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  1. I do a chillout show immediately after Under The Radar Radio. It's called Sonic Bliss (9p - 12a) and I played An Cailin Gaelach (An Irish Girl) as the second song (right after The Gloaming opened with The Necklace of Wrens).
  2. Under The Radar Radio #19-11 March 17, 2019 Pick Of The Week SOAK - Grim Town All Irish artists and Celt-Rock 7pm SOAK- Knock Me Off My Feet Two Door Cinema Club - Do You Want It All The Pogues & The Dubliners - The Irish Rover Young Dubliners - Waxie's Dargle Imelda May - Tribal Jealous Of The Birds - Blue Eyes Flogging Molly - The Worst Day Since Yesterday The Men They Couldn't Hang - Devil On the Wind SOAK - Everybody Loves You The Thrills - Irish Keep Gate Crashing Hothouse Flowers - Don't Go Black 47 - Funky Ceili (Bridie's Song) Ashley MacIsaac - Sleepy Maggie Boomtown Rats - Up All Night Pixx - Disgrace Bell X1 - The Great Defector 8pm *Gaelic Storm - Green Eyes, Red Hair Paddy Casey - Fear *Damien Rice - Coconut Skins *Blaggards - Rocky Road To Dublin The Pogues - Rain Street Little Green Cars - Harper Lee SOAK - Deja Vu Jealous Of The Birds - Marrow Ash - Shining Light Dropkick Murphys - Climbing A Chair To Bed Villagers - Fool *Swell Season - The Rain *Guggenheim Grotto - Told You So SOAK - Valentine Schmalentine Sinead O'Connor - I'll Tell Me Ma The Waterboys - In Search Of A Rose *only on Grand Rapids version of the show (WKLQ, 94.5) SOAK is the stage name for Bridie Monds-Watson from Derry, Northern Ireland
  3. Playlist embargo until 8:45pm for penalty of lawsuit from the Recording Industry Association of America. (The show ends at 9pm) By the way - Feargal Sharkey is one of the greatest names of all time
  4. I have had this belief that he is going to lose 2020 (if he isn't ousted first) and he will refuse to leave. Saying **** like I have the police on my side, I have the military on my side is laying the groundwork for this. This guy basically threatened people the other day and nobody is doing anything about it.
  5. This week's Under The Radar Radio will feature either artists from Ireland or Celtic-flavored rock. This show airs in Ann Arbor, think I'll be accused of Cultural Appropriation ?
  6. No, 84 Lives!!!...........what the **** are YOU talking about. Honestly, do you think Trump started lying at 30?
  7. I live about a mile as the crow flies and I will hear this THUD..................THUD.............and it sounds like someone's wheelie bins are being knocked over and then I realizes the THUDS are fireworks..........even when it's cold.
  8. 1. The Cleveland Native Americans 96-66 2. The Minnesota Twins 84-78 3. The Chicago White Sox 74-88 4. The Kansas City Roayls 63-99 5. The Detroit Tigers 59-103 The only major prospects we see this year are Jake Rogers and Daz Cameron Fulmer starts 12 games all season Tyson Ross starts 8 16 different pitchers start games for the Tigers in 2019 Nick is traded to Washington Rod Allen and Mario Impemba run into each other at an airport, a knife fight ensues, it is declared a tie. Michigan has a 7.2 earthquake in late July, Whitmer suggests a 85 cent a gallon tax hike to fix the damn fissures Trump resigns, Pence selects Ben Carson as his VP, the Dems vote no and the VP office remains vacant and Nancy Pelosi gives Pence a poison cannoli (which is only poisoned on the inside in case he asks her to take a bite)....there will be other people in the room, of course. Houston wins the World Series over the Dodgers who hire former Bills QB Jim Kelly as a consultant. Off season starts. Players whine about free agency.
  9. He's as dumb as a bag of rocks.................. .........and I apologize to bags of rocks everywhere.
  10. I think in a couple of weeks, once that report comes out, that will be way, way, way down the list of crimes................
  11. Trump basically just threatened Democrats. Said his followers will get tough with them. 25 this guy already. What are we waiting for. He's a threat to the American way of life. He's a cancer.
  12. The thing that floors me is that these assholes were anti-immigrant. EUROPEAN WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT NATIVE TO NEW ZEALAND !!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I thought Russell Crowe was Australian too. I interviewed singer Ben Lee (Australian) and off the air told him I have never met a mean Australian, it must be the pleasant weather. And I asked him how to explain Russell Crowe's ill temper and he stopped in his tracks and shook his head and said "He's from New Zealand.................and Mel Gibson's from the U.S., he's not our fault either".
  14. I remember when Obama was a candidate in 2008 and he made a speech on race. It was the best speech I'd ever heard from a politician during my lifetime. Sarah Palin found a way to diminish it, of course. She said something to the tune of "Anyone can make flowery speeches, but that doesn't mean they are qualified to be President" Sarah, like usuaul, was wrong. Words matter. Speeches are maybe the most important thing a President actually does. Speeches can inspire and they can calm. We have too many examples of that to list here. Speeches can also incite and we have a person in our country that incites open racism, open anti-immigration, misogyny, hate and fear and we've seen that spark of hate ignite more than ever in the last couple of years. Words matter.
  15. We ran out. We're trying to replenish our reserves.
  16. can we swap Mexicans for these white nationalists and kick them out of the country? I am all for that. Make no mistake - these attacks are on Donald Trump and his racist rhetoric. He is a cancer on humanity. Facebook and Twitter and YouTube are private companies and they can kick anyone off that they want. So to **** with Alex Jones and his nutjob followers. They don't understand the constitution. Has the U.S. referred to this as a Terrorist Attack yet?
  17. I guess the good thing about this is that he blew up before we started paying him 20 million a season.
  18. Not ripping them. I could see the argument in not trading and the argument for trading him too. Very tough call. I think they could have gotten 2 starting players for him.
  19. Some theorized that since this team wasn't going to contend they should have traded him at the 2017 deadline. Ooops.
  20. I made Stir Fry today, with a bag of Asian Vegetables from ALDI. Is that "Cultural Appropriation"? What if I use chopsticks?
  21. Oh, okay...................Wow, those players sure are lazy !
  22. What are you talking about - April 4th is Opening Day (though they shouldn't have a game in these parts until April 10th)
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