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  1. 2017 Michigan Football

    Any word on Patterson's waiver request? I can't believe they won't give it to him.
  2. Putting Tram and Lou in the Hall together?

    Alan Trammell and Jack Morris are Hall of Famer's. Just announced and were the only two to get in the committee vote. Awesome news!
  3. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    You don't want them to join the 0-16 club?
  4. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    Exactly. Always expect the exact opposite of logic when it comes to the Lions.
  5. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    It's firing time at the end of this season. I'm not wasting another year on Caldwell!
  6. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    He's catching some zzz's. It's hard work only having nine men on the field. Very hard work to one up himself on a weekly basis.
  7. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    No I heard he is in bed and Grandma Martha read him his nightly bedtime story.
  8. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    Yeah I don't care what political party she's in she is hot. Oops I probably shouldn't say that nowadays though LOL
  9. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    Had no idea who she was until I googled her, I agree wholeheartedly after seeing her pictures!
  10. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    That would be hilarious, this clown show needs to get even bigger with Kaep!
  11. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

  12. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    Did you have any doubt he would hit it?
  13. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    **** this ****
  14. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    Ineptitude is contagious and Prater is catching it.
  15. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    Looked like a catch and he fumbled to me.