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  1. lordstanley that would have been great to have shot that. LOL!! Did the ushers rush to you? One of the foul balls sailed over my head about 3 feet when I was shooting and I really wanted to reach up and grab it
  2. No worries Yoda :-) I just found it lame that being a sports fan all you took from it (or all you commented on) was bad graphics. I wasn't looking for or expecting you to do jumping jacks for the Detroit Free Press or think it was the greatest thing in the world, I just came on here to share a cool sports story on a Detroit Tigers message board. I thought others might relate to being at Tiger Stadium back in the day or Comerica Park now and snagging a foul ball or coming close to getting one :-)
  3. LOL!!! Damn ToledoTigerFan remind me to get out of your way if I'm in front you at a Tigers game :-)
  4. Summer's always slow for sports news in this town especially if the Tigers aren't in 1st or fighting for 1st. At least Lions training camp has started, maybe next we'll fill space with wide receivers catching footballs huh?? :-)
  5. I'm the guy who shot and produced the video and yeah I know that sucked to (just trying to save you the time of typing that) Eric Seals Visual Journeys on Vimeo
  6. yep, good call..what in the world gave it away :-)
  7. I don't know Yoda, would you like the email and/or phone number of the person who did the foul ball chart? You can ask them directly on why the graphics are so crappy or are you the type that likes to complain about anything in the world? If you won the Mega Million lottery you'd still find something to bit*h about huh?? ;-) And then again if the Freep sucks why did you even bother clicking the link in the first place?? If something sucks so bad most people stay away from it. By clicking the link you give the Freep page views which equals money which equals the paper and website publishing so I guess they can keep sucking and you'll keep clicking
  8. Video of foul balls and the Tiger fans that got them http://www.vimeo.com/channels/ericseals#13790249 Going to a Detroit Tigers game is fun but the odds of getting a foul ball aren't as fun. Usually only 32 balls reach the fans but with a little bit of luck, the right seats & determination, you could as these 32 fans did at a recent game against the Toronto Blue Jays. ERIC SEALS/Detroit Free Press The Detroit Free Press had a team of journalists at the game on July 22 to track and tell the story in words, pictures and video of every foul ball hit into the stands and the fans that were luck enough to catch them Video of the foul balls and fans telling their stories; http://www.vimeo.com/channels/ericseals#13790249 Interactive graphic charting all the foul balls and the story; http://www.freep.com/article/20100801/SPORTS02/100731011&template=altart
  9. that's bizarre to now have to force people to undo the spaces just to watch the video. HOWEVER folks it is worth watching to here Dmitri talk about his up and down career here in Detroit and how he's changed his life around and now back coach :-) Sorry for the hassle, not sure why I just can't post the link normally. Eric
  10. damn, I try your way catswithbats h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m / d m i t r i y o u n g or t i n y u r l . c o m / d m i t r i y o u n g
  11. well, that didn't work..... maybe this will?? *******.com/dmitriyoung just at http:// in front
  12. I'm a photo and video journalist for the Detroit Free Press and spent a couple days shooting and editing a video aboutformer Detroit Tigers Dmitri Young. He's back in town as a coach for the Oakland County Cruisers. http://*******.com/dmitriyoung The story will also be in the Free Press on Sunday morning
  13. Oops Here is the link to the art of the autograph video www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=videonetwork&videoid=1058326044
  14. I shot and produced the art of the autograph video (posted a couple of days ago) *******.com/ericseals and grew up a HUGE Tigers fan. It's always been hard being a member of the media and being close to these guys in the dugout etc and photographing them and NOT getting/asking for autographs. It's just not allowed as a journalist doing that. So when I had a really nice picture of Brandon Inge diving into the crowd by the third base line I got in line at a sports store at 12 Oaks Mall in Novi and he signed it. He was shocked as hell to see me there and told me he could have signed in the dugout for me but I didn't want to cross the line and have my Tigers press pass yanked. Eric Photo and Video Journalist Detroit Free Press eseals@freepress.com
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