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  1. P.O.L.M.A.
  2. I'm just kind of ashamed to be American right now............with the Mayor Of Simpleton representing us. The rest of the world has every right to just admonish us right now. Yeah, sometimes the Bully wins, but usually not long term. This cluster**** has to stop. Time to invoke the 25th - Just do it. He's obviously mentally ill and unfit to lead. He can go be a Grand Wizard somewhere.
  3. At least Nixon could do the job at least he had an idea how to do it. he was done in by his own paranoia.
  4. Stick him in a closet and be done with him.
  5. A van just drove into a bunch of people in Barcelona, Spain. I don't know if that will be considered terrorism - it depends on how dark-skinned the driver is.
  6. it won't mean anything when they are disqualified from voting (there, fixed it for you).
  7. I am pretty sure most people are not going to forget it, especially minorities.
  8. He's glomming onto this because it is the one group of voters he has left - the only group that will always be loyal to him. loyalty above all else. He gets to be King to them.
  9. Shedding an awful lot of Facebook contacts, shocked at some of the satellites in my orbit. Didn't know I knew people like this...............don't want to know them anymore. My life will be just fine without them.
  10. Party of Lincoln.................time to prove it now. If they don't stand up to him now, they never will.
  11. This is just brutal, ****in' brutal
  12. He's not going to last 3 1/2 years.
  13. Same here - I still think he was a horrible President, but he's not a racist or a sexist - not at all - despite the musings of Kanye West I never thought he was a racist. Clueless, yes. But man, he seemed a decent fellow on the surface.
  14. But what about.......................
  15. Because McCain and Romney didn't inspire the real racists to come out. Macomb County is why Trump took Michigan.