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  1. For me it's not really anything to do with the Tigers' or the moves they've made, but my schedule will undergo a major change. After 25 years of doing morning shows, I'll be flipping to afternoons. After my body adjusts to this, it'll mean much more staying up & watching/listening/following the Tigers. So while the team may or may not be as good, my enjoyment of it will be much greater.
  2. Random Thread

    That's like needing to buy new glasses so you can find/fix your old glasses.
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Last year Quinn used FA to try to help rebuild the OL. Solder & Pugh are both FA's this year, which would be cheaper than trying to lure other higher priced position players via FA. That way we can use the draft for DL/LB/RB.
  4. Not if the pieces they get aren't worth all that much. His value isn't high right now.
  5. Billee update

    I hate thinking the world is a little darker today, even though it feels like it. I'll miss you, Billee.
  6. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    If he can bring a Lombardi trophy to the Lions, he can dress like this for all I care....
  7. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    That was the worst written piece of tripe I've seen in a long time.
  8. Random Thread

    I know what you mean. I had an "exit interview" this week. First. Time. Ever. Usually those are "You're fired." I was given every opportunity to throw the girl under the bus that has made life so challenging there, but in the end I decided that this interview was about me .. & I would be remembered based on how I decide to leave. I did not want to give her, or anyone else, the satisfaction of thinking I was the one with issues. It will be found out soon enough.
  9. Random Thread

    This is the best mom & pop Mexican I've had. Nacho's Taco House in Imlay City, MI. Owned by Nacho Ramirez. Yes, that's his given name.
  10. A dear friend needs our prayers...

    You got this billee!
  11. I saw this headline on the home page. My first thoughts were what would you put after the ellipsis. "Look for Tigers' Victor Martinez to make it out of ..."
  12. Random Thread

  13. Random Thread

    Why didn't I think of Google for figuring out Google passwords? This is why they call us "morons."
  14. Random Thread

    As I mentioned earlier, I have accepted a position in Gaylord, MI. As stressful as my current environment has become, I have also spent 20 years here and I want to leave well, so I have given 4-5 weeks notice. My last day is January 26. After having been here that long, obviously the desktop PC I use everyday has become an extension of my laptop from home, especially when it comes to saving passwords. My question is, is there an easy way to delete all of the passwords from my office PC without them being deleted from my laptop? I use Chrome at both locations and I just want to make sure that when I clear the data out here at the office that it doesn't delete it on my laptop too.
  15. This running game has been pretty unimaginative today. Nothing inside but they haven't really tried any reverses or WR sweeps. Need points here.