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  1. The Tigers are tied for first with the Indians, but for some reason I'm still scared to death about the White Sox and Twins. I think before it's said and done that both these teams will be there by seasons end. What are your thoughts?

    (1) Tigers

    (2) White Sox

    (3) Twins

    (4) Indians

    (5) Royals

  2. Leyland needs to move some players around. Here are my thoughts. What are yours? I love Maggs, but his time has passed him over. Leyland! you need to try something new!!!

    (1) Raburn 7

    (2) Sizemore 4

    (3) Caberra 3

    (4) Martinez DH or 2

    (5) Boesch 9

    (6) Peralta 6

    (7) Avila 2

    (8) Inge 5

    (9) Jackson 8

  3. This makes me sick that the Tigers are off to a 3-7 start, but it really makes me sick that the Indians are 8-2 and have a five game lead on the Tigers. What's it going to take for the Tigers to start winning? Are the Indians really going to keep winning and stay around all year? What are your thoughts?

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