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  1. I'm hoping Quinn knows a lot more than we do because this looks rather questionable.
  2. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26418523/rb-anderson-agrees-deal-lions Lions signed CJ Anderson to one year deal
  3. https://www.mlive.com/lions/2019/03/detroit-lions-host-lb-manti-teo-on-free-agent-visit.html
  4. What are the odds the Rams will match?
  5. Dave Birkett‏ @davebirkett 1m1 minute ago More details on Trey Flowers' 5-year, $90M deal with the Lions: -$28.07M signing bonus -$56M total guarantee -First year cap hit is just $6.4M
  6. Tom Pelissero‏Verified account @TomPelissero 3m3 minutes ago The #Lions are giving Trey Flowers a five-year, $90 million contract that includes $56M in guarantees, source said. $40M fully guaranteed at signing. #Patriots weren't going there. Big deal for Detroit's new big edge presence.
  7. Is it wrong that I actually like that logo? LOL
  8. Not defending the move but isn't Devin about 10 years younger?
  9. Are we going to sign the bad *** Billy Gunn as well?
  10. Not surprised to see TJ got cut. He was injured more than not during his Lions tenure. Definitely a brutal business.
  11. What just now watching that clip of Belichick being interviewed by the ESPN guys. Did Chris Berman have a stroke or something? He sounds weird.
  12. I know this will probably open Pandora's box but I really think we need to make penalties reviewable. Too many big calls have been blown over the years that change the outcome of games.
  13. Social media is a cesspool I don't see the point of a celebrity using it.
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