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  1. I remember the missed PAT against Minn. I was laughing so hard as well. When Pettigrew got stripped against Tenn a few years back. Hill came in and hit the hail mary and still lost in OT. Dan O running out the back of the end zone. I was with my buddy last night and he asked what would happen at the start of the drive. I said its either going to be a spectacular win i.e. fake spike against Dallas or a complete failure that you can't predict or see coming.
  2. I am actually happy he is hurt b/c if he wasn't than he was the worst player on the field healthy. Terrible angles, slow and just looked like he didn't belong on the field. Hope he gets straight cause that was just bad.
  3. WAY to popular, makes WAY too much money to just not exist. They will either offer lifetime medical or sign waivers not to sue.
  4. Calvin, Tate, Bell, Ebron, Riddick, Bush and we throw to THAT guy. That was my biggest issue. He has not been asked nor has made a good play in probably 3 seasons...at least. The flag sucked but throwing to him was just as bad as the flag itself.
  5. Surprised the thread hadn't been started. With Suh back in I think it makes sense. Last two games versus Dallas... Stafford 54-91 729yds and 3 tds. Calvin 22 for 425yds and 3 tds. I think if Bell can go for 75 and hit the endzone(and hold onto the ball) and CJ/Staff can go off a bit I think we got a shot at this. I think on paper Dallas is better but "if" the offense can show up and Ebron get a big play(maybe Lombardi has been saving him to stratch the field). I like the us in this game. If we get to 30 points, which I don't think we have done this year, we got this. I think Dez can and will hurt us but allow him 100 and a td and consider that a win matchup. The biggest matchup is Levy/Ihedibo on Witten. Have to win on first down and have to get off the field on 3rd down. Fix whatever happened against Lacy but I think in the dome the run defense will be much better.
  6. Lions rally, Stafford goes bananas, Calvin does what he always does against the Cowboys, Ansah introduces himself to the country and helps Romo go Romo, Slay pick 6...Lions 38 Cowboys 17
  7. Giants/Pats Super Bowl as well in 2007...probably the best example
  8. Stats will probably show differently but just trying to keep the faith. But off the top of my head Steelers/Broncos in 2011(Tebow game), Saints/Seahawks in 2010(Seahawks were 7-9) and the 2001 Pats/Rams Super Bowl.
  9. I saw that Caldwell dismissed the reporter that asked about why they didn't blitz when Rodgers came back in. I thought that was a huge mistake by Austin. Make him move, he was definitely uncomfortable and hobbling walking to and from the huddle. On the flipside, when Warford left the game GB exploited the s*** out of it. The late drive where Stafford hurt his hand and the 3rd and 4th down play where the ball was tipped, GB lined up Peppers on Reynolds and essentially rag dolled him into Stafford. Warford hurt could be huge if he doesn't play. Didn't watch too much of Swanson but the snaps looked good. I guess not seeing him is a good thing. Overall the better team won. We CAN stop Murry but I don't know if we will. He goes off its over. I do however LOVE that literally nobody is going to pick us to win this game...that rarely goes over well for the favorite. And to those who are saying this is a wasted season and that this team is terrible...wake up and take your pity party somewhere else please.
  10. Couple thoughts... 1)With the defense playing so well right now, you think Lewand and Mayhew are realizing they may have to pull out the check book for Suh and maybe Fairly? With every win and if the Lions make the playoffs with a top 5 defense in the league, Suh is just seeing $$$$$$$. 2)Looking a month or so ahead with getting guys healthy and hopefully getting a level of comfort with the new offense and playing lights out defense. This team COULD be a very nightmare matchup come December and playoff time. Love the grit and guts. This team definitely seems different.
  11. Really need to win 8 of the next 11...or 8-3 for the math majors to get to week 15 at 10-4. At GB and at Chi to finish the season. Best case is a split. If we go 0-2 I still think 10 wins would get us in.
  12. Gozer

    2014 Draft

    not a Blue Jays fan by any means but they did win back to back WS. More recent history than a lot of MLB teams.
  13. better be 10-4 going into week 16 if we want to make the playoffs. Either way its not a good situation b/c if we have momentum going into Chi it will be more than likely squashed...at best we go 1-1 and more than likely going 0-2 and head into the playoffs, on the road, on a 2 game losing streak. It can be done but by no means ideal. LET'S GO STAFFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  14. I'll take the team guy over the 'me first, hold out after a good year' guy.
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