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  1. Lets at least hope so................(on the blocking someone else part).
  2. I doubt they would have gotten much for him. Of course if he was with the Twins this year he'd have 35 home runs.............
  3. Come on, he's not very good. He's basically Steven Moya, who would have had more of a chance to prove himself with a team like this.
  4. I like what JaCoby started showing this year and next year I'd give him every opportunity to build on that. I think maybe if Travis or Christian want to stick in the majors, they should be taking a lot of practice at First Base. Both of them in the OF at the same time is a complete liability. Travis played 2,800 innings at Second Base and had a Fldg Pct of .973 in the minors. I think he could probably handle First Base. I would like to see Victor build his physique and have no doubt the Tigers will be doing that with him in the offseason.
  5. The guy that played Berkowitz............Oliver Cooper..........Eyes/Nose looked just like him. "The Chubby Behemoth"
  7. Some think the Mindhunter season 2 is boring, but I disagree. I always knew about the roadblocks with the Atlanta child killer, and knew from reading a book about the profilers that they knew it was a black man doing it very early on, and it may seem over the top on the show the way the FBI was handcuffed -- it was not, Atlanta's white police and black mayor probably caused the death of several people with their delays -- you know -- to save face.
  8. To a song that didn't come out until 13 years later..............
  9. Jimmy Kimmel's reps "Thanks for the free publicity, worth far more than $400K"
  10. Thank You Billie Eilish for ending the reign of terror of Old Town Road.
  11. People who don't understand what the First Amendment is, regarding Freedom Of Speech. Getting fired for saying racist stuff online is not a violation of your First Amendment rights.
  12. I hope someone out there lets a decent Guard loose and I am not convinced Rick Wagner is going to make this team.
  13. He's a 10 year veteran. He'll either understand it or he won't. They aren't putting him in because if he gets hurt it's over. Why risk it at all?
  14. There is a big fly on my screen who should have picked off that last pass...........
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