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  1. No Thanks on Beltran!! He's getting up there in age and I'd rather have Young for another year. Young did a lot of good things for us this year
  2. In 2006 the Tigers came out with a highlight viedo on the 2006 season. Even though we didn't get to the World Series this year, I still think it was a great year. I'm curious if they will make a viedo this year like they did in 2006. Any thoughts
  3. Brandon Phillips is what this team needs. I would also love to see Reyes, but it's not going to happen. I'd put Phillips into the lead off spot
  4. Has anyone heard anything on Delmon? Will he play? Who will Leyland put in his place if he doesn't play. We are going to need him.
  5. It might be Tampa, It might be Boston. Who knows, but I'm Interested in what the batting order and who will be starting in the field for Game one. Any thoughts? Here are mine Jackson cf Maggs Rf Young Lf Miggy 1b Victor DH JP SS AV C Wilson B 3b Ramon 2b
  6. Such a great day in Detroit. I usually tape things like this, but didn't have the DVD ready. Anyone know if this will be shown again and at what time? Congrats Sparky! You're the best
  7. The Tigers are tied for first with the Indians, but for some reason I'm still scared to death about the White Sox and Twins. I think before it's said and done that both these teams will be there by seasons end. What are your thoughts? (1) Tigers (2) White Sox (3) Twins (4) Indians (5) Royals
  8. Well, This manager of this team needs to make some drastic changes
  9. Leyland needs to move some players around. Here are my thoughts. What are yours? I love Maggs, but his time has passed him over. Leyland! you need to try something new!!! (1) Raburn 7 (2) Sizemore 4 (3) Caberra 3 (4) Martinez DH or 2 (5) Boesch 9 (6) Peralta 6 (7) Avila 2 (8) Inge 5 (9) Jackson 8
  10. This makes me sick that the Tigers are off to a 3-7 start, but it really makes me sick that the Indians are 8-2 and have a five game lead on the Tigers. What's it going to take for the Tigers to start winning? Are the Indians really going to keep winning and stay around all year? What are your thoughts?
  11. The Tigers open at home today against the Royals. I will not be home in time to catch the first few innings. Will this game be shown again later at night? Any info with a replay of the game on FSN Detroit would be great
  12. I hope this is correct. I just have the basic cable plan. I'm able to get Fox Detroit. I'm hoping this on again at 7. Thanks
  13. I don't have a DVR box anymore. Are we all sure that FSN Detroit will be replaying the game at 7????? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the info. I hope they replay the game at 7 so some of us can watch
  15. Opening Day Tigers at Yankees. I know this will be on ESPN and Fox Detroit, but will they show a replay of the game later in the evening? I will be at work and not able to watch. Does anyone know if there will be a replay of the game?
  16. Where did they pick the Tigers to finish? They usually do this every year at the end of each show.
  17. Thanks! Any idea if they will be showing some games later at night or replaying them? Thanks
  18. I've looked on the site a few times, but can't seem to find anything. What Spring Training Games will be shown this year featuring the Tigers? Any idea if they will replay any of them later in the day? Thanks
  19. Does anyone know what spring training games will be on TV? any help would be great
  20. We've talked about this over and over, but I'm curious to see who's left and if the Tigers will make a trade or do something else before the season starts. What teams are willing to make a move? Who's still left in the free agent market? What will the Tigers do before the season starts? What are your thoughts? What have you been hearing?
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