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  1. Weird because today I was thinking about this very same thing today. Inge provides a good power bat late in the order and in a pennant race/playoffs he can win you a game or two while playing above average defense. Monroe had some big hits in 06 though, but 20/20 says Ludwick really should have gotten his shot. Oh well.
  2. He pitched earlier in the year and is on the 40 man roster. Far as i know he's eligible for the postseason.
  3. An effective Bonderman as a 7th inning guy sounds nice.
  4. Dunn would cost more in prospects as I said, his home/road splits from Cincinnati and now at a bigger Nationals Park, and he Ks way too much. Bradley can also play all 3 OF positions next year.
  5. Probably something about the Taco Bell dog dying. Venezuelans love them some TB.
  6. Not sure why people are yelling NO!!!! in here. Bradley is a guy that gets hot for weeks at a time and can easily be the difference between making the playoffs and not making the playoffs. His strange personality doesn't concern me at all, with Bradley its the injuries that make me pause. I'd get him over Dunn in a second, he'd cost less in prospects and he'd probably have more value in a pennant race.
  7. Yeah, thanks. That's because of the language filter at this site. http://weeklydrop.com/2008/09/george-brett-*****-himself/###s-himself/ When you paste it just replace the ***** with S H I T S and it'll work.
  8. Very funny stuff here. There is some MLB language in this link so be warned. http://weeklydrop.com/2008/09/george-brett-*****-himself/###s-himself/
  9. Marian Hossa's 12-year contract looks like Blackhawks albatross - Allan Muir - SI.com Again, I have no idea what they are thinking. Not happy about this at all given he's going to our #1 rival, but I think this will end up breaking up the team. The west is gonna be tough this year with Calgary really improving, Heatley possibly moving to Edmonton to join a nice young group, and the old stand-bys of Vancouver, Anaheim, and Detroit. I think Chicago is trying to play into a SCF this coming year, and I think their chances are going to be about as good as Detroit's if not a little worse.
  10. It matters because of the buyout rules and it matters to the Blackhawks because for 10/11 they already have 34 mill tied up in just 8 players. With this contract they are playing with fire because they are going to pay him the 59 million and other teams are going to have trouble taking on a 7.5 mill a year real money contract if the Blackhawks don't want him in 4 years. Plus with the cap going down next year which looks like a certainty, they have to squeeze in Toews and Kane and then worry about Sharp two years from now. Does it make them better this coming year? Oh, yeah it does. But they made poor choices with Huet and Campbell last year and they are going to need a minor miracle to keep half this team together. They are already rumored to be offfering Barker as part of any deal to take Huet. I think they have painted themselves into a corner for '10/'11 and beyond.
  11. Wow, that deal sucks for them then. Not sure what they are thinking unless they have a trade in place for Huet and then plan to go super cheap on goalies in the future. Dumb. I hate to lose him to the Blackhawks but they are not positioning themselves as a long-term threat IMO with this signing.
  12. Huet is rumored to be going to Edmonton. And there is no "might be" in trouble if they sign Hossa to anything more than a one year deal. They will be in trouble, they won't be able to keep all three.
  13. Darren Dreger of TSN says Hossa is close to signing in Chicago. Incredible. They are gonna have a tough time keeping Toews, Kane, and Keith now though. Not sure why they'd do this.
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