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  1. I am slowly collecting vinyl again and I am listening to albums again instead of just picking out songs. I always have to kind of pick out songs to play on the radio shows.
  2. Some people have heard rumors about Les Miles that would indicate that he was never ever ever ever ever ever getting the Michigan job. Based on recent news, that was a very very very very very good call.
  3. When I worked at WHMI it was one of my first paid radio on-air gigs and they didn't have music set out on a schedule.........they had it on an index card system - pull the card, play the song, write down what time it aired..........next card is the next gold (older song) you played). They still ran Paul Harvey at the top of the hour and it was a weekend morning show and Paul Harvey was telling a story about how he went skydiving for the first time and he mentioned being in free fall.......while Paul was playing I was scrambling to find Free Falling (every song was on an 8-track-like 'cart' and they were not alphabetical..........I found it seconds before Paul Harvey ended and after he said "and now you know the rest of the story", I played the WHMI jingle and right into Free Falling. Hotline rings (flashes) and it's the station owner, Greg, and he asks "Was 'Free Falling" the next song in the card deck? and I said No, it wasn't, but I couldn't pass that up and he said, well, you should stick to the order of the cards but that what I did was absolutely perfect and sometimes improvising is allowed if you are on the ball.........well done.
  4. The label hated the album and almost wouldn't let him release it and it's one of the reasons he left MCA for Warner Brothers after Great Wide Open. I can't understand why. That album is LOADED with instantly singalong radio-ready hooks. First time I heard Free Falling I was singing along to it like Jerry Maguire. Even some of the non-radio singles like Yer So Bad and A Face In The Crowd are instantly recongnizable (I work at two stations that now play Yer So Bad regularly). It's my favorite album from 1989 (sorry, Stone Roses). Sometimes labels get in their own way
  5. I understand that, but so many diseases we don't even think about anymore still exist (polio, measles, smallpox, the plague, the H1N1 Flu from 1918) and so many of us vaccinated for those things in this country that it stopped being a worry until Andrew Wakefield came along with his phony science (he was researching on behalf of a lawsuit and had an agenda going into his "research"). It's not like COVID is going to give up and go away and even though the vaccine deniers seem to be shrinking, it might not be enough. All for politics. So stupid.
  6. I'm pretty much done with caring about Texas and what they do there. Sure, it's over.........no disease anymore, all is fine, everything is just fine, nothing to worry about. (COVID is never fully going away, just like the plague never did, but if we can be smart we can make it minor annoyance, if not, we can have Texas -- their problem now, not mine).
  7. Fine. I'll laugh when they spike up again. I don't care about them anymore. They are not part of the same country anymore. How about this. No mask mandate, no stimulus checks for your citizens.
  8. Every year I buy ONE pack of baseball cards and that's it. The first Tiger I come across is my Tiger for the year and this year it's Tarik Skubal. I bought a 40 pack and I got this chrome card, looks like a real autograph from Dylan Carlson. I should probably hang on to that one? I don't know, I don't "collect" anymore. But here is my 40 pack Roster for 2021...............Do I have a good team? PITCHERS Albert Abreu Chris Archer - starter Ryan Castellani Aroldis Chapman m- closer Jack Flaherty - starter Tony Gonsolin Jakob Junis - starter Sean Manaea - starter Luis Patino Tarik Skubal - starter Jose Urena Shun Yamaguchi CATCHER James McCann INFIELDERS Jake Bauers (teaching him how to play Catcher) Bo Bichette SS Jeimer Candelario 1B Brandon Drury Mauricio Dubon Maikel Franco Leury Garcia 2B Josh Harrison Manny Machado 3B Adalberto Mondesi Matt Olson Miguel Rojas OUTFIELD Charlie Blackmon CF Lorenzo Cain Dylan Carlson Yonathan Daza Avisail Garcia Bryce Harper RF Kyle Lewis DH Juan Soto LF LINEUP Soto, lf Blackmon, cf Machado, 3b Harper, rf Lewis, dh Candelario, 1b McCann, c Bichette, ss Garcia, 2b I should make this my OOTP 22 team.
  9. BOLD PREDICTION: Casey Mize out for Tommy John surgery by May Tarik Skubal gets in first base collision and separates pitching shoulder. Misses rest of season Matt Manning quits baseball to join Elon Musk Mars expedition Miguel Cabrera is in great shape at Spring Training (oh wait, already happened, sorry) Matthew Boyd actually pitches a game where he does not give up a home run Willi Castro & Harold Castro switch jerseys as a joke and are suspended for the season by MLB Zach Short punches Giancarlo Stanton after he calls him "Shortie" and breaks his hand, Stanton misses the rest of the season too, and Yankee fans complain. Michael Fulmer leads team in wins with 7 33 different pitchers start a game for the Tigers in 2021 including 9 guys who haven't thrown a MLB pitch since 2018 AJ Hinch begs team to steal signs, but they somehow mess it up 49-113 Al Avila gets contract extension. Fox Sports Detroit finally gets back on You Tube TV for the 2022 season. Players go on strike for all of 2022 Baseball returns in 2023 - nobody under 60 cares. Ads on jerseys (limit to 4 advertisers per team) 4 teams fold by 2025.
  10. There was no reason to do a sequel to Coming To American and if you watch Coming 2 America on Prime, that fact will be amplified. Awful - just awful. HEY LOOK, IT'S THE SAME BITS, ONLY 33 YEARS LATER !!!!!! AND NOT AS FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!! and I thought Eddie had found it again after Dolamite Is My Name. There is another Beverly Hills Cop movie in the works. I don't have high expectations.
  11. If you knew what was good for you, you'd believe that. Speak softly, my friend. Nobody needs to know what we do.
  12. I find myself so pissed off today. Our government business has to be shut down because of these maggots who all scream about the Constitution but really can't comprehend it beyond the 4th amendment. READ THE 20TH AMENDMENT PEOPLE IN FACT, READ ALL 36 AMENDMENTS (a tactc I used on a former friend who said he was an expert) I hate them with the intensity of a billion white-hot suns. Yes, I believe in some conspiracies like - a president being driven in an open top limo to a place that could be described as a sniper's amusement park to be shot by a lone gunman who had been to CIA training camps. Yeah, I'm buying that one. I am also buying Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals, Stern told the refs to make sure the Lakers win - I have no doubt on that one, but most of this **** is so stupid that it takes a complete waste of resources to believe it. .
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