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  1. #19 Michigan vs #5 Wisconsin - 11/18/17

    The last report on Peters did not mention collarbone. If he's walking & the concussion protocol turns out okay, maybe he'll play next week.
  2. #19 Michigan vs #5 Wisconsin - 11/18/17

    If Peters can't play against OSU, is there any chance Speight could be back?
  3. #19 Michigan vs #5 Wisconsin - 11/18/17

    Two things as the second half starts. 1. What's the point of replay if you're still going to get it wrong? 2. Someone tell Gus Johnson to chill out.
  4. The Pet Peeve Thread

    It's not passive-aggressive if they deserve it .. it's consequences. Chin up!
  5. #19 Michigan vs #5 Wisconsin - 11/18/17

    Obviously rooting for a win, but I seriously went into "Wait `til next year" mode after the MSU game. I can see Wisconsin just loading the box to stop the run & making Peters beat them. He's playing behind the same OL that Speight & O'Korn did. I don't think that ends well. I feel like UM will have to get some turnovers to keep it close.
  6. The Pet Peeve Thread

    As nasty as that is, I think I'd rather deal with that then the person who insists on stinking up the entire building with her "super healthy" lunch.
  7. Browns Vs Lions CBS 1pm (est)

    I think the loss of Ngata really hurts, as was mentioned by Nastradamus earlier. Ansah hasn't been what we hoped he would be, perhaps, but losing him doesn't help either. The Lions have talent, they just don't have a lot of depth. Austin has done a pretty decent job adjusting during games.
  8. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    I didn't used to. I always credited him with being able to make the Tigers relevant again. Now, I'm not a fan.
  9. I think we can get both. IF the Tigers would consider trading him, we have to assume we'd get more than 1 player in return. I'm thinking I'd hold out for at least 3 prospects. Of those 3 I'd like to have 1 be close to MLB-ready, but that's not to say we can't also target someone lower with a high-ceiling. I'm also tend to agree it might be better for the Tigers to wait until next off-season, because of Fulmer's injury & it gives us more time to see how the talent we acquired last season progresses.
  10. The Pet Peeve Thread

    When I was in fast food management, we would get a few folks who would raise **** for the littlest things. I'd always just give them what they wanted, & when someone behind them would say they should complain too..I'd say "Go ahead, but you don't strike me as fragile." That would usually stop it from getting out of hand, & leave the rest of the line feeling like they were contributors instead of free-loaders.
  11. Bloodletting at Bristol

    Last time for me was around '94. I was recently married, or close to it, & was on my way home from a radio conference with my boss & a co- worker. We walked in, ordered drinks, & I sat with my back to the stage. They laughed at me. Even spread the word thru the office the next workday. After that, my co-worker told me it was the most integrity he'd ever seen displayed.
  12. Lions @ Bears (1pm est)

    This game, much like the Browns game, is the kind the Lions traditionally frustrate us fans with. I can't allow myself to look ahead to any other games. If they want to be taken seriously, you simply must beat the Bears. I did remark to my son during the Browns game that at least in the NFL the margin of victory doesn't really matter. People aren't voting on who they think is better. I don't care if it's a 1-point IT squeeker .. Just win.
  13. I'd be okay with trading Fulmer, but agree with Lee that positional talent should be targeted .. & at least 1 that's MLB ready .. Preferably an OF.
  14. Local Sports radio

    MCS is right, though I do believe the best terrestrial stations will continue to understand that personalities will set them apart.