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  1. I can't even with the football team right now, so I'm excited about the recruiting class Howard has signed. Anything you're looking forward to ... IF the season is played? Michigan Soars to No 1 Recruiting Class
  2. I drank all the Harbaugh Kool-Aid - Even bought the book "Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind" After the MSU loss, I'm done. At this point I don't care what they do with him. I cannot give my energy to a team that refuses to show up, & whose coaching staff does nothing but pat each other on the back.
  3. I think you're right. I don't buy any of the "Harbaugh to the NFL" rumors that sprout up every year. That speaks more to lazy journalism than inside information .. I am just done with losing to them.
  4. On a weak line. I'm not saying I'd cut him, but I thought coming out he'd be one of those guys who made everybody around him better - IMO, he hasn't done that.
  5. That's the only one I saw .. I have no earthly idea whether it can be trusted .. Honestly, the writing was sophomoric & drew conclusions as to MLB's motivation I thought were weak, at best .. I do think it's being discussed though, & having worked for a minor league team for a while I thought I'd post it simply because of the impact it could have in these smaller towns. I do wonder though, if MiLB does contract, if that will help some of the independent league teams.
  6. MLB to Cut 42 Minor League Franchises Connecticut & Erie going bye-bye
  7. I was all in on Harbaugh when they hired him. I completely believe in his ability to coach, to make these young men better players & better people. I love the enthusiasm with which he embraces life & this program - but if he can't beat OSU pretty soon they need to get someone in here who can. I am so sick of Buckeye fans spouting off. I don't think I can take much more .. I don't think I was EVER that obnoxious when UM was winning ..
  8. I went back thru a few pages & didn't see it mentioned. It seems like Quinn focused on guys from bigger college programs .. 3 from OSU, 1 from ND, 1 from Georgia .. Maybe Wisconsin too. I hope that translates - it hasn't paid dividends with Taylor Decker thus far.
  9. I can't imagine Martha letting Bob Quinn go at this stage .. and I don't think Quinn will cut bait on Patricia this early. I also question whether constantly changing coaches while putting shlubs on the field will have any impact. That said, Brian Schottenheimer or Eric Bienemy would intrigue me. On the college level, PJ Fleck.
  10. I realize Torkelson has more power, but I like the way Austin Martin is trending. It's more likely that he adds power than it is Torkelson developing a patient eye .. We've been needing hitters in this system like Martin for years. I wouldn't pass up the chance to draft him ..
  11. Coaching Changes https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2019/09/30/lloyd-mcclendon-tigers-new-bench-coach-ramon-santiago-dave-clark-swap-base-assignments/3825992002/ Lloyd moves to bench coach - Ramon & Clark swap bases - Vavra new hitting coach.
  12. I don't know that this qualifies as a peeve, but I've come to find it comical. I do a little prep for my afternoon show every morning before I come in to work. I get an email from our boss, addressed to the whole staff, that our morning meetings are getting too long. He wants them 15 minutes from now on .. just quick stuff we need for today & the other stuff will wait until our weekly staff meeting. I get to the office, the staff gathers, & he then goes on to not only say everything he already said in the email, taking 10 minutes to do so, but then takes the next 1/2 hour to talk about stuff that could have waited for this week. Then started the ACTUAL meeting .. It physically hurt trying to hold my laughing in.
  13. I wonder if it's just a good practice to ask? After haircuts, or at the bar as Casimir mentioned .. just ask "Is it appropriate for me to tip, or are you not expecting it?" Explain the reactions you've had & let them decide .. case by case. Then again I don't get haircuts anymore, so careful taking advice from me.
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