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  1. Harbaugh doing sleepovers set off major creeper vibes.
  2. I wonder if losing to Rutgers would be enough to get khakis out of here? Or will the stubborn boosters want to keep him around forever and a year.
  3. What kind of a fool teases running into the referee.
  4. Any guess as to how many carries Peterson gets tomorrow?
  5. She has a face made for television not radio!
  6. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet The #Lions are placing RB Bo Scarbrough on Injured Reserve, source said. He missed several days of camp nursing an injury. With this year’s rules, that just means he’ll miss a minimum of three weeks. Detroit recently signed Adrian Peterson and he could contribute quickly.
  7. Can't totally kill them on this pick.
  8. Not to get nitpicky but he was only interim head coach with the Lions.
  9. Wow he would be the first ex-Lions head coach to get a head-coaching gig a second time around. Too bad it's a two toilet bowl teams.
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