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  1. I wonder if it's just a good practice to ask? After haircuts, or at the bar as Casimir mentioned .. just ask "Is it appropriate for me to tip, or are you not expecting it?" Explain the reactions you've had & let them decide .. case by case. Then again I don't get haircuts anymore, so careful taking advice from me.
  2. Which is akin to people constantly asking for advice, but never following any of it. In fact, constantly doing the ONE thing that everyone in their life has told them not to do .. & then wondering why things "always" work out that for them.
  3. UPDATE: So remember I went with Charter `cuz they'd pay off my DirecTV cancellation fee? I had confirmed earlier with AT&T that there was a fee .. now, I find out there is no fee. I owe them nothing. So I'm now in the process of deciding which streaming package to pick. Disney's ESPN/Hulu/Disney package looks good. I'll also look at Sling-TV & YouTube. We'll see. Any recommendations?
  4. I've given up making predictions. I'm hopeful, with Gattis calling the plays, UM will give defenses more to think about. I'm a little worried about the RB position, though. The fact that Mason has moved to DL makes me wonder if that has to do with the depth we lost on D, or the fact that Gattis will not be using a FB as much. Maybe a little of both. Replacing 4 starters on D will not be easy, but Don Brown seems to be able to motivate the new guys & get them ready.
  5. Kennedy seem like exactly the kind of guy Belichek/Brady would take & turn into Julian Edelman. A little taller than Powell. Made a nice comeback on a horrid JJ pass.
  6. The Cubs snuck in a last-minute stunner, working out a deal with the Tigers for Nicholas Castellanos, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic (via Twitter). Paul Richan and Alex Lange are headed to Detroit in return, per Craig Mish of MLB Network (via Twitter).
  7. Glad we held out on Boyd & didn't give him away.
  8. Line-X. 3 years ago my wife & I bought a Ford Explorer. Checked, double-checked, & re-checked for rust. None. Started driving it & within 6 months there were tiny little rust spots starting to show up on the lift gate. They stayed that way for about a year. Very small. Moved up north, paid $400 for the lift gate & part of the side to be Line-X'd .. They treat it & cover it. Now it looks like I took it off the blocks in the front yard to drive it. Only the places where it was treated.
  9. I'm the same way with trains. We lived about 200 yards from a railroad track when I was growing up. Now, when I want to sleep, I put a train track sound on my tablet & ZZZZZZZZZZZZ..............
  10. Was just about ready to call these guys .. but gave AT&T one last chance. Went with their pre-paid plan, because I get a multi-line discount & another for auto pay. $50/month for 2 phones. Neither my wife or I go thru much data, so we'll be fine. Canceled DirecTV & went back to Charter, who will pay off my DirecTV cancellation fee .. Plus now I have no contract. Will decide at some point in the future whether to cut the cord completely.
  11. On his way back to Boston for evaluation now. I really hope he's okay. I also wonder if anybody has checked to see where Benoit was when this went down.
  12. It makes me happy that you're still plugging away. Radio can be harsh.
  13. Thanks for this. Just checked them online & it looks like it might be my best option.
  14. I have one month left on my AT&T wireless contract. When I had to dump U-Verse because I moved, my bill doubled. They told me I could bring it back to what it was if I signed up for DirecTV, so I did. Bill remained the same. I'm done with them, but living in northern Michigan I'm a little more limited in terms of what will work & what won't. I'm probably going to go with Verizon or Cricket for my wireless. I'd like to cut the cord completely & just stream but I have a DirecTV contract that goes another year...so I'm thinking I'll get Charter TV back. They'll pay off my DirecTV & I'll use them for 6 months before deciding what's next .. If you see me on the news it's because I cracked under the strain of having to watch Charter cable TV again. Ugh....
  15. Seeing this reminds me of a peeve with Michiganders. All my life I've heard the added "S" on the end of words, mostly like Walmarts, Meijers, Fords. Like my mom would talk about my brother in law & say "He works down to Fords" .. Yet when you hear people talk about our baseball team, it's always "Tiger Baseball" ... No S. Maybe it's just 30 years in radio that makes this a peeve but it drives me nuts to hear it, though I do have new co-workers who are not from here & they mention this all the time.
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