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  1. Motor City Sonics

    Better Call Saul - Season 4

    If he'd taken 5 instead of the promised 6 then Gus would have been on him for that too. That was a setup either way.
  2. Motor City Sonics

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Even if a tape does surface with him saying the N word, it won't make a bit of difference with his followers. They'll love him even more for it. Omarosa and Trump are pretty much the same - in need of constant attention and adulation and blows up at anyone who doesn't buy into their bull****.
  3. Motor City Sonics

    Better Call Saul - Season 4

    Nope. Howard is still a main character in the show and will play a part in this season and next (which has already been renewed).
  4. Motor City Sonics

    New NCAA regs for Basketball

    The NCAA should just give up the ghost and treat basketball players like the NHL does with college hockey. NHL can draft guys and then they can still play in college. The NBA should do the same. It would benefit the NBA, and the NCAA and the players too. Maybe put a 1 year cap on it but put in the rules that if a player signs with an NBA team and goes back to college, they can't collect the salary until they leave school. There would need to be a certain amount of salary guaranteed in case a player got injured playing college ball.
  5. Motor City Sonics

    Better Call Saul - Season 4

    I am not letting Jan anywhere near it.
  6. Motor City Sonics

    GeoGuessr Game

    There is a website https://geoguessr.com that uses Google Earth/Google Maps and the Street Maps viewer to drop you a certain place in the world and you need to guess where. I play the U.S. Cities game a lot. It's very addictive and I have learned a lot about street names and landmarks in various places. Anyone ever play this? Incredible time killer !
  7. Motor City Sonics

    Better Call Saul - Season 4

    By the way. The episode...... I didn't really like this one much. I know at times there are early season episodes that set up the end of the season but I am not buying that Gus figured things out so fast. Gus may be SuperDrugDealerMan but come on............... Get ready for some amazing non-verbal facial acting from Mark Margolis.
  8. Motor City Sonics

    Better Call Saul - Season 4

    I don't have a soldering iron. It was a 32 inch flat screen I'd inherited from my grandmother who passed last month. I used to have a 24 inch fat TV with a huge cabinet and was thrilled to get rid of the cabinet that took up a third of the room. Today is my grandmothers birthday - she would have been 98. I guess she didn't want me to have the TV after all. I had a little 24 inch flat screen in the basement in front of the treadmill - that's in the office room now. That fat TV would not fit on any of the furniture now and it isn't compatible with things like HDMI or much of anything. That TV was bought in 1992 and it won't die. And nobody wants those things. So I will keep checking Goodwill for TVs. I got the 24 inch for $15 about 8 months ago and it works fine.
  9. Motor City Sonics

    Better Call Saul - Season 4

    Now it comes on for about 5 seconds before it dies again
  10. Motor City Sonics

    Better Call Saul - Season 4

    Something fixable or not worth it? TV is 5 years old.
  11. Motor City Sonics

    Better Call Saul - Season 4

    About 10 minutes before BCS comes on my TV suddenly shuts off and I can only get it to turn on for one seconds before it shuts off and it keeps turning on and off and the only way to stop the cycle is to unplug it. I can watch online but I am really pissed right now. It's a Samsung.
  12. Motor City Sonics

    Losing the Queen

    I remember that too. I think she may have had bariatric surgery and they didn't want to admit it.
  13. Motor City Sonics

    Losing the Queen

    Today on the radio and one of the local TV stations she was referred to as a Motown Records legend. Come on, man. Do your research, folks. She was never on Motown.
  14. Motor City Sonics

    Training Camp and Preseason

    Takeaways from Meaningless Game #1 1. Kerryon Johnson's first step. I don't know how much more they need to play him. He has a feel, he has the quickness and he and Blount will be the main tandem. Why risk injury? The real question is if they keep Abdullah and Riddick both. Most of us think one of those two are going to be released, but maybe not. Riddick seems more valuable because of his receiving ability, but he's also more expensive. If a good D-Lineman or Tight End becomes available they might have to cut Riddick loose to afford that player. 2. Offensive line looked pretty good. I know the first unit didn't play much, but the looked pretty good. 3. Defensive front 7 wasn't very impressive but I have a feeling that it will get a lot better. Most of these guys are new and they haven't played together yet. And I don't think Matt Patricia is going to show much in the preseason - their defensive scheme was pretty vanilla yesterday. 4 Dropsies. I don't care how rusty someone is - I hate seeing the drops. Luke Wilson looked a lot like Ebron on one play. Kenny G dropped one too. Can't have it. But I also have to wait because I am sure a ball coming out of Matthew Stafford's hands has a lot more to it than any other QBs and maybe during practices they've gotten used to the feel of a Matthew Stafford pass. 5 Wrap Matthew Stafford in bubble wrap until the opener because the other two QBs are awful. I hope they are keeping their eyes peeled for other teams moves at QB and somebody better than Matt Cassel becomes available. That doesn't seem like it's too hard to imagine.
  15. Motor City Sonics

    Training Camp and Preseason

    Announcers - why you gotta bring up Barry Sanders. Don't be ridiculous.