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  1. I have the last game from 1984 against the Yankees. Mattingly wins the batting crown
  2. First Granderson and then Jackson. Now the Tigers are saying Cabrera???? Let's just trade everyone DD. I can see Jackson being traded, but sending Granderson and Cabrera away would be stupid. Any thoughts? What's going to happen?
  3. You people are a bunch of sh** heads for knocking Leyland. Yes, he makes some stupid moves, but he's one of the best managers in the game. They needs a few changes, but not many. Rodney lost the game, but this game should have been over before the 12th. (1) Pick up shortstop that can hit (2) bring Polanco back. (3) Let Huff and Washburn go (4) add some speed to a club that needs it
  4. The guy made a mistake. We've all done stupid things. Give him a break. I bet he wins it for the Tigers tonight
  5. I'm hoping for the best, but if Porcello struggles will Leyland use Verlander for a few innings? I know Jackson would start the first game against the Yankees and Verlander would go in Game two, but is this possible?
  6. Who's pitching for the Twins on Tuesday? Any thoughts
  7. The entire country wants to see a one game playoff between the Tigers and Twins. I believe that Verlander will beat the White Sox today, but the Twins will also beat the Royals to force a one game playoff. Reasons why I think this you ask (1) 7 game lead blown (2) Tigers start a rookie last night that hasn't started but three games (3) Grienke can't beat the Twins (4) Morneau out for the Twins and they still find a way to win (5) It's all about selling tickets and that's why were going to see a one game playoff.
  8. I'll call up CI and EG and tell them how much I hated them both along with the white sox.
  9. We've got a 5 and half game lead and he's moving guys around like were 10 games out. Stay with what's got you in first place. Thursday against the Royals he had Raburn batting first.
  10. Why is Leyland batting Granderson 7th? The entire year the guy has hit lead off and now he's moving guys around like the Tigers are 10 games out of first. Rayburn is a nice player, but he's not a lead off hitter. I know Granderson is hitting around 250, but he starts things for this offense. I don't understand why Leyland has done this the last 3 games
  11. Heck, I'm 34 years old and I'd love to get a few pictures with the players. Are there many adults that get them or is just kids? How long do the players stay out there? Do yo need someone with you taking the pictures? What are the chances of getting a few pictures if I get near line? Thanks for the information
  12. Thanks for the information. My tickets for Sunday are the 2nd row right next to the ball boy down the left field line. Any other suggestions would be great
  13. I have tickets 2nd row by the ball boy (great seats), but I'm wondering what photo day with the players is like. I think I've read where the gates open at 11. How many players are on the field? Which players have done this before? How many pictures can you usually get with different players? What are the waiting lines like? Where do they have the players at on the field? Any information would be great
  14. Facebook doesn't support this and won't allow me to post that. Darn in! Any suggestions
  15. Yes, that's the one, but I can't figure out how to copy and and put it on my facebook to my Twins/White Sox friends
  16. I've looked on youtube and other sites. Where do you get the Tiger that's dancing after wins? I'd like to just post it on facebook to a few of my friends after Tiger wins. Any help would be great. Thanks
  17. Any ideas on how to get the posters that have been given away this year? I know that only kids 14 and under were given these, but I was able to get the Edwin Jackson poster in the 8th inning when i went. I think they gave a Porcello poster away a few weeks ago. I'd like to get the poster that's being given away on August 4. I also think Polanco had a poster night. Nothing on ebay listed. Any ideas
  18. I'll say it once and I'll say it again, Jim Leyland is a great manager, but he's pulled starters to many times this year when he should have allowed them to finish games. I can think of 3 games and will find a few more. What can you remember. April 7th at Toronto: Jackson pitches 7 innings and allows 1 run with a lead. Tigers blow the game in the 8th inning June 5th vs Angels: Verlander shuts the Angels down for 8 innings with a 1-0 lead. Angels score 2 in the 9th and win 2-1. July 22 vs Seattle: Galarraga pitches 8 innings of shut out ball with a 1-0 lead and Seattle scores two in the 9th to win it.
  19. Ozzie being Ozzie. He's such a thug along with that entire team and you can throw CI into that mix as well
  20. There is a guy at the game that sells Hot Dogs and does a great job doing it. He acts like an opera singer when he's trying to sell them. I even hear this guy on TV. I think he's been there a few years. Any other neat people working at the stadium or even years past that you remember???
  21. The best move the team has made all year. Clete Thomas isn't a 3 hitter, but he's done some really good things for this team. Yes, he was in a little slump, but he's also helped this team win a few games. It's about time they bring him back up
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