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  1. On his way back to Boston for evaluation now. I really hope he's okay. I also wonder if anybody has checked to see where Benoit was when this went down.
  2. It makes me happy that you're still plugging away. Radio can be harsh.
  3. Thanks for this. Just checked them online & it looks like it might be my best option.
  4. I have one month left on my AT&T wireless contract. When I had to dump U-Verse because I moved, my bill doubled. They told me I could bring it back to what it was if I signed up for DirecTV, so I did. Bill remained the same. I'm done with them, but living in northern Michigan I'm a little more limited in terms of what will work & what won't. I'm probably going to go with Verizon or Cricket for my wireless. I'd like to cut the cord completely & just stream but I have a DirecTV contract that goes another year...so I'm thinking I'll get Charter TV back. They'll pay off my DirecTV & I'll use them for 6 months before deciding what's next .. If you see me on the news it's because I cracked under the strain of having to watch Charter cable TV again. Ugh....
  5. Seeing this reminds me of a peeve with Michiganders. All my life I've heard the added "S" on the end of words, mostly like Walmarts, Meijers, Fords. Like my mom would talk about my brother in law & say "He works down to Fords" .. Yet when you hear people talk about our baseball team, it's always "Tiger Baseball" ... No S. Maybe it's just 30 years in radio that makes this a peeve but it drives me nuts to hear it, though I do have new co-workers who are not from here & they mention this all the time.
  6. That's why I've been hoping White would still be there at 8.
  7. I can tell you my insurance went up went I moved out of the Tri-Cities (Midland, Saginaw, Bay City) and moved up north to Gaylord. The county is about 1/4 the size.
  8. Baseball seriously needs to hurry up. Bert is about to burn this mother down.
  9. I cannot root for the team to lose. The culture in this franchise has been broken for a LONG time .. tanking, or even resting healthy players to get a pick a couple of spots better is exactly the kind of thing that needs to be broomed out. I have no idea whether Patricia is the answer .. I have not been impressed with the way the team has been prepared this year .. but it makes no sense at all to me to root for losses .. ever. Plus beating GB always gives me a warm feeling inside to get me thru a cold, northern Michigan winter.
  10. AFC (3) Texans over (6) Colts (5) Chargers over (4) Ravens - Rivers > Jackson -------- (1) Chiefs over (5) Chargers (2) Patriots over (3) Texans - Because Brady ------- (1) Chiefs over (2) Patriots - Pats defense can't stop KC ************************************************************** (6) Eagles over (3) Bears - I cannot bring myself to pick anything Chicago (5) Seahawks over (4) Cowboys - Dak sucks ------- (1) Saints over (5) Seahawks - It'll be a Brees (2) Rams over (3) Eagles - Aaron Donald -------- (1) Saints over (2) Rams - Again SUPER BOWL Saints over Chiefs - Yes I picked both 1 seeds. I'm a Lions fan..what do I know?
  11. Can I be my own peeve? When I started my new job last January, I also contracted with my former employer to do some voice work. I needed to set up a home studio, which I have done slowly but surely. However, when I bought my new laptop I became so enamored with the deal I got on it that I neglected to look carefully at the specs. Now, it's constantly freezing up .. super slow .. & I can't do 2 things at once, IF one of those things is recording because it eats up all the power. I now have to look at potentially adding ANOTHER new laptop just to do the work I need to do without cursing!
  12. Or filling out the info online, because they tell you they need it in advance .. then you get to the office and you have to fill it all out again. Then you get in with the doctor, & she asks all the same questions, then you make an appointment for surgery, and answer all those questions 3 more times.
  13. I thought the same thing. I'm sure Pep had a lot to do with it, but Shea had zero time pretty much all day. A good OC would have been able to scheme something else to buy more time.
  14. I read an interesting article this morning about the NFL & Analytics. While I didn't think it warranted its own thread, there were some interesting things in there. Like teams are running more toward their own sideline, so when the play is over DLs rotating out have longer to run to get off the field. Here's the link. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2018/12/19/18148153/nfl-analytics-revolution
  15. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2018/12/13/tigers-take-first-steps-toward-retooling-approach-developing-hitters/2299853002/ I for one am glad to see Fields go. The organizational approach to hitting has been a problem for a long time, & he's been here for all of it.
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