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  1. djhutch

    Alternatives to cable.............

    Just got them about 2 months ago .. but my window has closed. I feel the same way. I had DIRECTV years ago .. they were fine. Now? Not so much. AT&T is really awful when it comes to customer service. When I signed up for their wireless, I was given free phones because I had DIRECTV. This is probably 6 years ago. They didn't tell me WHY the phones were free .. I switched to U-Verse TV 2 years ago & they let me keep the phones, `cuz it's still AT&T .. but again never told me why. When we moved & had to cancel, my wireless bill doubled. Then to try to get it back down, I got DIRECTV. It has been an unmitigated disaster .. & they still won't reduce my wireless bill. & in order to leave them, I have to pay a huge fee.
  2. djhutch

    Alternatives to cable.............

    When I took my "new" job back in January, I took a fairly significant pay cut. We moved to Gaylord & have had to go thru some decisions on finances. I had AT&T U-Verse for TV in Midland, but that's not an option here. I knew I wanted good Internet, so I signed up for the Charter bundle. The Internet is fantastic. The TV is the worst I've ever experienced .. especially the DVR. I reached a breaking point, & cut that cord. In researching things, I decided to cash in on AT&T's beckoning me back & get DIRECTV. Was supposed to receive $300. They only sent $100. The package they offered now does not get ESPN/FSN-DET, so I have to upgrade. I do. They change again .. Still no FSN/DET. Last night I started going thru the 100+ channels I'm supposed to get .. a full 30+ are infomercials 24/7. I take full responsibility for it .. I don't blame anybody else .. but I am livid! Now, even though I'd like to just cut the whole thing, I am in a contract .. & as I mentioned, I'm making less money so I don't have the cash to just buy myself out of it.
  3. djhutch

    Alternatives to cable.............

    Re: the "BS on myself" .. I have this little love/hate relationship going on right now. Generally speaking, I don't tend to look to gov't, especially at the federal level, to fix anything. Then I hear about this kind of bullying thing that's been going on at my grandson's high school, & all over, called Blue Whale. It starts out innocently enough, then escalates to the point that 4 kids in a period of 10 months have committed suicide. & while I bristle at the idea of "gov't intervention", there's part of me that thinks "Can't somebody with power get off their dead *** & do something about this?"
  4. djhutch

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    The one that drives me nuts is the guy in the right lane on the freeway that hasn't figured out he can set his vehicle on cruise, & it will maintain a speed for him. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten behind people that speed up & slow down...& speed up & slow down...I am the least aggressive driver I know. I gladly let people by me all the time. I'm not racing out there .. but for the love of God PICK A SPEED!
  5. djhutch

    Game 9 Detroit @ Chicago. The City of Big Shoulder Pads

    This team is in a shambles. Terrible defense .. Terrible O-L play .. I did not know it was possible for one franchise to look so completely different from week to week. It's truly Jekyl & Hyde.
  6. djhutch

    Potential Democratic Candidates for 2020

    In this current climate, the loudest, most brash among seem to get the nod. It'll will be Elizabeth Warren. She likes to hear herself talk too much to not run .. & she may be the only candidate I can think of that Trump may actually be able to defeat. Here I am...stuck in the middle with you.
  7. djhutch

    Golden Tate to Philly

    Patricia is also a playbook junkie, & the "Patriot Way" is to get players who can do multiple things. That's not Ansah.
  8. I'd love this if it led to more access to games without having to have cable/satellite.
  9. djhutch

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    My hope is Mize, Manning, Faedo, & Burrows will be ready soon & we can have the Norris/Boyd's of the world settle into middle relief, with Jimenez/Perez battling for the closer role over the next 2 seasons. I like Fulmer, but I doubt he'll be here if/when the Tigers' are ready to compete.
  10. djhutch

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    You can take the boys out of Chicago, but... I've never been a big fan of either, but if they elevate Craig Monroe to a full time gig I will be ill. I'd like to see them offer it to Jack Morris full time.
  11. djhutch

    8/24 @7:10 Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigers

    With my new job, I've been able to watch more Tigers' games this summer than I have in years. I mention that because I may have just missed it, but I don't recall the Tigers' EVER wearing a different jersey at home, with the exception of the Negro League tributes.
  12. djhutch

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    I saw this about a month ago .. it was the only car on that side of the parking lot. Ugh.
  13. djhutch

    8/13 @7:10 Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigers

    My first thought when I saw Artie Lewickie was starting tonight?
  14. djhutch

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    They can pry my cargo shorts from my cold, dead legs.