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  1. Kuujubg at tge scgedyke U tgubj tge Tugers wukk gi 25-34-1 (now with fingers on the proper keys.....) Looking at the schedule I think the Tigerss will go 25-34-1
  2. No, I don't think they are. We are far dumber and people will expose themselves and others out of sheer spite and petulance.....because that's what Daddy Racist does, so they will follow. I've seen the video from all around this country this holiday weekend. We'll still be dealing with this on Christmas.
  3. You mean the Ayn Rand who took Social Security and Medicare? That Ayn Rand?
  4. The ratings are down if he says they are down any other information is fake news. don't you get that now? #alternativefacts
  5. Speaking of name changes...........this is one I think would be super cool
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen..............the 2021 Cleveland Spiders
  7. The Cleveland Spiders..................
  8. It would not shock me if Entercom fired 75% of the air talent in Detroit - across all the stations. Don't be shocked if the only thing that's local on an Entercom stations across the country is Morning Drive and Afternoon Drive. I think you could see a situation where Jim Rome is airing from 10 - 2 on 97.1 and it goes all syndi after 6pm until 6am. Whether the morning show is Stoney & Samuelsen or Karsch & Anderson......I would guess whatever the cheapest alternative is the one that will get the nod. They won't take Valenti off the air, but you can bet at least one of his boys will be fired (probably Roberto). I am guessing they'll keep Rigor around to be the utility man fill in and have him do updates on WWJ. I also wouldn't be shocked if WWJ simply repeats hours 10am - 3pm or goes national Syndi in those hours with some part timer doing 90 second local news drop-ins at the top and bottom of the hour. And this has very little to do with the Pandemic (though Entercom will surely blame it on that), they've been planning this bloodbath from the day they bought the stations from CBS. I don't know why a company would want to own a huge amount of radio stations - its not a great deal for them. The few stations that have remained locally-owned have done very very well. Radio is a local thing.
  9. Wow, did we pick the right time to dump that guy. Pitching this year might mess up his Fortnite game. Better not say anything about him, Eck......he'll get upset and pout.
  10. Stanley Cup was there that night. Got my picha with it.
  11. There is no way, I will not think of Dirk Diggler whenever I hear Dillon Dingler. No way. Dude could be an All-Star and that's what I will think. They can always change Brock Deatherage to Brock Landers later.
  12. It would not be out of the question for the Dodgers to go 47-13........ The 2001 Seattle Mariners were 47-13 in their first 60. I think the Dodgers have a chance to be as good as that.
  13. This is wrong. I think it;s more like 0/0 = 0 - because there will be a COVID explosion bigger than this week and all team sports will be done.
  14. Maybe they have Norris & Zimmermann always pitch on the same day and limit their innings............but if Fulmer is really ready to go then he is for sure in the rotation along with Boyd, Nova and probably Turnbull............so it's up to that last spot. I actually think they could cut Zimmermann before it all starts.
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