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  1. Ok, sorry about that I will reselect someone that shows not being taken, Willie Young
  2. To go off on a tangent. I wonder if this may be part of something bigger. I was thinking the Jarrad Page trade that seems like the Lions may want. I could see packaging this guy in that deal. (not sure who else or what else we would give.)
  3. He is better that what we have. Although he hasn't done much the last 2 years. Why not give him a try.
  4. It was the Summer of '84 I think July. I was in a summer camp and they went as a group. We sat in the upper deck(I don't care for heights so this really didn't work so well for me) on the Left field side. What I remember is that the stands were STEEEP and it felt like I was going to fall over. I dont remember who we were playing( I still have the ticket at home) I think it was The Brewers. I fell in love with baseball that day!!! Tiger stadium was HUGE!!! and I always wondered who sat in the little boxes on the roof!! A little more info .... WE WON (it was '84)
  5. I just picked, RipHam23232 is up, BigDom is on deck, and Jackmorris stache is in the hole
  6. With the "OMG it's finally my" pick in this years draft I select #33 Kris Draper
  7. Darn u Walt ... I thought somehow it was my pick. I got all excited for nothing. Good to see that we are moving again.
  8. Remember we do have extra time with the Olympics this year!!!
  9. Lions added DL: Mattias Askew to their practice squad and released QB: Brock Berlin.
  10. The Magic number of the day is 9 ahh ahh ahh!
  11. [ Here's what I heard on The Ticket. The Twins have 2 games v. Grienke 2 games v. Burhle and a game against Tejada left.
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