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  1. i found out on facebook that roger died. i didn't even know he was ill. rest in peace. and thank you again for your service to our country, and your lively conversation.
  2. i have used a similar service and it works perfectly.
  3. a bench warrant is an arrest warrant issued by the judge, ordering the police to bring the subject to the court. if the defendant is a no-show, then the judge will adjourn the trial, and once the defendant is found and arrested, the trial will be re-scheduled - most likely with the defendant waiting in jail rather than out on bond (unless the defendant has a good reason for missing the original trial date, like being laid up in the hospital).
  4. not sure why people want to jump to conclusions about evan reed without knowing all the facts. it's possible that she was too drunk to consent to sex when they left the bar, but after sleeping a few hours, woke up and communicated consent to reed and then they had sex, and after more sleep she didn't remember the next morning. entirely possible. you have to look at it from reed's perspective. she may be saying "yes" and sounding convincing, when in reality she doesn't remember in the morning. the only conclusion i can draw from what's been made public is that the prosecutor couldn't even get the case bound over to circuit court. that tells me a lot.
  5. there are ways to bypass the blackouts (i.e. watch the tigers regular season games in michigan with mlbtv). just google it.
  6. having practiced criminal law in michigan for 10 years, i can tell you one thing for sure: if you can't get a charge like this bound over, you have no case. they had no physical evidence and the direct testimony of the complaining witness was contradicted by other objective evidence (like video). this is about as close to exoneration as our system gets.
  7. really sick of this genre of viral videos. in this one, the brother tells his sister that he can't make it home for her wedding. it's all a ruse, of course. so she cries the night before, thinking he won't be there. how cruel of her family to allow this. and this is done, of course, so they can make a stupid video where he suddenly appears and she's overcome with emotion. why didn't they just tell her that her dad was killed in a car accident, so their neighbor would have to walk her down the aisle. dad could be sitting in the front row! how heartwarming. or maybe her doctor could tell her that she was dying of cancer, and then he could be at the reception to announce that she's really okay. wouldn't that be heartwarming? Going Viral: This Is the Incredible Moment She Spotted the One Thing That Was Missing on Her Special Day | Video | TheBlaze.com
  8. as usual, i have failed to divine your meaning. i have no respect for obama, but i have never heard him use language like purging cur dogs when referring to executing prisoners. it would only lower my already low opinion of him.
  9. are you saying that you agree with obama on this issue?
  10. do you know if the families want them executed? i can certainly understand the families' continued interest in the case, but not all victims' families support the death penalty.
  11. besides their celebrity status (thank you media, and public fascination with depravity) i don't see how the manson family being alive in prison makes or breaks anyone's day. "purging" them sounds like something charlie would say.
  12. or maybe some common sense, real world experience? . . . Oklahoma former prison warden: death penalty does not help families | World news | theguardian.com
  13. the charming back-and-forth of the partisan. it doesn't matter if the senate flips from d to r. they all come from the same stinking pile anyway.
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