn't have that. Meanwhile QB after QB shred the Lions.
  13. This arrogance from these guys who have done nothing on their own is sickening.
  14. How do you know they refused to trade him? Maybe they didn't get what they wanted for him. Diggs was traded days after the public criticism and I think it was done to make an example of him...........Now he's with a Super Bowl contender........poor *******.
  15. But knowing when it isn't working is not. This isn't working. Other teams have had the stones to cut bait after just a year and they are better off for it. The biggest thing is that Qunn told us 9-7 isn't good enough and they've been 9-18-1 since. When they were 9-7 a couple of years ago they were probably a couple of good drafts away from being really good, but nope, Quinn and Brutus had to do things The Patriot Way and reshape the roster. Trading a guy like Diggs because he publicly questioned the defensive strategy..............just stupid, stupid, stupid.
  16. See, that whole QB thing is just an excuse. He had great defensive players at that time. You don't need a great QB to get to the Super Bowl or an Conference Championship (Rex Grossman, Jay Cutler, Joe Flacco anyone?) This is going to be the excuse for Patricia and Quinn "We didn't have Stafford", but they haven't lost because of David Blough or Jeff Driskell. They have both played well enough to win the games they were in - even Driskell's subpar game in DC was good enough to win.
  17. But O'Brien has a ceiling and that's getting to the playoffs and losing. We've been there. I don't think Belichick's coaching tree has produced much. I don't want anything to do with it. This Patriot Way thing is a myth. You can't do what Bill has done if you don't have Bill's history behind it........and who knows how successful he would have been if he wasn't lucky enough to have Drew Bledsoe get hurt. Bill wasn't doing things the Patriot Way until he had some success behind him. The Lions and The Texans have none of that - so it doesn't translate verbatim. I would prefer O'Brien over Patricia, but I don't want either one of them.
  18. Really? What has either one of them accomplished? Bill O'Brien is about the level of Jim Caldwell. He makes the playoffs every other year and does nothing once he gets there. 0 playoff wins -- and he's had some star players on his team. Mike Vrabel is 9-7 and 6-5 -- not exactly a huge success so far.
  19. Spend gobs of money on a defensive line - then rush 3 and almost never blitz. An NFL QB with time will carve up just about any defense. Even one as bad as Mitchell Trubisky or Dwayne Haskins. If Jameis Winston doesn't go full Jameis and turn the ball over next Sunday, he's going to shred the Lions. Dak Prescott got 444 yards vs. the Lions - look how he played yesterday against the Bills. It's disgusting and it's all on Patricia. It's 12:45pm and 9 days until the next game - how is he still employed?
  20. It's 10:15 am and Patricia is still employed Doug Karsch just read Mitchell Trubisky's QB-Rating game by game this year vs. GB 62.1 DEN 70.0 WAS 116.5 MIN 70.1 OAK (INJURED) NO 86.3 LAC 75.1 PHI 66.6 DET 131.0 LAR 65.1 NYG 69.0 DET 118.1 The defensive genius can't even stop Mitch Trubisky...................Why is he still employed?
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