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  1. Matthew Stafford Gets a Chance to Throw to Titus Young SideLion Report | A Detroit Lions Blog This doesn't looked ripped to me. I just want his shoulder to stay healthy for a year. Add: I'm not looking for him to be ripped. I just want his shoulder to be good. Brady Quinn has proved ripped doesn't mean good. It means mediocre.
  2. I really wouldn't mind getting Hankerson later in the middle of the draft. I've always been impressed with him. We don't need a speed guy. He's big and runs a solid 40 time. He seems a little slow off the ball at that concerns me a bit, but he plays his size and has been lights out in the red zone in college. He'd be a good #3 IMO and possibly replace Burleson long term.
  3. If we can get Peterson, I'd be elated. He's a game changer. The bit I've seen of him, I've been extremely impressed. I've heard he's a top 5. If by some chance we can get him, we need to. We'd be in a lot better shape. We need depth for LB and DB. We lost Delmas and Spivey and suddenly anybody in the secondary couldn't tackle.
  4. We might not be a top 2 this year. Woo-hoo!
  5. Over Gosder, I'm open. Even though Gosder has started looking better lately. He's been BAD for a long time.
  6. We've shown progress. We need to get rid of some people. Peterman and Raiola. They suck. We get them replaced, we'll be ahead of the curve. If Stafford can stay healthy, we have a good chance.
  7. I'd love to get Peterson. The limited times I've seen him, I've been really impressed. If we got him, do you think they'd use him as a returner at all. Him and Logan back there on kick returns would be a nice combo in my mind.
  8. If the Lions draft a QB, I'd laugh. Stafford will be an elite QB if he can stay healthy. The idea of drafting a QB in the first round is crazy. They said Stafford was an elite prospect. No history of major injuries. Look what happens. Trading up for a QB when it isn't needed is just nuts. I agree with the bulk of the posters, DE/LB/CB in the first. We need something on the offensive line because we just can't open a hole to save our lives. Pass protection seems better than recent years. I just want a linebacker who can actually make a tackle. There is no way Fred Jackson should make us look like a pee-wee football team by how poorly we tackle. I was also one of the people who said to draft Curry over Stafford. I'd gladly be eating my words if Stafford could stay healthy for more than 2 games.
  9. I agree. None of the OT's this year seem to be worth any high picks. I'd be willing to draft a project in the 4th round on.
  10. I still love that Crabtree was holding out due to where mocks placed him. I don't think Graham will be there either. Just shocked I've seen a couple where they have him there still. I figure he's a lock for the middle of the first round. I don't have injury concerns about Best. I was just pointing out that is a knock he has on him and how, like you said too, it can change when they're a pro. I'd rather have Best over McCluster.
  11. I agree we need a burner RB in the mix. Best or McCluster would be good. I'd be pretty happy with Cruzer's mock if it fell that way for the Lions. Like others have said, Best's durability is the only thing that makes me hesitate about him. The same was said about AD coming out too. He got hurt each year. It's funny how people can be so different, I've seen mocks with Hughes going in the first. I was shocked to see Spikes going in the 3rd round considering all the hype he's had for most of his career. I'm not a Spikes fan, but it was surprising. On a side note, I've seen at least a couple mocks that have Graham there in the 2nd. If he is, would you say take him over the RB's there? I would. Not sure we'd get the speedy RB we need though. I don't know a lot of the players coming out. Are there good RB's worth taking in the 3rd-4th rounds you think that can contribute immediately?
  12. You can't ignore position value. You cannot tie top 2 money up in a safety. Why do you think Bradford is even in the discussion? He's usually not even rated in the top 5 players. How is it basically down to Suh and Bradford for the #1 pick? Bradford is going to be #1. If not, I'd be amazed.
  13. You can't begin to judge this staff as a whole until after 3 years. The Lions after the 2008 season were down there with the expansion Bucs for a complete void of talent. We had 2 players on our roster that would start for another team (Hanson and Johnson). It's gonna take time to fill it with talent. To me the staff is doing well. I wasn't a fan of the Stafford pick, but he seems to have the respect of the team so that's a big part of it. Pettigrew is going to be a very good TE in the NFL and might make some Pro Bowls. Delmas is proving he'll be a multiple Pro Bowler before he retires. Levy looks like he can be a solid LB. Hill looks like he's coming along as a big hoss to take up the middle. Follett showed he was a sparkplug on special teams and might see some time as a LB at some point. Houston started on a playoff team so it shows he can play. He also has speed and that is something our entire team is VERY short on. Burleson was a bit of a reach due to cost, but he's a good compliment to Johnson and should help him return to his top form. KVB won't put up great numbers, but he hustles and will make some plays. I think Williams is going to be a great pick up. Most likely our most helpful pick of the offseason. He's be the best 3 technique tackle we've had in as long as I can remember. He'll only help Hill develop better. That is just my opinion, but it makes sense to me based on how he did when he was in the right system. People who point out we only won 2 games last year I don't think have a concept of how utterly bad our team was and how little free agents want to come to a team that is so devoid of talent that they'll only hurt their value because the numbers won't be there for them. We'd have to pay 4 times market value for almost anyone and that's why we only got 2nd and 3rd tier free agents in prior years. I fully expect to see 6 wins this year. Anything more and I'll be quite happy. I expect to see Stafford get his INT:TD ratio about 1:1 this year. Pettigrew needs to stay healthy all year and allow the chemistry to keep developing with Stafford. Levy, Delmas, and Hill need to keep developing. I would love to see us sign Pitts still. We need Suh, McCoy, or Okung with our #1. We need a playmaker on offense and another CB in rounds 2 and 3. After that we just need BPA IMO.
  14. I'm a bit shocked you have Thomas higher than Berry. I haven't heard anyone else with that. I don't know enough about Thomas even come close to providing any valuable input.
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