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  1. djhutch

    Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    We're gonna beat `em anyway!
  2. djhutch

    2017 Michigan Football

    Do we have any idea when the NCAA is going to make a decision on Shea Patterson?
  3. djhutch

    UM B-Ball 17-18

    If we're all called morons here, I am our king.
  4. djhutch

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    Low ball offers. Still trying to sell our home in Midland so we can relocate to Gaylord permanently. Finally get an offer...& it's 16,000 under our asking price. Not. Even. Close. I know how the game is played, but I hate it. I would not want to waste people's time.
  5. djhutch

    UM B-Ball 17-18

    Anybody else a little nervous about A&M?
  6. djhutch

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    I was all on the "Get rid of it" train last year, but now I'm at a new job .. working afternoons instead of mornings .. & having it still be light when I sign-off at 7:00 is really nice.
  7. djhutch

    Random Thread

    Note to self: Friend Biff's wife on Facebook ... Copy ... Paste.
  8. djhutch

    UM B-Ball 17-18

    I was surprised to hear the announce team mention that the lead ref yesterday was Gene Steratore, who reffed Super Bowl LII. Maybe they think it's football?
  9. djhutch

    Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    My lack of activity in politics has helped restored some much needed peace to my life, which is a big reason I stepped away from the discussions here. However I did see something on Facebook this week (I know..I was shocked too) that I found interesting. Not so much the content, but the fact that it's coming from 2 authors who tend toward the left politically. (As an aside, I'm not a huge fan of Matt Kibbe but that happened to be who posted the video)
  10. djhutch

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    I'm not as tolerant of the cold as I used to be, but generally speaking I don't call it cold until it hits zero fahrenheit.
  11. djhutch

    UM B-Ball 17-18

    I would love it for this to be the team to break thru & win it all, simply in the wake of the Louisville investigation & all that's happening with Arizona, et al right now. For a program like Beilein's to win it all would be awesome.
  12. djhutch

    Random Thread

    Just thought I'd give a bit of an update. Today is 1 month at my new position in Gaylord, MI. It has been everything I'd hoped for & more. GREAT staff .. Decent facility .. & improvements are underway to equipment. For the first time perhaps in the station's history we're getting people coming to us, saying they've heard about the things we're doing & they want to be part of it. I have not felt this alive & engaged in my work in more than 10 years. If you're the praying type, I'd really like to get my home in Midland sold. My wife is still there & I'm staying up north thru the week .. driving home on the weekends. That's getting old.
  13. djhutch

    4.8.13 Michigan v. Louisville

    I think it'd be fun to get all the players from those teams back & do an exhibition game this summer. Beilein would never coach them, but it could be a good thing to raise money for charity .. or hookers for the incoming class at Louisville.
  14. djhutch

    Going back to 2006

    That is awesome.