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  1. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4107676 Now that he has been released by the Steelers, do you think he will sign here? It sure would be a big help. peace, Boss
  2. Aaron Brown? What a waste. Cadogan would have been a nice O lineman pick. This team is run by a bunch of clowns. Way to draft all offense basically this year.. Another year of horrendous defense.
  3. the lions need to draft Gerald Cadogan. He is a solid O-Lineman from PSU
  4. What about Ricky Jean-Francois? He is listed as the 98th overall player for the draft. Graded at a 70 and 9th dated DT. We need bodies, young bodies that can play.
  5. there goes Jamon and Duke. Duke was the # 2 rated OG and he would've been a great pick for us. Typical. But, he another WR is much more important than O-line and D-line and LB... Brilliant.. I moved out of west bloomfield michigan 10 years ago to scottsdale Arizona and I am starting to really feel dirty about not even caring anymore for the lidowns. It's so sad as the lions need to put a solid team on the field.
  6. I played in the Pac-10. I went to Eastern Michigan my first year for college, then during the summer, I decided that I've lived in Michigan my whole life and wanted a change. So, I transfered schools. I walked on to the program for the simple reason that in one of my classes, the starting QB was my partner on a project and he was like, "bro, you need to try out, you are like 6'2 280 we need D lineman" So, I walked on, and got up to 345 lbs that's what they wanted me at. After college I worked in the PR dept for a pro team and got into an accident and broke my neck and back and now that I am able to walk and all that stuff again and due to the surgeries and therapy and whatnot I would give anything to play now because I would go from Lineman to linebacker as I am now 6'2 210 haha. So, breaking my neck and back was sooo worth it now that I lost 100+ lbs and met my wife as she was my pharmacist.. Life has strange ways of working out. I don't want to disclose what team I played for, but my only hint is that our QB made the Best Damn sports show top 50 and some of my team-mates or in the league now and 2 of them are pro bowlers.. I only walked on for the simple reason that it gave me the opportunity to get the best teachers for my classes and whatnot. It was purely academically goal oriented for me to walk on. I wasn't good enough, I was just big, strong and fast. They used me, I used them. I got free clothing which went to all my friends and family and a diploma.. I'll take it.
  7. Thats cool. I don't think my opinion is god. I am wrong more often then right when it comes to sports predictions. All I know is that we all want the lions to succeed. I am not saying that I don't like Stafford, I just don't feel that for what they will ask him to due, pay him etc, he isn't worth that. I would be fine if they traded down and got some extra picks and somehow managed to get Staff. That would be fine. I hope I am wrong and that if Stafford is drafted that he is the second coming of a football god.
  8. ha, why do you say uh oh.. Did I pick the wrong side of the debate?
  9. Ha, well, my honest opinion is this, I played college football for a D1 program from 98-01 so I didn't have a chance to play against him. Plus I was a walk-on. In terms of what he could bring to the table for the Lions, I wouldn't waste a #1 slot on him. He isn't worth the $, the pick, or anything else for that matter. If the lions could take him in mid first, then I would say it's a good pick. There are going to be far better QB's in the next few years and since we all know that the lions are not going to be superbowl contenders in the next few years so why not build a foundation. Smith and Curry are my picks to be honest, but I think that's common sense speaking. I would like to see the O-line revamped period. I played D Line so I can say that with a solid O line a team can start to push people around. Hopefully Cherlius can mature into a good player and if they add Smith it's a great start. Backus is awful and get's beat ALL THE TIME. Not to mention all the times he holds and is offsides. Raiola is another one I could do without. So bottom line, I really think that Smith is the choice and the best choice for this team. I also don't think Cutler is the answer either. But, that's a different story. Sorry for the long response.
  10. I am so very sorry guys. After looking at the last page of the new logo thread, I hadn't seen the jersey. So, again, I am truly sorry to those that this offended by posting something that already had been posted.
  11. I am a long time lurker, and I finally joined. I was sent this email. Here is the new jersey. Enjoy!
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