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  1. I'll give them credit for trading down and aquiring some picks but EJ Manuel sucks. Journeyman NFL QB at best...
  2. EJ Manuel? Ha! WTF?? The Bills are a joke... makes me feel slighly better about being a Lions fan (the 90's not withstanding).
  3. That would make sense... worst QB draft class possibly ever. Let the Bills fall on the sword.
  4. I respectfully disagree, but I hear a lot of people saying the same thing. You just can draft OG that early IMO... (unless you're the Cardinals because no one cares anyway). I'm not a huge fan of the Ansah pick because there's a lot of questions marks and its a "boom-bust" type pick, but they could've done much worse. Basically they were screwed as soon as Lane Johnson was off the board.
  5. That's assuming they could have traded down... BIG assumption there. I'm sure they if could have if they would have.
  6. Ziggy kinda reminds me of an African Darko... I hope my insticts are wrong.
  7. What's wrong with Hunt? The guy is a physical freak and could turn out to be a solid to great pass rusher... I'd be very pleased if they get one of the top 3 OT's at 5 and get Hunt in the second round.
  8. Can this guy punt by chance?
  9. I agree. I'm really hoping that Fisher or Joeckel are available with Backus gone now. Ansah worries me a bit since he's such a project seemingly, but he's a beast physically. Milliner would be a solid choice overall.
  10. Great post! Backus made his fair share of mistakes but he was pretty solid overall. I feel like an OT at #5 is almost guaranteed now.
  11. Yeah, thats a big time "Meh". He's a little long in the tooth, overrated and will probably overpaid... sounds like a Lions FA signing to me!
  12. Lions place second-round tender on Willie Young | ProFootballTalk I know we need depth here with KVP cut and Avril all but signed elswhere, but I can't say I'm a big fan of giving Willie Young, 2 Mill a year. Decent guy off the bench, but not a starter IMO.
  13. First off cutting Backus, Scheffler and Shaun Hill would be disastrous. Despite his flaws (and the hundreds of times he's been vulgarized by lions fans over the years) Backus has been pretty solid at LT and is our best veteran Lineman. Scheffler is our best TE which is a pivitol position in today's NFL. Hill is one of the best Back-up QB's in the game and is completely worth the 3 Mil cap number. Secondly, I think the moves by Atlanta today are a strong indication that Bush will be a Falcon next year (assuming that the rumors they are interested are accurate). I would rather see the Lions draft a young speedy back in the mid-rounds or go with a younger cheaper alternative in the FA market than to overpay for Bush. Don't get me wrong... if he signs for a reasonable price, I'd be fine with it, but I just done think it's gonna happen.
  14. Fair point, I suppose. I would just be suprised that a team that has been so Offense centric in past drafts and wants to surround Stafford with as much support as possible, wouldn't be seriously considering a book-end tackle if they thought he was the best on the board at 5. I personally hope they address the holes in the defense early and often, so I hope I'm wrong.
  15. I agree... If we don't re-sign Gosder, tackle becomes the #1 need so Fisher (or Joeckel if we're lucky) seems to be a lock at #5 IMO. I don't love it, but I could live with it I guess.
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