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  1. It would be a lot of fun to recover that gold but the chances of keeping it legally are slim and none. Hell, you cant even find a 100 year old ship wreck and expect to keep the gold
  2. I hear a lot of media talk about Verlander having a good shot at a second consecutive CY Young. While I am a huge Verlander fan I have to think he finished third behind Price and Weaver. Thoughts?
  3. I own a market research company here in Canton (Cypher Research) and we are putting together focus groups for Monday November 5th for males and females ages 21-29. The groups last about 2 hours and we do pay you $75 cash for your time. Anyone drink Wheat Beer that might be interested in sharing their opinions? No sales involved at all, just collecting opinions on a particular brand. Normally I do not post our studies here but I am getting to be so old I do not know anyone 21-29 years old and we are struggling to find these youngsters. If anyone is interested you can call Kathy at 734.397.3400 x3 to participate.
  4. I would have preferred a different option at short but I expected the Tigers to keep Peralta. Hopefully they will let Delmon walk. Michael Bourn would look good batting second playing LF with Dirks and Garcia platooning in right
  5. Down goes Whitney Houston age 48 Had her on my long list and didnt take her in my top 6. Damn
  6. McClain commenting on Inge is a douche bag on douche bag crime, it is allowed and encouraged. Leyland threw Inge under the bus on this one by saying Inge isnt the happiest camper or something to that effect about the Fielder signing but he was just confirming what everyone already knew. I think Inge would rather be a starter on the worst team in baseball than a super sub on a World Series team.
  7. I would not expect him to be happy about losing his job (even though he doesnt deserve to be a starter) because who would but if he demands to be traded or asks to be released instead of playing "super sub" on a team with a chance to win a World Series, well thats all you need to know about Brandon Inge. It was never about winning or the team, its always been about Brandon Inge and this would prove it to the non-bias public, something that has been known in baseball circles for years. If he departs the Tigers because they signed Prince Fielder then Fielder becomes my all time favorite Tiger right behind Trammell
  8. Been many, many years since I actively collected cards. Right now I only collect Steve Yzerman cards with a goal to own one of every card ever produced Anyways, now my son is getting interested - mostly in hockey but baseball also. About the time I stopped collecting there were about 12542 brands of cards, now the choices are much more narrow What are the brands/series to collect ie which are the premium cards? Does it change from year to year? Any info about how collecting has changes over the past 15-20 years would great also
  9. Ruth Bader-Ginsberg Pope Benedict aka Emperor Palpatine Hugo Chavez Brett Michaels Leif Garrett Randy Quaid
  10. For all the talk about the Lions playing well this is still a one possession game. Would be a real kick in the nuts to see them lose this game
  11. Yankees are going to win 100 with that pitching staff? Phillies arent going to win 100 with that pitching staff?
  12. In a Detroit paper..................Maybe
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