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  1. These names.........ugh...............this is not a temporary thing, this is how Chris Illitch is going to run this thing forever. PLEASE SELL THE TEAM !!!!!!!
  2. I despise Harvey Weinstein's female attorney and that permanent smirk on her face. A VERY VERY hateable person. The walker bit ain't gonna work Harvey.................
  3. What's Charlie Kaufman done lately? He had that animated movie a few years ago................... WAIT - I looked it up and he's got a Netflix movie coming ..................STARRING JESSE PLEMONS !!! LOL..........Now that's funny.
  4. I kid, I kid, I am a fat guy too. But he could have gone on the Joaquin Phoenix one apple a day lose 50 lbs in 2 months Joker Diet, though........ Or he could have eaten fish. What kind of fish? The kind you eat, I don't know, a fish. Where did you get it? A fish place. So you just go in there and say 'Gimme a fish?" Pretty much You didn't say you want a salmon, you wanna haddock, a flippin' cod? What the f does it matter what kind of fish it was? Why are you so concerned about this fish I'm just trying to understand how a person could buy a fish and not know what kind it was. 'Cause I wanna be able to explain this if someone asks ME.
  5. The continuity people in the BB universe do a great job. They couldn't get Jesse Plemons on a diet, but they do a heck of a job.
  6. Smart to have an end point and to not let the show go longer. Too bad the Walking Dead people didn't think that out. I think that last season we get quite a bit more Gene and I don't think it will end well for him. It never does for people in the Breaking Bad universe. I know Jessie Pinkman got out alive, but the cost was steep and he'll never be truly free. Maybe there's a Kim spinoff in the future.......you know, as she tries to keep her law career going while being a meth addict.
  7. I am not the president of the Pat Benatar fan club, but I found out today that she is NOT in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Are you kidding me. There was a time in the late 70s and early 80s when the only female voices you heard on rock radio were Fleetwood Mac, Heart and Pat Benatar. Heart & Fleetwood Mac are in.............Pat was the only solo female artist that got consistent airplay on rock radio and that spanned over several albums. I really don't get that one.
  8. Thats a cop out - he was not in the same situation as the others.........not even close. His parents had money - maybe not wealthy, but they had enough. He was just a crook.
  9. Chris Webber was not poor. And he was the worst offender.
  10. You still experienced the thrill while it was happening.
  11. All the teams have systems to steal signs, no doubt, but the difference is using cameras. If you have guys standing on second base relaying signs (Hi Joe Mauer), that is fine - that player is a participant in the game.
  12. But the team that did win the World Series might have been using something similar by one of the guys who looks to have spearheaded the whole thing.
  13. Do you think the MLBPA threatened MLB (a probable strike is looming in a year or so)? To me that might be the only reason the players aren't getting nailed here, but there seems to be a bit of an uproar in the public about this, so there may be something coming. None of these guys can claim they didn't know.......they're sitting in the dugout while someone is banging something behind them.
  14. It doesn't matter if it helped Beltran, though............He (allegedly) was part of the process, one of the conduits (allegedly), he's not exactly a Buck Weaver here. If a player used this system ONCE, that's enough to be severely punished. Have some real teeth, MLB. The players are the ones who benefited, This is weak.
  15. How are players getting away with this? It should be - if you are part of this it's 81 games. If you admit your role you get 50 games. The Astros are full of star players, they are still the favorite in the AL West.............that shouldn't happen. They need to be punished for this. Carlos Beltran is probably next and even though a Lifetime Ban won't be necessary for Alex Cora because he's finished, it would send quite a statement.
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