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  1. No I get annoyed with douche bags like you that think you know everything. If you're so smart and know so much about the Android, why didn't you invent it? Sure dropped the ball on that one didn't ya?
  2. Well Captian Douche seems to think that Apple is just locking me into 2 year contracts. I'm sorry I can't afford to buy the new latest and greatest every 2 months at $600 a pop. When you have an iPhone, you don't have to upgrade more than once every 2 years. They actually last.
  3. It's not too complicated you *******, it's a freakin phone. Make phone calls, send text messages, check twitter or eBay. Do you really need to spend half your life playing with your phone and "modding" it. My "user experience" is perfectly fine with an iPhone. It's much better than it's ever been on a Droid or Android phone. And how would this be trolling? Contributing my feelings of the iPhone in a "Android vs. iPhone" thread? Sorry Captian Douche, I'll message you my respones first to see if they're ok.
  4. As for battery life, I usually get 2 to 2 1/2 days out of a charge on my phone. That's with regularly checking twitter, email, instagram and eBay. When I had my Droid, yes, it was a few years ago, I would usually only get 3/4 of a day out of it. You'd spend more time charging it than you would using it.
  5. This is your go to everytime someone tries to have this arguement with you. Do you understand that you HAVE to sign a 2 year contract with some phone companies? Apple OR the almighty Android. And as for getting stuck with obsolete hardware, it's all obsolete by the time you can buy the phone. And your photo of the "Evolution" is funny. The "fruity" phone doesn't have to change cause it already looks nice. The Android just looks to be more fruity.
  6. If it wasn't for Dirks, Shannon Hogan would be the best one there.
  7. The Yankees instructor figured out that Curtis needed a smaller park to hit homeruns in. He didn't exactly light the league on fire in any other categories. My question is, why does Phil Coke only get 8 pitches last night? Bring him out for another inning. He's the only solid bullpen guy we've got and barely gets used. He's not a situational lefty.
  8. Everyone should boycott the signing due to their outrageous prices for him, and the way his attitude changed towards signing after they did their private signing with him.
  9. Wanted to give this a bump. I've edited what I have and prices have been lowered.
  10. IP successes from today: Aaron Westlake 5/5 Melvin Mercedes 1/1 Danry Vasquez 1/1 GU Bat
  11. He's pitched in 3 games, but only 3 total innings. Only allowed 1 hit though and has 5 K's. Good for a .071 avg against.
  12. Miner's going to Erie. Schlereth should be going there as well.
  13. Have these posted in the WM Whitecaps thread, but some of you may not check that section, so here you go. Jon Kibler GU Whitecaps Alternative Jersey Luis Sanz GU Whitecaps Alternative Jersey Looking to get $50 each or $90 for both.
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