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  1. Dear Jordy...............take your time..........heal up............rest.........heal up some more.
  2. Casey Mize won't be in Lakeland much longer and probably starting in the Majors next year.
  3. Wait, Turnbull got a warning? Like he WANTED to load the bases?
  4. They shouldn't play games in the North and East until at least June 1st.
  5. ..........and the promises not kept. I don't think the Ilitch family is going to come out of this looking too good. Hey, they got their arena.......screw you. I dropped HBO 2 months ago, let me know about the segment.
  6. Thats the kind of **** thats going to get him.
  7. I don't think he'd have to worry about Jon Tester. He can't stand Trump and he's been pretty open about it. Doug Jones it depends on whethe he wants to do his job or win. As far as Joe Manchin goes - I have no idea why he is still a Democrat.
  8. I would like to apologize to George W. Bush for calling him stupid. I had no idea. No.........Words...............They should've sent a poet.
  9. Sociopaths can't connect with dogs or other humans. Psychopaths can.
  10. Are you comparing Trump to Hilter? That's unfair. Hitler could read.
  11. Get him after he loses in 2020. Then he goes to jail.............and not for Obsstruction of Justice, but for all his other crimes.
  12. Danny Amendola had an online meltdown after seeing his girlfriend with another guy at Coachella. The Patriot Way. His long post has been taken down.
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