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  1. Kamakzie

    Local Sports radio

    Indeed. Not to turn this into a Harbaugh discussion but he definitely hasn't really lived up to the hype so far.
  2. Kamakzie

    Local Sports radio

    Doesn't surprise me. He genuinely seems to love living here.
  3. Kamakzie

    Get Well Soon, Matt Millen

  4. Kamakzie

    Get Well Soon, Matt Millen

    Any updates on his situation?
  5. Totally hypothetical. If somehow Patricia was forced to resign who would be interim HC? Jim Bob Cooter? ugh..
  6. Yeah, minuscule but not mathematically zero.
  7. Well it's not like they haven't hired/employed people with skeletons in the closet. Didn't Jim Bob Cooter have a situation where he ended up climbing in someone's window and getting into their bed after a bender? Also didn't that one guy that was Marinelli's son-in-law who was one of his assistant coaches get arrested for driving throughout Wendy's drive-thru naked? Of course neither one of those were as salacious as a sexual assault allegation.
  8. But that's after the story broke that they found out. Then they did their little search to find that information. Would they have looked it up on their own beforehand?
  9. What are the odds that the Lions get so much pressure that they terminate Matt Patricia? What a disaster if that happened...
  10. Kamakzie

    2018 NFL Draft As-It-Happens Thread

    They were all high-fiving each other in the war room like they won the lottery... Hopefully they know what they are doing!
  11. Kamakzie

    2018 NFL Draft As-It-Happens Thread

    I heard it was for our 4th round pick and of course our 2nd round pick.