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  1. The NFC is s-h-i-t-e this year. Only one team from the East will make the playoffs and that could be with a losing record. The South is suspect. Remember, 7 teams get in, there could be 2 teams in the NFC that make it at 8-8 or lower.
  2. The LA Dodgers are 9-0 when they play on the same day as a Matt Stafford win.
  3. Vaitai needing oxygen in the 2nd quarter............I guess when you are constantly chasing the guys who beat you, you get tired.
  4. Gardner Minshew looks like the lead singer of a 70's band like The Guess Who or something like that. Look what happens when you actually rush a QB !
  5. We all see it...................We all see it.................... LOL
  6. EPIC tackling on the 3rd and 3..................
  7. By the way, on that Offsides play, Vaitai got owned.............
  8. When does the Clayton Kershaw relationship get mentioned? Which quarter?
  9. There is a chance that if they do get fired (PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN) that it may be Special Teams Coordinator Brayden Coombs that get the nod as Interim Coach and not Bevell or Undlin.
  10. The Jags kicker, John Brown has never kicked a field goal in the pros, college or high school. He is a soccer player who was briefly used as a kickoff specialist. How poetic would it be for him to win the game? How SOL would that be?
  11. Watching Steve Mariucci make fun of himself getting fired mid-season by the Lions just makes me angry. Man, he conned the Fords and Matt Millen.
  12. GO JAGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta do it, We must be rid of this failed experiment and we must do it as soon as possible because all they are going to do from now on is more damage. The sad thing is that if ever there was a year to exploit a weak conference, this was it - and they still can't. They have to go.
  13. JASON HANSON FOR HALL OF FAME JACK FOX #3, RETIRE IT NOW - BEFORE HE GET LIONIZED. Okay, 2 weeks to prepare here. Jacksonville is not good. Offense should score at will. If The Mustache somehow tears this Lions defense to shreds and they lose this one - I don't know how you keep Quinn and Patricia.
  14. Yeah, they are polling people that they want to poll...............that's not how polling is supposed to work Had a radio GM who hated a certain kind of music (mostly black artists) and wanted it eliminated from the station. He did a great big auditorium music test (they find 50-100 people, pay them $100 and have them sit and listen to clips of music and grade the songs on a scantron sheet). The results came back and the music he didn't like was the highest-scoring music in the test, so he did a second test and refused to include those songs and then the research told him what he wanted and he changed the station playlist and the ratings went in the toilet and 2 dozen people lost their jobs. Same thing here.
  15. Be a true patriot, John, tell the voters this., I don't care about your ******* friends. If you love your country..........******* save it.
  16. Dont believe this for one second. He's getting his *** kicked here. I dont need some Repulbican pollster to tell me otherwise. They probably under polled SE Michigan on purpose to make supporters feel better. They are full of ****.
  17. Oh, its war and total war on our government, both parties, if they steal it. And it's not going to be taking to the streets all over, its going to be MILLIONS headed to DC....people of all ages, races, religions, even some Republicans.........How fast can they put a wall around DC? It will make this summer looking like an out of hand company picnic
  18. Yeah, chosen by Charles Manson Jesus................
  19. Plus a lot of people didn't have cable back in the 1910's, so it was hard to watch a lot of his games.
  20. East Coast Bias. If he was a Yankee, Giant, Dodger or Red Sox player, they'd have named freeways after him.
  21. Got into a dust up with someone on Facebook because I said if they still support Trump (and they do) that they are either ignorant or a racist and they really couldn't come up with a single legitimate reason other than something to do with racist stereotypes of China and Mexico. I'm not tolerating this from anyone anymore and I am losing plenty of friends over this, but do I really want friends that think like that? Don't need them in my life.
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