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  1. I am just of the belief that for players Lions are the final big payout before they hang it up.
  2. I'm just tired of Ho-Hum Stafford. Monotone............. nothing...............I don't care about his 40,000 yards, the only number that really matters for him is ZERO, and that's not changing this year and he's not walking away - not with that amount of money on the line.
  3. I heard some of the post game comments by Stafford and Patricia. It just annoys me, no anger, no fire, just more shoulder shrugging, like always. I'm not looking for a Bobby Ross meltdown, but I'd like to see a little anger.
  4. There was a song some local guy wrote about that song.........a country song and I remember the chorus "The Bucs stop here at our Motor City home, the Lions are unbeaten at the Sil-ver-dome" Well, they wound up going 7-1 at home that year
  5. First Lions game I ever attended was the Monday Night Eric Hipple game vs. The Bears..........Without looking it up, was it 48-17 or something like that?
  6. The earliest very clear memory of a Lions game I have was watching the end of a game at the BRAND NEW LAKESIDE MALL Sears in the TV section. The Lions were playing the BALTIMORE Colts, when Bert Jones was their QB. It was the end of the game and the Colts were leading 10-7 with about 10 seconds left only having to punt the ball away to end it. My mom came and got me and said "come on, we need to leave" When we turned on the radio the announcers were talking about the amazing Lion victory (WR Leonard Thompson blocked the punt and picked it up himself and scored).................That had to be about 1976/77. When Lakeside Mall was new When the Colts were in Baltimore and Bert Jones was the QB Jimmy Carter was President THEY HAVE ONLY BEEN GOOD ONCE SINCE THEN ! IT'S ASTOUNDING.
  7. They paid him like a Hall Of Famer, He's a little above average and counting his money now. That's what the Lions are for - cashing in and calling it a day. They are like Michigan to me now - I want them to lose every game for abusing me as a fan.
  8. Hey - let's get a bunch of players the Patriots don't want to keep or pay and think we'll be the new Patriots.
  9. Hey, Dan Quinn will be available tomorrow.....Lets give him a 9 year contract or something.
  10. This is where the train runs off the tracks. Went from being on the verge of 3-1-1 and will now end p 6-9-1 or 5-10-1 and this dumb**** organization will bring everyone back.
  11. They're just never ever ever ever ever ever ever going to be good, are they?
  12. Defensive Genius, my ***...............A year and a half in and we need to start another new regime,. I don't want to hear about injuries, this team is going nowhere. Vikings moving the ball at will. Plus look how good the Pats D is without the genius.
  13. I guess the Packers have gotten several questionable calls go their way today vs. the Raiders. The league really wants a Brady vs. Aaron Super Bowl, don't they?
  14. It sure sucks being a sports fan around here. Our saving grace was Michigan/Michigan State football being in the running.........but not this year.
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