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  1. I was wrong about O'Korn. He got better as the game went on, seemed to gain confidence, & his mobility set him apart from Speight. Given the young OL that Michigan has, they'll need a QB that can run.
  2. At the very least, it told me the Lions can play with anybody.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Caldwell didn't want it announced.
  4. It has really reminded me of Devin Gardner. He got hit in the State game his Junior year & was never the same. I will say this. Speight has a bunch of new WRs, & a young OL. That can't be easy, but even when he's had time he's missed wide open receivers.
  5. I hadn't thought of that. I'll check.
  6. It's not like it's part of the game plan, & I would argue that Caldwell's demeanor has a lot to do with this team not panicking when it falls behind. That, & Matthew Stafford is a beast.
  7. I'll be home for this game, but out in Tucson for the Big 10 opener against Purdue. Is there anywhere I can stream the game free?
  8. Of course they have losing records. We beat them.
  9. Most impressive: D-Line. Nice job getting pressure all day, & making it a lot easier on our secondary. Least impressive: Special Teams. Especially Washington. He's done returning kicks. Zenner should take his carries next week. Now we have to find a punter until Martin is healthy. Rudock must take more snaps. Serviceable: Offensive Line. Stafford was pressured quite a bit, but not bad. Need to open more holes for the running game, but it could have been worse.
  10. Oops. I don't know what I was looking at. For some reason I thought we were in AZ.
  11. Big, surprisingly dominating win on the road.
  12. If there is indeed a market for Kinsler, Iggy, even Castellanos in the off-season, I'd deal them all & fortify the bullpen. I think we've seen what a dumpster fire bullpen can do to a contending level team over the past several years, perhaps a solid BP can help elevate what is going to be a significantly younger, rebuilding team. Use the draft to bring in the most ready for prime-time players, especially in the rounds 1 & 2, instead of h-s projects. It will build enthusiasm among the fan base to get these players in Detroit sooner rather than later. Cut ties with V-Mart. Install Miggy as the full-time DH, or at least make it a 50/50 split for him. Sign Granderson. More probable if the Dodgers go on to win the WS. Curtis is worth more to the Tigers than any other FA available. With JV gone, bringing him back will help keep the fan base engaged as well.
  13. I'll give it a shot. AFC East - New England, Miami, Buffalo, NY Jets North - Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cleveland South - Houston, Tennessee, Indy, Jax West - K-C, Oakland, Denver, L-A Chargers WILD CARD Oakland over Houston, K-C over Tennessee DIVISIONAL New England over Oakland, Pittsburgh over K-C AFC TITLE Pittsburgh over New England NFC East - Dallas, N-Y Giants, Washington, Philly North - Green Bay, Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago South - Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, New Orleans West - Seattle, Arizona, L-A Rams, San Fran WILD CARD Atlanta over Green Bay, Detroit over Carolina DIVISIONAL Detroit over Dallas, Atlanta over Seattle NFC TITLE Atlanta over Detroit SUPER BOWL STEELERS 33, ATLANTA 31
  14. The DBs were better than I expected, or maybe Florida was just that bad. Still some work to do on the OL. Speight needs to improve his touch. It looks to me like he rifles short balls & finesses the long ones. If he doesn't get better, UM will be in trouble against Penn State & OSU. O'Korn hasn't shown me anything.
  15. UPDATE: I was contacted last Friday that the chairman of the board had my information & was in "discerning" mode. This week I found out that today, Saturday 9/2, is the board meeting. The guy I would be working for is the chaplain of the Minnesota Twins, & so the meeting is taking place in a suite at the Twins' game today. How cool is that? I should know next week whether I have the job! #FingersCrossed